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This article is about the faction. For the skill, see Blade. For the class, see Blade Class. For the weapon type, see Blades (weapon type).

The Blades

The BladesEdit

Jauffre is the current Grandmaster. When you first bring Brother Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple during the Weynon Priory quest, Jauffre offers to make you a member of the Blades. You can choose whether to accept the offer or decline; if you decline, you can ask Jauffre at any later time about "Join the Blades" and become a member. Jauffre will not offer you membership if his Disposition is below 40, in which case, use a Charm spell to temporarily boost his disposition. Also, Jauffre cannot offer you membership if he dies (which is possible during the quests Defense of Bruma and Light the Dragonfires). If you want to eventually join the Blades, you may want to be sure to join before those quests or else keep Jauffre alive.

The primary advantage of joining the Blades is that you can use anything in Cloud Ruler Temple (beds, a free horse, free weapons in the Armory, books, etc). You are given an Akaviri Katana upon joining. There is no advancement in this faction, nor are there any associated quests. It is not necessary to join the Blades to complete the main quest.

There are three total ranks in the Blades in Oblivion: Knight Sister/Brother, Captain, and Grandmaster. Only the lowest rank is available to you.

Blades MembersEdit

Current Members
Captain Renault
Captain Steffan
Former Members
Alain (ghost)
Brother Piner
Casnar (ghost)
Rielus (ghost)
Valdemar (ghost)
Yellow Team Hero

There are two factions for the Blades. Blades contains most of the NPCs listed above while Character gen Blades contains Baurus, Glenroy, and Captain Renault–the three you meet at the start of the game.

* These NPCs are not actually part of the Blades faction, but are included here for completeness.

Blades DialogueEdit

All Blades share a number of dialogue lines.

When greeting you after you close the Great Gate, any Blade will remark:

"Congratulations on your victory, ma'am/sir."
"I wish I could have been at the battle. It sounds like you taught Mehrunes Dagon's boys a lesson they won't soon forget."

After Light the Dragonfires, they will fondly recall Martin:

"You were there. You saw his true nature. The blood of the Dragon was revealed for all to see."

In addition, Belisarius, Caroline, Cyrus, Jena, Roliand, and Captain Steffan will greet you with the following after Weynon Priory is complete:

"Welcome aboard, ma'am/sir. It will be an honor to serve with you."
"What can I do for you, ma'am/sir?"

The same Blades plus Baurus will also tell you the following once you are a member:

The Blades
"If you need armor, weapons, or just a place to sleep, the barracks in the west wing is available to any of us."

Further shared dialogue lines are detailed below.


"Hail." (to each other)
"Good to see you." (to Martin)
"Good morning, ma'am/sir."
"Good afternoon, ma'am/sir."
"Good evening, ma'am/sir."


"Stay safe."
"May Talos guide you."


"Not on this day!"
"Watch the flank!"
"Stand ready!"
"A little closer..."
"Talos bless me."
"Parry and strike."
"I've sworn to die, have you?"
"The training of thousands has passed through me."
"Quickly now."
"Wrong move."


When in Cloud Ruler Temple you may overhear individual Blades having conversations with Martin. They will also converse with each other with a series of random lines.

Greeting "I need a moment of your time. It's urgent."
"Ah, there you are. We need to talk."
"Do you have a moment? There's something we need to discuss."
"I need to talk to you, soldier to soldier."
"Something's come up. It can't wait."
First Reply ""Of course. What troubles you?"
"Aye, Blademaiden/Bladesman. What's on your mind?"
"Please, speak freely."
"What do you need, comrade? My ear, my sword? Name it."
"Are we not Blades, joined by battle and brotherhood? Need you even ask?"
Second Reply "It's the Great Hall. Those high windows -- they're not nearly as secure as they should be. If an assassin or spy should gain entrance..."
"I can't stop thinking about... about the Emperor. We failed. We failed because we got complacent. We got arrogant. Now the Empire's paying the price."
After Find the Heir:
"The plane of Oblivion. We know so little about it. What if the Daedra we've seen are only the beginning? I think we should prepare for the worst."

After Weynon Priory:

"It's Martin. His security, I mean. I'm just not sure we're doing enough. He is the last of the Septim line. His death would spell our doom."
"Martin is safe, and the Temple is secure. But there's a storm brewing. I can feel it... feel it in my bones. The worst is yet to come, mark my words."

After Dagon Shrine:

"The Mythic Dawn. What do we really know about them? How far into the Empire have they infiltrated? They could have sympathizers... and spies."
"Cloud Ruler Temple is home to the Blades, and has served us well. But I fear an assault. Mythic Dawn, Daedra... maybe both. We must be ready."

After Light the Dragonfires:

"The Empire has been saved, but the Septim bloodline, it's... it's broken. There is no Emperor. I can't help but feel a bit... obsolete."
Third Reply "Hmmm. Yes, yes, I see your point. And the others feel the same way?"
"There is much wisdom in your words, my friend. Have you discussed this with the others?"
"I've come to value your judgement, and your experience. Your wisdom does us all a great service."
"We're all on edge, and for good reason. But we can't give in to panic. Let's deal with this together, as the Blades always have."
"This has been a concern of mine as well. And I take it the others, they're of the same mind?"
Fourth Reply "What concerns one of us, concerns all of us. We are Blades, after all."
"You know how it is. There are whispers in the halls of Cloud Ruler, as in any other place. But it matters not. The Blades stand united!"
"We are one mind and one blade, of course."
"You know that no matter what happens, no matter what fate befalls us, together we honor the memory of Uriel Septim."
"The bond we share is unbreakable, is it not? The Blades are as one, on this and every other matter."
Fifth Reply "Right. Well, we'll all have to remain extra vigilant. But enough chatter. Back to our duties, eh?"
"It's pretty clear, isn't it? We failed once. We must not fail again. But let us discuss this no more. Come what may, the Blades will stand ready!"
"We must not relax our guard, not even for a second. We'll talk more about this later."
"Aye, comrade, we'd best stay sharp. Who knows what tomorrow brings. As for the present, we'd best get back to our duties."
"The Emperor's death was a harsh lesson to learn. We can never be too vigilant. But now is the time for action, not talk. There is work to be done."
Goodbye "Keep your heart true... and your eyes open."
"May Uriel's spirit guide us in these troubled times."
"May your sword always strike true."


  • Though the Blades are an established authority in the Empire, they do not pursue the common duties of law enforcement. Blades will not arrest you if you are caught committing a crime or if you have a bounty on your head.
  • The Order of Talos serves an auxiliary function for the Blades, secretly offering shelter and assistance to traveling Blades as well as providing a way for retired Blades to continue serving the Emperor in a more subdued fashion. A chapter-house of the Order, Weynon Priory, is involved in the main quest.
  • Curiously, you do not receive any Journal update upon joining the Blades.
  • You cannot be expelled from or otherwise lose your membership in the Blades.