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OB-icon-Charm.png Charm
School Illusion
Type Other
No enchanting)
Effect ID CHRM
Base Cost 0.2
Barter Factor 0
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Charm M points for D seconds

Charm increases the disposition of the target by M points; the effect lasts for D seconds. During that period, the target will act more favorably towards the caster, being more willing to provide the caster with information, or buy/sell goods at more reasonable prices.


  • This effect can be gained for spell making via spells, choosing the Imperial race, or achieving 50% Vampirism which bestows the ability Vampire's Seduction.
  • Charm can be used instead of the Persuasion mini-game. It can also be used to supplement Persuasion, i.e., to increase a NPC's disposition past its maximum value.
  • Charm spells only need to last briefly (a few seconds) to be effective: as long as you can start a conversation with the target before the effect expires, the effect will persist through the entire conversation. Thus, when making your own Charm spells, you can set the magnitude very high, because of the very short duration of the spell.
  • NPCs at 100 disposition can be stolen from without consequence. They will, however, make comments showing that they are aware that you have stolen from them, such as "You can have that one. Just don't take another."
    • They will still report you if you pickpocket them.
  • In addition to the Charm spells that can be purchased, it is possible to acquire a free (but magicka-expensive) Captivate spell by completing the Bravil Recommendation quest, useful for creating custom spells.
  • Large magnitude Charm spells will temporarily stop enemies from attacking you (see the Disposition page).
  • Charm is one of the enchantments available for making a custom mage's staff (it is also found on random generic staves).
  • Effect is stackable if multiple spells of different names are used.

See alsoEdit


  • Disposition: The advantages to increasing someone's disposition, and how you can do it.
  • Speechcraft: The non-magical way to increase disposition.

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