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(RefID: 00035743)
Home City Anvil
Location Anvil Fighters Guild
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level 25 Class Knight
RefID 00035743 BaseID 00024166
Available 6am-10am, 5pm-8pm, 10pm-12am every day (but only to Fighters Guild members)
Training Trainer (Advanced)Blunt (Advanced) Blunt, Advanced
Other Information
Health 220 Magicka 52
Responsibility 75 Aggression 5
Essential Always
Faction(s) Anvil Citizen; Fighters Guild Guardian(Guardian Guardian)
Azzan in the Anvil Fighters Guild Hall

Azzan is a Redguard knight. He is head of the Anvil Fighters Guild Chapter. He is one of three people offering contracts to Fighters Guild members, the others being Burz gro-Khash and Modryn Oreyn. He is also an advanced Blunt trainer, but will only offer his services to members of the Fighters Guild.

Before you join the Fighters Guild, Azzan will be a lot less busy than usual and easier to locate for aspiring members; he sleeps behind locked doors in the dining hall every night between midnight and 6am. After waking up he heads downstairs and wanders around on the ground floor until 5pm when he draws his steel battle axe and spends three hours hacking away on the training dummy near the front door. At 8pm he enjoys a two-hour dinner in the dining area, then returns to the ground floor until his bedtime. After you have joined the Guild, Azzan will break off this routine at 8am and spend the day in his private office on the top floor, wandering around until 10am, then sit behind his desk. At 5pm he will resume his usual routine. He will offer training to other Fighters Guild members and will do so for four hours after waking up, during his 5pm training session and from 10pm until his bedtime.

He is armed with a steel battle axe and wears a steel cuirass, steel greaves and steel boots. He also carries randomly selected middle-class sleepwear and a normal amount of gold. He has one leveled Illusion spell which is either an Invisibility, a Chameleon or a Silence spell.


Azzan will greet non-members with an offer of membership:

"What can I do for you? Looking for some work? If so, the Fighters Guild can always use able-bodied new members."

If you have a bad reputation or a prize on your head, he will reject you with:

"We appreciate your interest, but you've got quite a nasty reputation. Do something about that, and perhaps we'll consider your application."

As well as:

"Yes. Unfortunately, it seems you have a price on your head. Clear that up, and perhaps we can speak about this again."

When you have accepted membership, he will say:

"Fine. You are now an Associate in the Fighters Guild. For contracts, speak either with me or with Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal. Good luck to you."

If you are already a member when you meet him for the first time, he will courteously introduce himself and his services:

"I'm Azzan, head of the Anvil Fighters Guild chapter, and Advanced Blunt Weapons trainer."

On the town of Anvil, he will respond:

"Our Fighters Guild chapter here is big, primarily because we're a training center, which earns us each a good living."

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Before you have joined the guild, talking to guild members will see them point you in Azzan's direction:

"If you're looking to join up, you should speak with Vilena Donton in Chorrol, Azzan in Anvil, or Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal."
"If you're interested, see Vilena Donton in Chorrol, or Azzan in Anvil, or Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal."

If it is Vilena herself who grants you entrance, she refers you Azzan and fellow lieutenant Burz:

"Excellent. You are now an Associate in the Fighters Guild. You should report to either Azzan in Anvil or Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal for contracts."

A Rat ProblemEdit

When you ask him for an assignment for the first time, Azzan will give you a task that befits your rank, thus initiating his first quest, A Rat Problem:

"A contract for you? I think I've got something that suits your experience. Arvena Thelas has some problem with rats in her house."

When asked about rats he will elaborate:

"Yes, rats. I'm sure she can explain it to you better than I. She lives here in Anvil. Go and talk to her. Good luck!" He will send you on your way with:

"Go take care of the rats. Then talk to me."

If you approach him again, he will say:

"You need to help Arvena Thelas with her rat problem. What's on your mind?"

Also, if he catches you drifting around in the Guild Hall during the quest, he may comment:

"Get to it, rat boy/rat girl."


"Don't you have a rat problem to be handling, boot?"

The Unfortunate ShopkeeperEdit

Your next contract for Azzan, The Unfortunate Shopkeeper will lead you to the simple-minded proprietor of Lelles' Quality Merchandise on the dockside, Norbert Lelles. Azzan will provide some info:

"Looking for more work, eh? Good. I've got a contract for you. I'd like you to go talk to Norbert Lelles, here in Anvil."

He will also say of Lelles that:

"He runs Lelles' Quality Merchandise here in Anvil. He's been having problems with break-ins, though, and he's hired us to put a stop to it." His farewell will be: "Take care of Lelles. He needs the help."

If you talk to him again, he will complain: "You should be helping out Norbert Lelles. What's on your mind?"

If he sees you during the quest, he may comment:

"Shouldn't you be helping Norbert Lelles?"

After your first conversation with Norbert, Azzan will, when asked about the shopkeeper, angrily say:

"Sounds like he wants your help stopping the theft at his store. What are you doing here talking to me?"

If you talk to him after having slain the thieves, he will respond:

"So... you took care of the thieves. Excellent. You'll want to talk to Lelles to close out the contract. And get paid, of course."

Den of ThievesEdit

After a few quests from Burz gro-Khash and Modryn Oreyn, Azzan will have new contracts ready:

"Greetings! Looking for some more work, are you?"

When asked for a job, he will say:

"Good to see you're working hard. I've got some more thieves for you to deal with in Anvil. There have been a number of thefts in the area, and witnesses believe the thieves are holed up nearby. Check around, and see what you can learn. I'm not sure the numbers you'll be dealing with, so I'm sending you with another new recruit. Maglir. I believe you two have already met."

When exiting conversation he will say:

"Get moving. You need to get rid of those thieves."

If you approach him again, an annoyed Azzan will respond:

"You two are supposed to be taking care of those thieves in Anvil. What is it you need?"

If, however, Azzan catches you and Maglir doing nothing, he will remind you:

"You and Maglir need to catch those thieves."

Other Fighters Guild members will then comment in conversation:

"I hear Azzan plans to send both new recruits out on the next contract. You know what it's about?"

When you return from Hrota Cave with your greedy partner, he will ask: "So, have you taken care of those thieves yet?"

When you choose the 'Thieves' topic, a satisfied Azzan will hand you the reward and say:

"Cleared them out, did you? Good work, you two. I see big things for you with the Guild. Here's your payment."

The Wandering ScholarEdit

The lost shrine to Molag Bal

Helping out Modryn Oreyn investigate the Blackwood Company during the quest Azani Blackheart will net you the opportunity to work for Azzan again. When approached he will offer you the quest The Wandering Scholar: "Good to see that you're looking for more work. There's certainly more to be done. I need you to help Elante of Alinor." When asked about Elante he will elaborate: "Elante is a scholar, interested in researching Daedra worship. Meet her in Brittlerock Cave, help her find the shrine, and keep her safe." About the shrine he will say: "That's what Elante is studying. Make sure she's safe while she does it." When the conversation finishes, he will add: "Go protect Elante. She's doing important research." If he notices you in the Guild Hall, he will remind you: "You should be helping out Elante by now." The other Guild members will then start to gossip: "Didn't Azzan give the new recruit another contract? Something in the protection line?" When you return from Brittlerock Cave, there are two possible welcomes. If you did bad and Elante died, Azzan will be very disappointed: "She's dead? What have you done? Of all the irresponsible.... I'm very disappointed in you. You've let me down and your Guild." If Elante survived, he will be most pleased with your efforts: "You've finished? Excellent! Good work, guildmate. Here's your payment for the contract." Afterwards, a new rumor can be heard in the Fighters Guild hall: "Azzan says the scholar lady was lucky to get back alive. But Oreyn's new 'hard hand' did just fine in a tough situation."

The Stone of St. AlessiaEdit

The Stone of St. Alessia

After having finished Trolls of Forsaken Mine, should you visit him before you finish Burz gro-Khash's last two quests, he will demote you and reveal Modryn's expulsion: "Here for more work, are you? I've got one last contract for you. First, though, a bit of bad news. Oreyn spoke with Vilena about your last mission. She didn't take the news well. Oreyn has been expelled. And, I'm sorry to do this, but you've been demoted to Defender. You'll be fine, though." If, however, you complete the two quests for Burz beforehand, Azzan will not demote you and instead greet you with: "There's one last contract." He will then explain: "I've only got one more thing on my plate for you, but it's an important one. The Stone of St. Alessia has been stolen from the Bruma Chapel." When asked about the stone he will elaborate and initiate his final quest: "I don't know if you're religious, but a lot of folks are, and the Stone is important. Talk to Cirroc in Bruma. He'll fill you in on the details." He will send you on your way to Bruma with the remark: "Talk to Cirroc about that contract. Make me proud." If you approach him again he will tell you to hurry: "Have you finished out your contract? You need to find that Stone." If he detects you during the quest he will add: "You've got a contract. Shouldn't you be in Bruma?" After you have claimed the stone from Sedor you can pay Azzan a visit which will net you the following order: "What's the status of the Stone of St. Alessia? Have you returned it to Cirroc yet?" After returning the Stone to its rightful owner, he will hand you his last reward: "Well done! You've put in good work for me. I only wish I had more. Things are a little lean right now, as I'm sure you know. Here's your payment." Additionally, word on the street will be: "Azzan's report says there were ogres in Sedor. I think this gold soldier might be the real thing."

After you've finished The Stone of St. Alessia, he won't offer any more contracts: "I'm sorry to tell you, but there are no more contracts to be had. As you know, business hasn't been good due to the Blackwood Company." Should you have already finished Burz gro-Khash's quest Mystery at Harlun's Watch, he will add a bit of information off the record:

"And... you didn't hear it from me, but I think you should go speak with Oreyn. Now. He'd like your help with a couple things."

Blunt TrainingEdit

As an advanced trainer, Azzan will also start the Blunt Training quest and point you towards Irene Metrick in the Imperial City:

"I've heard tales of a woman who used a blunt weapon in horrible ways people had never seen. Irene Metrick, I think her name was."

When asked again, he will add:

"Look for Irene Metrick in the Imperial City. She can do some amazing things with a weapon in her hand."

When he sees you after having finished the Fighters Guild questline, he will joyfully greet you with either "Guildmaster! How about that!" or "Yes, Guildmaster? What can I do for you?", other than the general Fighters Guild members' greetings.


The townsfolk of Anvil will all mention Azzan as a good warrior and Guild head. When asked for rumors or during private conversations, they will say:

"I've heard Azzan can sign you up for the Fighters Guild. That's someone I wouldn't mind working for."
"Azzan at the Fighters Guild is a fine warrior. I understand he can sign you up, if you're interested.", "I've never wanted to join up, but I understand Azzan is a good man."

To which others will reply:

"I've heard Azzan is an excellent fighter. I'm not planning on joining up, but if I did, I'd like to work for him."
"I've never wanted to join up, but I understand Azzan is a good man."


  • Azzan does not have a unique face model; instead, he uses the default male Redguard face.
  • It appears that Azzan was originally meant to appear in Sutch, a city that was removed from the final game, rather than Anvil. This can be determined by these two apparent early leftovers in The Wandering Scholar and Mystery at Harlun's Watch's journal entries;
    "Burz gro-Khash has paid me the balance of the contract. He tells me that he has no further contracts to offer, but I should speak with Azzan in Sutch, if I have not already."
    "Azzan has given me a contract to escort Elante of Alinor, a scholar doing research on Daedra. I am to meet her at the entrance to Brittlerock Cave, northeast of Sutch, and protect her while she explores inside."
    •   The Unofficial Oblivion Patch addresses this issue. Both instances are corrected to mention his current place of residence.