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Oblivion:Fort Sutch

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Fort Sutch
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# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
FortSutchAbbeyExterior, FortSutchCastleExterior, FortSutchExterior, FortSutchExterior02, FortSutchInterior
Gold Coast
Straight north of Anvil, slightly to the right of Malacath's Shrine
Fort Sutch

Fort Sutch is a small fort north of Anvil containing mercenaries (quest-related). It contains only one zone, Fort Sutch.

Related QuestsEdit


Unused Oblivion credits menu background, with the old map featuring Sutch (center-left of the image)
  • Before the related quest the fort is populated by 6 nameless mercenaries, similar to Marauders. Roderick's bed is empty, the medicine cabinet is absent and gates J and G are locked. After the quest, any named mercenaries you spared will remain, along with the cabinet. Roderick himself will disappear.
  • There was originally a city named Sutch at this location. While it was removed before release, the fort and the Oblivion gate remained. This can be seen in the surrounding area's terrain, which is unusually flat and sparse compared to the rest of the Gold Coast. In addition, there are two references to the "city" of Sutch in journal entries for the Fighters Guild quests Mystery at Harlun's Watch and The Wandering Scholar.
  • A city named Sutch located in Hammerfell is mentioned in the book Thief of Virtue.
  • Entering the area FortSutchExterior02 will trigger a dungeon soundtrack rather than the wilderness track that would be expected.


Key to Maps
Map of Fort Sutch Exterior
  • The exterior is located at coordinates: Tamriel -48, 3
  • This location's map marker (M on map) is named Fort Sutch (editor name FortSutchMapMarker). The entrance door is SE of the marker, 190 feet away.
  • Fort Sutch covers a large area. In addition to FortSutchAbbeyExterior, FortSutchCastleExterior, FortSutchExterior and FortSutchExterior02 cover the castle grounds.

Zone 1: Fort SutchEdit

Fort Sutch
Roderick's Medicine Cabinet

Your navigation through this zone depends on whether or not you take Teinaava's advice to enter the fort through the trapdoor in the ruins of the old abbey. If you do, you will enter from door D into the sewers, with knee-deep water and two chests underwater. Laenafil is found patrolling the tunnels up to the water's edge so wait for her to turn round before moving.

If you manage to pickpocket the Fort Sutch Gate Key from her, you will be able to unlock gates G and J, giving you access to the central area's upper level. Alternatively, you'll have to make you way down the tunnel, into the lower level of the next room and make you way up from the other side. Either way, loot the two chests in the corridor by the gates. The second option also lets you loot another chest behind the locked door at E.

If you chose to come from the front entrance (door C) you will find Gerard Melie and the lever-activated gate at F blocking your way. Your alternative to attack is to pick the gates at H and I, which lead to the upper level of the central room.

There is another chest on a table just before the corridor leading to Roderick's bed chambers. Use the shadows in the corridor to sneak past Ulmug gro-Cromgog and make your way to the cabinet (Q) in northern corner. There is a chest to be looted on the way, and if you're feeling brave another lies close to the bed and to Neesha.



  • 3 Chests 01 (1 locked)
  • 1 Chest 02
  • 1 Chest 03 (locked)
  • 2 Chests 04
  • 1 Medicine Cabinet (target in related quest; non-respawning) at location Q on map
  • The following weapons will always be found: 1 Silver Dagger

Doors and Gates:

  • There are two doors (at C and D) in/out of this zone, both leading outside
  • 1 Ancient Wooden Door at E (locked)
  • 4 Gates at G, H, I, and J (all locked, G and J key required, opened by Fort Sutch Gate Key)
  • 1 Portcullis Gate at F


  • 2 beds at locations b on map