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Dralas Ancestral Tomb
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# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
Dralas Ancestral Tomb
Sheogorad, [5,19]
Dralas Ancestral Tomb

Dralas Ancestral Tomb is a large tomb between Dagon Fel and Rotheran on the island of Sheogorad. To find this tomb, start from Rotheran heading west until you reach the coast. Follow the coastline north until it starts to veer west, head east instead, where you will find the tomb a little inland, guarded by a Skeleton.

After entering the tomb, you will immediately notice a staircase which leads to the main chamber. In the main chamber there is a leveled undead, the corpse of Nelix Fly-Breath, a variety of loot on the various platforms throughout the main chamber (including a chitin war axe, Nordic fur bracers, and The Ruins of Kemel-Ze), and various crates and urns full of clutter and bonemeal respectively. To one side of the chamber is a smaller chamber containing a leveled undead, a trapped chest containing minor loot, a few more containers, and a door. The door leads to a room with a bonelord, a coda flower, and a chest containing minor loot. The other side of the main chamber leads to a hallway containing two leveled undead, the Long Blade skill book Words and Philosophy, repair prongs, a large number of urns, and a locked (5) door. Inside the door is the corpse of Yanniss (who has two keys on him - one of which only opens the 5pt lock you had to open to get to him), a pair of heavy leather boots, an Imperial broadsword, and a few containers full of clutter.

Family MembersEdit

There are three known members of the Dralas family:


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Nelix Fly-Breath   Argonian Smuggler 4 0 84 0 100
Yanniss   High Elf Smuggler 7 0 110 50 90


  • Though it doesn't explicitly say it anywhere near the tomb itself, if Bakarak's letter is to be taken as true, the bandits in here were murdered by the necromancer Goris the Maggot King. It seems that with the help of the traitor Luven, Nelix and Yanniss were murdered by a horde of undead. The bandits in Nelas sent a messenger to their allies in the Nerano Tomb, but Luven followed her there and murdered them all (though where Calvario fits into all this is unknown).


Map of Dralas Ancestral Tomb