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Morrowind:Nelas Ancestral Tomb

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Nelas Ancestral Tomb
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Console Location Code(s)
Nelas Ancestral Tomb
Sheogorad, [0,24]
Nelas Ancestral Tomb

Nelas Ancestral Tomb is a large island tomb in the northern Sheogorad Region. There are nine undead enemies here. The loot consists of a potion, minor equipment (including a Telvanni Cephalopod Helm), quite a few ingredients, and a key to a locked chest. In the first room off the main corridor are two ashpits surrounded by skulls on spikes. The easternmost skull has a diamond in one of its eye sockets.

There is a chest and a crate that each could possibly contain a random skill book.

Family MembersEdit

There are two known members of the Nelas family:


Nelas Ancestral Tomb, interior map