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Morrowind:Blood Ties

Morrowind: Quests: Vampire / Sadrith Mora
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Find out what happened to the Ancient's son after she became a vampire.
Quest Giver: Dhaunayne Aundae at Ashmelech
Location(s): Wolverine Hall,Sadrith Mora, Druscashti
Next Quest: The Vampire Hunter
Reward: Services in Ashmelech
ID: VA_VampChild

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Dhaunayne Aundae in Ashmelech.
  2. Travel to Wolverine Hall and talk to Tusamircil.
  3. Take the potion he gives you to Sinyaramen at the Gateway Inn.
  4. Return to Dhaunayne Aundae.
  5. Travel to Druscashti and slay the vampire Kjeld.
  6. Once again return to Aundae to receive access to the clan's services.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

A concerned MotherEdit

The Aundae Clan leader, Dhaunayne Aundae, at the bottom of Ashmelech (a Levitate spell comes handy here), will ask you to find out what happened to her son which she had before she became a vampire. She gives you a signet ring with her family crest to aid you in your search, and tells you that you should start in Sadrith Mora.

Detective workEdit

Head to the Mage's Guild at Wolverine Hall and talk to Tusamircil. He will recognize the ring as the same one worn by Sinyaramen. Tusamircil suggests that you deliver a potion that he ordered to help getting him to talk to you. Though Tusamircil doesn't actually know the location of Sinyaramen, Iniel inside the Mages Guild does, telling you that she has seen the crested ring at the Gateway Inn in town.

Someone with answersEdit

Sinyaramen can be found on the second floor of the inn and won't talk to you without the potion you are delivering to him. Speak to him about the crest, 'killed by your kind', and 'Vilandon'. It turns out that Vilandon, Aundae's son, was Sinyaramen's grandfather. Vilandon was a vampire hunter and was eventually killed by the vampire Kjeld.

Bring the good news to DhaunayneEdit

Return to Dhaunayne with this information and she will promptly order the death of Kjeld.

Slay Kjeld to set things rightEdit

Kjeld is a Quarra vampire found on the upper level of the clan's headquarters in Druscashti, east of Khuul.

Return to Dhaunayne when Kjeld is dead to receive access to the Clan's services (Mororurg and Gladroon vendors).


  • While visiting Druscashti to slay Kjeld, this is an opportune time to grab the potion of Quarra blood needed to complete Blood for Mistress Dratha. If you do not, then you will just have to return here later to retrieve it if you plan on doing the aforementioned quest. Spells or enchanted items that cumulatively grant you 100% chameleon will allow you to simply walk in and take the potion without being attacked.
  • You may want to avoid killing any of the other vampires in Druscashti in order to make the upcoming quest to kill vampires in rival clans easier.


  • While you will receive journal entries for it, you will not see Blood Ties in your list of quests.
  • After you have given the potion to Sinyaramen, Tusamircil at the Mages Guild will continue to give you more potions as long as you still wear the ring, even when you are no longer a vampire.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Blood Ties (VA_VampChild)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I have spoken to Dhaunayne Aundae, leader of the Aundae Clan in Morrowind. She has great disdain for me, considering me an "accident," but she seems willing to give me a task, as I am considered expendable.
20 Although it seems impossible to imagine, the vampire elder was once a mortal, and had a family. She would like me to find what happened to a son of hers, Vilandon. After she was turned, she abandoned her family, and now feels a curiosity about what may have become of her son.
30 I have agreed to find out what became of Vilandon, the son of Dhaunayne Aundae. If I am successful, the vampire has promised me access to the services of Clan Aundae. She has told me that her family had once settled in Sadrith Mora, and given me a ring belonging to her family. Apparently any mortal, especially an Altmer, with knowledge of her family should immediately recognize the seal.
40 I have decided not to attempt to find out the fate of Dhaunayne Aundae's son, Vilandon.
50 In Sadrith Mora, I have spoken to Iniel, a high elf and member of the Mage's Guild. She claims she does recognize the ring, and has seen one of similar make on a high elf in Sadrith Mora, though she does not remember who it was. She believes it may have been while she was in the Gateway Inn, though.
60 At the Mage's Guild in Sadrith Mora, I spoke with Tusamircil, a high elven alchemist. He believes he has seen the ring before, on an Altmer named Sinyaramen. Apparently, Sinyaramen is unlikely to talk to me. However, Tusamircil has a potion that Sinyaramen asked to be made, so if I approach him on the pretense of delivering it, he may deign to speak to me.
65 I have decided not to take the potion from Tusamircil.
66 I have taken the potion from Tusamircil.
70 I have spoken to Sinyaramen in the Gateway Inn. He had no desire to speak to me, but wanted the potion Tusamircil had concocted.
80 Sinyaramen tells me that the ring is of his family, and Vilandon was his grandfather.
90 It appears Vilandon was a vampire hunter. He became one after hearing that his mother had been slain by one of our kind. Vilandon, it appears, was killed while performing his duties. He was bested by the vampire Kjeld, hundreds of years ago.
100 I have returned to Ashmelech and told Dhaunayne Aundae my findings. She has ordered the death of Kjeld, and ordered me to carry it out.
110 Kjeld is one of the Quarra vampires living in their lair in Druscashti. These vampires are powerful in their stronghold, and it will be difficult to reach him.
120 Finishes quest☑ I have returned to Dhaunayne Aundae, having killed Kjeld. She feels satisfied by this, and has given me access to the Aundae services in Ashmelech.
130 Finishes quest☑ I have returned to Ashmelech and told Dhaunayne Aundae my findings. As Kjeld is already dead, Dhaunayne is satisfied, and my quest is complete. I will be given use of the Aundae services.

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