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Dwemer Ruin:
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# of Zones 2
Console Location Code(s)
Druscashti, Lower Level

Druscashti, Upper Level

Ashlands, [-6,17]

Druscashti is a Dwarven Ruin located southwest of the Urshilaku Camp and northwest of Bthungthumz, occupied by the Quarra Vampire Clan.

The ruin is divided into two sections, the Upper and Lower levels.

The main entrance to the ruins is the upper level. There are three vampires located here (Kjeld, Pelf, and Knurguri), as well as three Cattle. There are some minor items (a potion, some low level armor, common clothes, armorer's hammers, alchemy ingredients) around. A copy of the book Trap is here as well. There is a chest that contains a pair of daedric greaves and ebony boots (among some other minor armors), along with another chest containing an ebony shortsword (among other minor weapons).

The lower level is accessed from the upper level, and in this area there are four vampires (Siri, Areas, Igna, and Volrina Quarra) and four Cattle. There are some minor weapons, armor, and potions around, and a barrel containing a Blood of the Quarra Masters potion desired by both Raxle Berne of the Berne Clan and Mistress Dratha of House Telvanni.

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Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Areas   Nord Barbarian Quarra Clan Stalker(Stalker) 13 162 80 0 90 / 30 Lower Level Merchant
Igna   Nord Barbarian Quarra Clan Servant(Servant) 12 130 78 0 90 Lower Level
Kjeld   Nord Smith Quarra Clan Servant(Servant) 13 166 86 0 90 Upper Level Blacksmith; Merchant
Knurguri   Nord Rogue Quarra Clan Stalker(Stalker) 12 121 78 0 90 Upper Level
Pelf   Nord Barbarian Quarra Clan Servant(Servant) 10 121 74 0 90 Upper Level
Siri   Nord Crusader Quarra Clan Servant(Servant) 24 204 110 0 90 Lower Level Equipped with a full suit of ebony armor and an ebony mace
Volrina Quarra   Imperial Rogue Quarra Clan Ancient(Ancient) 30 228 126 0 90 Lower Level The head of the Quarra Clan


  • The entry door contains a tribute to the father of Gary Noonan, one of the Bethesda developers who worked on Morrowind.
  • Three Large Dewmer Goblets can be found on a shelf in Areas' room on the Lower Level. One goblet of this type is required for the Thieves Guild quest The Dwemer Goblet; this is the only place in the game outside of Berel Sala's office in Vivec where these goblets can be found.



Map of Druscashti