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Morrowind:The Vampire Hunter

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Kill a vampire hunter from Ald'ruhn who has been seen near the headquarters.
Quest Giver: Dhaunayne Aundae at Ashmelech
Location(s): Ashmelech, Ald'ruhn
Reward: Aundae Amulet, Darksun Shield (as loot)
ID: VA_VampHunter
Ano Vando, Vampire Slayer

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Dhaunayne Aundae.
  2. Travel to Ald'ruhn and slay Ano Vando in front of witnesses in broad daylight (9 am - before 5 pm).
  3. Return to Aundae and receive the Aundae Amulet.
  4. Slay twelve vampires.
  5. Return to Aundae to receive access to the clan's cattle.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Set an exampleEdit

The Aundae Clan leader, Dhaunayne Aundae, at the bottom of Ashmelech, will ask you to kill a vampire hunter who has been exploring Ashmelech. Although you are given no name, you are told that the hunter lives in Ald'ruhn. Also, you are told explicitly to kill him in broad daylight with witnesses to provide an example to others.

The Vampire HunterEdit

Travel to Ald'ruhn and ask around the Mages Guild to learn that the hunter is Ano Vando and is actually walking near the Mages Guild carrying an iron mace (the Light of Day) and an ebony shield (the Darksun Shield). Be sure to kill him during the day (9 am - before 5 pm). Though Dhaunayne Aundae says you need to be seen, it isn't actually required. When you kill him, you will receive a journal entry saying whether you did it at the right time. Note that although Vando's equipment is quite powerful, don't try to use it while you are a vampire as the items will do continuous scripted damage to you.

Attempting to use the shield will display the message: "You feel a searing pain on your arm as you equip the shield. A voice screams out in your mind, "This is not for your kind, Dark One."".

Equipping the mace will result in this bit of text: "Your hand begins to blister and burn with the pain of a thousand suns. A voice echoes in your mind, "Never shall you wield this, evil thing."".

Return to be rewardedEdit

Return to Dhaunayne when Vando is dead to receive the Aundae Amulet which will Recall you to the clan's headquarters.

But wait, there is moreEdit

Dhaunayne Aundae will then tell you that you might find further reward if you kill any 12 vampires from the other clans, Quarra or Berne.

Any vampire you killed before starting this quest will not count towards this task. Spare Berne and Quarra's lives until the right moment. If you kill any of your own clan during the quest, you will need to kill that many extra from the other clans. There is no journal entry to inform you when you have killed the necessary number of vampries; you will need to keep track of the number of valid kills on your own.

Return to Dhaunayne once you've killed 12 vampires to receive permission to use Vampire Touch on the clan's cattle to heal yourself (just don't kill them).


  • If you kill Ano Vando before asking about him in town and getting the corresponding journal entry, the quest will not update properly upon his death. Consequently, you will be unable to complete the quest and receive the Aundae amulet.
  • After killing Ano but before leaving the dialogue window with Aundae, make sure that the "future rewards" topic is available, otherwise the next time you talk to her it will be permanently lost, and you won't be able to complete the "kill vampires" part of this quest.
  • While in Ald'ruhn, it may be a very opportune time to complete two other vampire quests: The Boy Who Would Be Undead and Shashev's Key. Due to the difficulty of traveling as a vampire, killing two birds with one stone while already in this town rather than completing only one quest and having to return here later is very convenient.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Vampire Hunter (VA_VampHunter)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Dhaunayne Aundae has asked me to provide her with another service. Apparently, a vampire hunter has been nosing around Ashmelech. He was able to escape, but Aundae is furious about the intrusion. She wants this vampire hunter killed. She wants him killed in daylight, though, and around witnesses, in order to provide an example for other would-be vampire hunters.
20 I have agreed to try and kill this vampire hunter, whose name I do not yet know. Dhaunayne Aundae believes he is likely basing his operation out of Ald'ruhn, though.
30 I have decided not to try and kill this vampire hunter. Killing a vampire hunter is risky business. Doing in the light of day is suicide.
40 I have asked around Ald'ruhn about the presence of a vampire hunter. I've been told there is a powerful one nearby.
50 Some have mentioned seeing a vampire hunter around Ald'ruhn named Ano Vando.
60 Ano Vando is dead, although I fear that Dhaunayne Aundae will not be pleased. He was not killed in the middle of the day, and perhaps was not made example of properly.
70 Ano Vando is dead, and killed during the day with other residents around. Dhaunayne Aundae should be pleased.
80 Finishes quest  I have returned to Ashmelech and spoken with Daunayne Aundae. She was unhappy with my failure to provide an example for other vampire hunters.
90 Finishes quest  I have returned to Ashmelech and spoken with Daunayne Aundae. She was pleased with how I handled the killing of Ano Vando, and rewarded me with an amulet that, when used, will return me to Ashmelech. She has also told me that I might find further reward with her if I am able to kill a great number of the vampires from other clans.
100 Finishes quest  As a reward for killing many of the vampires from the Quarra and Berne clans, Daunayne Aundae has allowed me to feed off the cattle here in Ashmelech, provided I do not kill any of them. If I do, I will no longer be welcome in Ashmelech, and will be attacked on sight.
110 Finishes quest  Because I have killed some of the cattle, I have lost the privilege of using them for food.