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Duke of Crows
Location Crow's Wood
Clockwork CityClockwork City
Species Crow
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackfeather Court
The Duke of Crows

The Duke of Crows is the head of the Blackfeather Court, a group of sentient crows residing in Crow's Wood.

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Decree of the CourtEdit

The Duke of Crows in Crow's Wood

If you speak to him before the quest:

"An outsider! You walk and talk, so no good for eating. Still, an intruder. You must pay the toll."

After being directed to him by the Seneschal of Carrion, he'll say:

"The featherless one approaches."
The Seneschal said I should speak with you... Your Grace.
"Indeed! So few manage to satisfy the terms of our toll.
You shall be rewarded. I hereby bestow upon you citizenship of these woods, as well as vassal servants to aid you. Welcome to Crow's Wood, fledgling."

You can continue talking to him after completing the quest:

"Take care of your new vassals, fledgling."
I have questions about your court, Your Grace.
"Questions? We charge you a toll, yet you want to talk instead of pecking us?
Miraculous! Speak!"
What are you, exactly?
"What? What? We are crows. Do crows not hold court where you come from? Do they not cluster, conspiring and plotting and politicking?
Watch them more closely, more carefully. Pay attention next time!"
Where did you come from?
"Crow Mother hatched us, taught us to talk. She made me the duke, for I am the smartest and biggest and loudest.
But then she forgot us. I think she was tired of our cawing and wanting. Want, want, want. We want."
Do you miss your mother?
"A crow must leave the nest and fly. Crow Mother has left us dominion over the wood, and our war with bats and wolves keeps us busy.
Enough talk, fledgling. The wood is yours to explore. Go!"

If you've previously encountered him in the Clockwork City, you may ask him:

Don't you recognize me? We met in the Clockwork City.
"Did we? A thousand pardons, but you featherless giants all look the same to me."

Lost in the GloamEdit

Appears only with Clockwork City

You first meet the Duke of Crows in the Machine District. He has dialogue for if you have previously met him in Crow's Wood.

Duke of Crows: "Approach, poet! Let me get the measure of you."

Speak with him.

First meeting…
Met before...
"Hail, crow-friend to my great Knight of Marrow! You came to parlay? What boon do you seek from the Blackfeather Court?"
"Hail, crow-friend. Yes, I remember you—the wingless bat-killer of Crow's Wood! How could I forget my tallest, clankiest vassal?
I thank you for what you did for our gallant Knight of Marrow. Now, what boon do you seek from the Blackfeather Court?"
I seek the key you stole from the Clockwork Basilica, your grace.
"The Shiniest? The Great Prize? Outrageous! What could you possibly offer us that rivals the luster of the magnificent lock-poker?
Speak quickly! Speak! My knights and I must prepare for our next battle with the Exarchs of Dross!"
I could help you fight off these Exarchs.
"You would take up the Blackfeather banner? Tempting! The Exarchs use wingless allies to shoot down my vassals and scatter my treasures. But if we had a giant of our own.... Very well, I accept!
Go! Destroy the Exarchs, and the key is yours. Yours!"
Why are you fighting the Exarchs?
"The Exarchs of Dross hate us! They envy our fine plumage, and covet our gleaming treasures.
I parlayed with their leader before- the Queen of Chaff. She thinks the Daedra will reward her for loyal service, but we know that's not true. Not true!"
How long have you been fighting?
"Aeons in crow-time. But the Blackfeather Court will not be intimidated by these grackles! My knights will pluck the queen's vane feathers and leave her to flop about like a fledgeling!"
How did you get here?/How did you and the Exarchs get here?
"Through a pool of shadow! We heard the call of our mistress and obeyed. But once we saw this great sea of treasures, we decided to revolt. The Duke of Crows does as he pleases!
The city of shimmering prizes belongs to us now."
Sotha Sil might have a problem with that.
"I have heard this name, Sotha Sil. A dead king- or soon dead king, I've heard it said. It makes no difference! The Blackfeather Court claims this place. It's ours. Ours!"
Wait, you've heard about Sotha Sil? What else do you know?
"I know only that he's a half-metal giant who hides in a buzzing nest deep within the city. And that the Exarchs and their featherless allies want him dead.
But how does this help the war effort? Enough talk! Go! Go!"

If you met him in Crow's Wood, you can ask:

Why did you leave Crow's Wood?
"We grew tired of it! Dreary spider-caves, screechy bats, crumbling roosts … the Court deserved a much grander domain. So, here we are, and here we will stay."
I don't think the Clockwork Apostles will like that.
"Clockwork Apostles? Feh! Clanking, featherless peasants!
The Blackfeather Court cannot be cowed by wolves, or bats, or hags. We will certainly not bow to frumpy metal wizards!"

Speaking to him again before dealing with the Exarchs of Dross:

"Destroy our foes, the Exarchs of Dross, and I will take you to the Great Prize! Go!"

After dealing with the Exarchs, you can return to him back at his court:

"Victory! We picked the bones clean and plundered the Exarch's hoard. A proud day for the Blackfeather Court!
Now, the Queen of Chaff sent an emissary requesting a parley. I have a plan to scare her off for good, but I need your help."
Wait a minute. You said if I defeated the Exarchs, you'd give me the key.
"I know what I said, fledgling!
We've not defeated the Exarchs yet! Even now, they clean their plumage and sharpen their beaks. Unless we break the will of their queen, they will always return! This will be your last task. I swear it! Swear!"
Fine, but this is it. What's your plan?
"A trick! A bluff! A great crow scheme!
Meet me in the building called Incarnatorium. I will explain all."

Try to speak to him again, he'll say:

"We have preparations to make, crow-friend! Into the Incarnatorium! Go!"

Inside the Incarnatorium on the Factory Floor, you'll find the Duke:

"The Queen of Chaff will arrive shortly. We must stun her with my magnificence! Are you ready?"
I guess. How do you plan to accomplish this?
"Look around! I picked this place for a reason. Pully and pushy contraptions abound! When the city's wingless servants fiddle with them, the gears turn and pipes creak.
I need to convince the Queen of Chaff that these machines serve me and me alone!"
So you want me to operate the controls in secret?
"Yes! Exactly! A performance! My legs, while svelte and regal, are not strong enough to push and pull these levers. I need you and your meaty hands.
When the Exarch's queen witnesses my powers, she will take wing and never return."
All right. Do you know what any of these controls do?
"Of course not!
No more time to plan, the Queen's entourage approaches! Hide yourself! Hide! Hide!"

The Duke flies off to a nearby dais and the Queen of Chaff joins him:

Queen of Chaff: "Oh Duke, you came alone? Foolish. This may be easier than I thought. Show me the key, or my murder will tear you apart!"
Duke of Crows: "You are the fool, Chaff Queen! I wield the power of the machines now!"
Queen of Chaff: "You expect me to believe that? Give me the key, or we will peck you to ribbons!"
Duke of Crows: "Behold!"

Pull a lever and the room shakes:

Queen of Chaff: "What? Steady, Exarchs. It's just a trick."
Duke of Crows: "Awaken, machines! Awaken!"

Pull another lever:

Queen of Chaff: "I will not be threatened! I am … I am the Queen of Chaff!"
Duke of Crows: "Your doom is nigh! My machines will destroy you!"

And another:

Queen of Chaff: "No! Impossible! Impossible!"
Duke of Crows: "Now, Queen of Chaff, you will die!"

And the last:

Queen of Chaff: "I yield! Such power! Exarchs, to me! We leave this cursed place!"
Duke of Crows: "Ha! We did it, Featherless! Victory for the Duke! Victory for the Blackfeather Court!"

The queen flies off with her consorts and the duke joins you again at the control panels:

"We may have a complication.
My, my. This would be much easier if you had feathers …."
What are you talking about? You're taking me to the key now, right?
"I have! Kind of. I hid the Great Prize nearby, but in your zeal to impress me, you threw the wrong switch. Now, the door leading to the Shiniest is blocked. Blocked!
I can fly through, but you will need to take the long way round."
Which way?
"North! I will dispatch my proud Knight of Marrow to accompany you. Good luck!"
"My Knight of Marrow will protect you. Even so, you should keep your squishy peasant eyes open. We hear all kinds of terrible noises in here. Beast noises."

Follow the knight until you come to the room with the Skeleton Key. The Shadow of Sotha Sil will be waiting for you instead and summons a Wraith-of-Crows.

Shadow of Sotha Sil: "The Skeleton Key, at last."
Knight of Marrow: "Stay back, my liege! Have at thee!"

The Wraith-of-Crows slays the Knight:

Duke of Crows: "My Knight! No!"

The Duke will encourage you to defeat the beast. The duke will tell you to pull a switch to shine a light on the wraith in order to weaken him, then continue to be your cheerleader:

Duke of Crows: "The lights, Featherless! Pull the lever!"
Duke of Crows: "Direct hit! Slay the abomination!"
Duke of Crows: "Quickly, Featherless. The lights! Pull the switch!"
Duke of Crows: "Come, come! Pull the switch!"
Duke of Crows: "Fight! Win! For the Knight!"

Once you defeat the wraith, he'll fly off with either:

Duke of Crows: "Fight! Win! For the Knight!"
Duke of Crows: "Direct hit! Slay the abomination!"

Back at his court:

"Our victory over the Exarchs came at great cost. Quill and claw, our lost Knight was a true hero. We will not forgive and we will not forget.
I do not know which lock the Shadow plans to poke with the key he stole, but we will help you stop him."
You will help us find the Shadow of Sotha Sil and the Skeleton Key?
"Yes. You are as much a member of this Court as any crow. Our swift wings and keen eyes are at your disposal.
Find the Shadow of Sotha Sil, claim the key he stole, and avenge my Knight of Marrow!"

After the quest

"I shall gather my vassals to plot and conspire. The Shadow will pay for what he has done! Pay!"
Appears only with Blackwood

Glittering LiesEdit

Projection of the Duke of Crows outside Arpenia

As you approach the entrance to Arpenia, the Duke of Crows will call out for your help:

Duke of Crows: "Ah, giant one! The Duke of Crows requests your help!"

Speak with the projection of the Duke:

If you are meeting for the first time:
If you have met before:
"Hail! Come closer. You stand before a projection of the Duke of the Blackfeather Court. A grievous injustice has been done here and I must implore you for aid. Implore!
My flock has been tricked! Lured here with foul magic and promises of shinies!"
"It is you! Hail, crow-friend! My keen eyes recognized your ambling gait! The Duke of the Blackfeather Court requires your aid. My flock was lured here by peasant cultists. We were tricked by promises of shinies and now we are all trapped! Trapped!"
Why were you lured here?
"A foolish mage wishes to open a connection to the Evergloam to join his featherless cult to our mistress, Nocturnal. Pah!
I speak to you through the magic of this place, but neither I nor the Court can leave until we are freed. Please, help us!"
What do you need me to do?
"Come with me inside and free us from the cult's clutches! Though I am very mighty, it is not within my power to save myself or my Court! I need your assistance!
The Blackfeather Court will owe you a great boon if you take on this sacred duty."
I'll help you rescue the rest of the Blackfeather Court.

You can ask him a few questions once the quest is active.

"I shall inflict my vengeance on these cultists through you, crow-friend! Such impropriety must be punished.
Once the Court is freed, we will feast on the squish eyes of these peasants! Come, come! We must hurry!"
What does this cult want with the Blackfeather Court?
"Foolish! Witless! They wish to reach the Lady of Shadows and call her attention to this place of mud and dirt. Feh! They intend to channel the power from my Court to open a gate to her realm. But her power is not theirs to wield!"
How can they channel power from the Court?
"Nocturnal, our Mighty Mistress. We are forever intertwined with her great forces. Each vassal of the Court is imbued with darkness! Shadows!
The cultists easily siphon such power while the Court is distracted."
How are you projecting your image to me?
"The Duke of Crows is the very definition of feathery cleverness! I used their own shinies against them!
The magic inside them does more than fascinate and drain energy from the Blackfeather Court, if you are as clever as I am."
How did you end up in Blackwood? That's quite a distance from where we last met. (Only appears if you have met the Blackfeather Court before)
"Crow Mother hatched us, She gave us wings so that we may fly! We are not meant to linger in one place, growing fat and dull.
The Court heard whispers of great treasures hidden in Blackwood. But the treasures here are strange. Not fit for crows."
What's the Evergloam?
"It is the realm of our Mistress! Our home, our place of creation, the cradle of shadow! The darkest realm of Oblivion, home to only those worthy. Worthy! The Blackfeather Court has dominion over the Crow's Wood within the Evergloam. It is our domain."
The Duke explains how they were tricked

When you enter Arpenia you have the option of speaking with the Duke as his projection appears near one of the Whispering Shadows who is opening a portal. The Duke will explain the nature of the terrible lure:

"You see now, the great shinies that tricked the Court into this miserable place? But they show lies. Lies! When one crow looks upon it, they see a likeness that copies their every move! These are no treasures! Just tricks!"
You mean the mirrors?
"You have a name for these terrible things? Feh! Featherless schemes! Nothing of the sort exists in the Evergloam. My regal beak belongs on no other face, only mine! Who knows what that other grackle is planning?"
What you're seeing is your own reflection.
"Of course I, the Duke, know that now! I am quite clever! But I did not realize until I was already bewitched. The Court is ensnared by these ... reflections.
Perhaps if you destroyed these loathsome shinies, it would break the hold?"
I could smash the mirrors.
"Yes, crow-friend! Smash them to bits! A fine plan. Those featherless cultists will rue the day they tried to control the Blackfeather Court! Rue! Their doom is nigh!
Come, I will guide you through this wretched place!"

At various points after combat in Arepnia, the Duke will cheer you on:

Duke of Crows: "You, my giant, are unstoppable! Such smashing! Such crushing!"
Duke of Crows: "There are still others trapped. Do not let the cultists open their doors!"

You will then need to find the mirrors located around the ruin. The Duke will point them out as you approach:

The first mirror:

Duke of Crows: "There, my knight! There! Destroy the mirror of lies!"
<Smash the mirror.>
Duke of Crows: "Fly, fly! Still more remain. Let us be swift!"

The second mirror:

Duke of Crows: "More of the Blackfeather Court. Smash the mirror, crow-friend!"
<Smash the mirror.>
Duke of Crows: "Take my wing, my knights! Turn your keen eyes from the shinies!"

The third mirror:

Duke of Crows: "There! Members of the Court! Break the mirror and free them!"
<Smash the mirror.>
Duke of Crows: "Crow-friend! The Duke wishes to speak with you!"

With the three mirrors destroyed, the Duke of Crows will want to speak with you as the job is not finished yet:

"The tricky shinies have been destroyed! But one remains! It stands in the room where those peasant cultists attempt to open their gate. A few members of the Court are still trapped there, including myself!
You must disrupt their ritual to free us."
How will I do that?
"The cultists drain my Court's immense power while we are paralyzed. If my vassals and I were not so transfixed by the shinies, we could free ourselves! But until we remove the temptation, we cannot tear our gaze away!"
So you want me to smash the mirror?
"Smash, smash! Destroy the mirror and my vassals will be free!
No longer will we be cowed and bound to these featherless masters. These fools will feel the sharpness of our breaks, the cutting wind of our feathers! Go, my tall soldier! Go!"

If you speak with the Duke again, he'll say:

"I know it is a great honor to mince words with the Duke of Crows, but you must hurry, crow-friend! The time is nigh! The Blackfeather Court must not be trapped in this undeserving place for a moment longer. Go, disrupt their ritual!"

The final mirror will be in the chamber where the delve's boss spawns, to the side is the final mirror. The Duke will call out as you arrive:

After reaching the final mirror:

Duke of Crows: "Fools! Fear our magnificence!"
Duke of Crows: "Free us, crow-friend! Free us!"

After smashing the final mirror:

Duke of Crows: "Victory! Triumph! Let us speak outside, my beakless warrior!"
The Blackfeather Court freed

Upon exiting Arpenia, the Duke will be waiting for you along with members of his court:

Duke of Crows: "Join us, crow-friend!"

You can then speak with the Duke to complete the quest:

"Behold, the Blackfeather Court is free! Thank you, crow-friend. You have done exceptionally well. You may have eyes of jelly, but your heart is as strong as a crow."
Are you all free to return to your home now?
"Yes, yes! Thanks to you, crow-friend. It is a triumphant day for the Blackfeather Court! I found a shiny in this place, but I no longer trust it. It must be gone. Gone! Take it, as a tribute from the Court."

After completing the quest you can ask what the flock will do next:

"The Blackfeather Court will not forget this insult! The Mistress does not want her favored servants used like puppets.
If we see any more cultists, we will peck them to ribbons and feast on their eyes. Feast!"
What will the Blackfeather Court do now?
"I can tell you for sure that we will not fall for the same tricks again! We are too wise for that! A Crow's memory is long. It is not easy to fool us twice.
Still ... perhaps we will leave this place, just to be safe. But only because we desire it!"
Where will you go?
"Wherever the wind takes us, crow-friend. Though, after this harrowing experience, we may return to Crow's Wood.
I long for our skirmishes with the bats. Our gallant knights could use a fierce battle to forget this insult. A victory!"
Good luck, wherever you go.
"The same to you, my Knight-Without-Feathers!
The Blackfeather Court is much richer to indeed count you as a crow-friend. Your loyalty is worth more than any shiny, no matter how big or bright in may be!"

Heroes of BlackwoodEdit

The Duke in Gideon

The Duke will show up to the celebration in Gideon once you have finished Glittering Lies. If you speak to him at the party, he will say:

"Featherless! What a wonderful celebration these wingless giants have thrown in our honor! We must fill the sky with our cries of victory. Shriek! Shriek!"
What are you doing here, duke?
"Why so surprised? Where else would I be? It is impolite to not show up when the common folk hold a celebration in your honor. Is that not true among the featherless as well?"
Actually, the celebration is for our victory at Fort Redmane and the saving of Blackwood.
"Blackwood? I was certain they said Blackfeather! Well, a party's a party. You helped us in our time of need, so we will help you celebrate your victory, too. It is the least we can do. The absolute least!"