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Grandee Zizzeen (?b - d?)Edit

Grandee Zizzeen was a prince of Antiphyllos during the Interregnum.[1] Zizzeen was often called a meritorious man of "most august memory", and the poet Behrouz said that his rectitude was so high that when he accidentally entered a womens' bath house, he "forthwith put out both his eyes, lest he commit an indecency".[2] He was related to Fahara'jad and his mother Grandeya Fanesh, who both were Forebears, whereas Zizzeen was a member of the Crowns.[1][2] When Hammerfell's High King Ramzi the Distrait died during a time when the province was being ravaged by the Knahaten Flu,[3] Zizzeen attempted to usurp the throne and was supported by the Crowns, but later lost to Fahara'jad.[4]

Zoreh the Tenacious (?b - d?)Edit

Zoreh the Tenacious was a Redguard hero best remembered for saving the city of Bergama. Long ago, a sickness spread through the city and incapacitated much of the population. A warlord named Emeesh Poison-Tongue learned of this sickness, and sent a band of marauders to rob the weakened city of its wealth. Although she too was afflicted by the sickness, Zoreh stood guard alone. She knew that the marauder's numbers were too great for her alone, so she devised a plan to trick them into thinking the illness had passed and that the city's defenders were ready. She ran across Bergama and lit every signal fire, lighting up the city. This heroic act rallied the city's sick defenders. They took the field, and although Emeesh's marauders panicked and attempted to flee, they were all killed. Ultimately, Zoreh died later that night from the illness, but her memory lives on.[5] Every year, at the New Life Festival, the citizens of Bergama honor her sacrifice with a race to light up several signal fires throughout the city.[6]

Zurin Arctus (?b - 3E 417?)Edit

Zurin Arctus (also called Arnand the Fox and the Underking) was a spellcaster in the late Second Era, and Imperial Battlemage under Emperor Tiber Septim. He was responsible for activating Numidium, a powerful construct used by the Emperor in his conquest of Tamriel, by placing his "heart" (life force) in a soul gem. Arctus later regretted his actions and destroyed the automaton, but was killed in the process before being able to reclaim his heart. He reappeared later as an undead entity known as the Underking (though some sources dispute this claim).

Zuuk (?b - d?)Edit

A Kothringi tribesman who was the personal imperial knight of Empress Tavia and helped her to kill her husband, Emperor Reman III.[7] He later returned to the Black Marsh and founded the settlement of Zuuk in Shadowfen.[8]