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King Xakhwan (?b - 1E 853)Edit

King Xakhwan was a Yokudan monarch from the island of Yath. Around the time of the Ra Gada invasion of Hammerfell in 1E 808, Xakhwan began to establish colonies along the coast, but was met by resistance from a native Altmer tribe called the Corelanya.

By 1E 853, Xakhwan devised a plan to finally drive the elves from Hammerfell. He sent his two sons, Prince Haqmir and Sameer, to lead a charge into a valley known as the Ash'abah Pass and kill the Corelanyan leader. The brothers were successful, but unexpectedly the Corelanya tricked the Yokudan forces into leaving King Xakhwan vulnerable. They infiltrated Xakhwan's palace and a necromancer named Wraithmaster Venerien killed King Xakhwan, then reanimated his corpse.

This presented prince Sameer and Haqmir with a dilemma. Yokudan laws were sacred and their father was now considered "honored dead". To harm their father would have meant dishonoring themselves, which in turn would have resulted in their exile. Conversely, the brothers refused to leave their father as a walking undead husk. The brothers came to an agreement that one of them would deal with their father and accept exile, while the other would take their father's place as king. Which brother accepted this sacrifice (known later as "the first sacrifice") is lost to history, but ultimately the raised corpse of King Xakhwan was killed in his own throne room.

Xivilai Moath (?b - ?d)Edit

Xivilai Moath is a Xivilai Daedra Lord, and the leader of Xivilai's Clan that is in the service of Clan Dagon. While he is not his biological spawn, Mehrunes Dagon considers him along with Faydra Shardai as his children. Faydra and Imago Storm are his oathkin. His incantory neonymic was once Wegerohseh-chehkohieu.

Moath was once in the service of Molag Bal. In 2E 582, he was sent to Tamriel by Bal to defend a Dark Anchor opened above Bangkorai Garrison. However, he was swiftly banished by Daggerfall Covenant forces and the Anchor was released. Some time after this, he passed into the service of Dagon and served as his lieutenant. His clan took part in the invasion of the Battlespire, after which Moath returned to his headquarters in the Havoc Wellhead. Imago Storm gave his neonymic to an apprentice from the Battlespire, but it is unknown if the apprentice banished him or not.