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Lore:Ramzi the Distrait

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King Ramzi the Distrait
Race Redguard Gender Male
Born 2E
Died 2E
Reign 2E-
Previous Ruler Arlimahera
Next Ruler Fahara'jad
Resided in Sentinel

King Ramzi the Distrait ruled the Kingdom of Sentinel in the mid-Second Era. He is remembered as a self-serving and weak-willed ruler who failed to protect his subjects from the Knahaten Flu. As death spread to his courtiers, Ramzi sealed himself within Samuruik palace and slowly starved to death, leaving the kingdom in despair. A young Forebear noble named Fahara'jad, a descendant of High King Ar-Azal, traveled from Bergama and declared himself king of Hammerfell.[1]

Support for the new king wasn't unanimous and Hammerfell wasn't unified under Fahara'jad. The Crown nobility in the southern cities of Hegathe, Gilane, Taneth and Rihad supported Grandee Zizzeen's claim to throne instead.[2][3] The Crowns suspected King Ramzi was usurped and acted with vehement repudiation against Fahara'jad, however Forebear viziers and northern chieftains ratified his ascension.[1]