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Mane Tullar-dra
Mane Tullar-dra
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Resided in Elsweyr
Appears in ESO

Tullar-dra was the Mane of the Khajiiti people.[1] The exact period of his rule is unknown but it was before 2E 582. Little is known about Tullar-dra's life.[2]

He died at some point before 2E 582. His remains are preserved in the Tomb of the Manes in Rimmen Necropolis, a huge tomb complex located southwest of the Rimmen itself. He was buried together with other prominent Manes: Zebiden-jo and Jinninji-ri.[2] His spirit's rest was briefly interrupted in 2E 582 when The Vestige escorted the remains of the ancient Khajiiti ruler Jora-ri to the burial chamber in the Tomb of the Manes.[3][4]




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