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Prophecy of the Dark Aeon

The Order of the New Moon, also known as the New Moon Cult, was a Khajiiti Dragon Cult rumored to have been created in the Merethic Era.[1]


Merethic EraEdit

When Elsweyr was composed of sixteen kingdoms, a dragon named Kaalgrontiid split off from the bulk of his kin in order to escape Alduin's rule and sate his own pride and ambition.[2] Kaalgrontiid and his dragons came to dominate the skies of Elsweyr, where he planned to become the equal of Akatosh by consuming the power of the moon Jode.[3] Kaalgrontiid established Dragonhold as his seat of power, and his Khajiiti followers built a great temple devoted to the Dark Aeon, the name of the new moon Kaalgrontiid hoped to become.[4]

However, in an effort to stop this plot and end the dragons' reign of terror, the great Khunzar-ri recruited four companions: Nurarion the Perfect, Flinthild Demon-Hunter, Anequina Sharp-Tongue, and Cadwell the Betrayer.[5] Khunzar-ri tricked the dragons into entering the Plane of Jode and store their energy within Jode's Core, believing that they would combine the lunar power with their own.[6][7] The gamble worked, and the dragons forced to retreat to the wilderness due to their weakened state.[5] Khunzar-ri then managed to lure the dragons into the Halls of Colossus, where he sealed them away.[5]

Second EraEdit

New Moon priests

When Kaalgrontiid returned circa 2E 582 thanks to Abnur Tharn's screw up, his lieutenant Laatvulon was tasked with recreating the cult in his master's name. He exploited the Khajiiti people whom are distraught over events such as the loss experienced during the Planemeld, further made worse by the Dragons ravaging Elsweyr.[1] Feeling that their gods have been absent, and seeing the god-like beings that dragons are, they looked to instead appease them for protection. As a result the New Moon Cult was created, with the Khajiit Ra'khajin instated as Laatvulon's Dragon Priest. With the promise that the cult would ascend alongside their masters, and promising Ra'khajin the glory of becoming their spiritual leader as the Mane, Kaalgrontiid gained a valuable asset in manpower for his operations.[8]

Kaalgrontiid found that his underling Laatvulon had failed him. Kaalgrontiid took command of the remnants of the New Moon Cult and ordered them to do his bidding.[9] Kaalgrontiid planned to siphon the energy he obtained from Jode's Core through a giant cluster of aeonstone, hoping that he would become empowered.[9] These stones would then be used to empower Dragons and collected on the island of Dragonhold.[9][10] Eventually, the island's massive collection of aeonstone was utilized by Kaalgrontiid in hopes of ascending to godhood and fulfilling the Prophecy of the New Moon.[9][10] If Kaalgrontiid were to succeed, he would fulfill an ancient prophecy and become the Dark Aeon, becoming the third moon. The creation of this New Moon "presages a time of darkness and the birth of a new supreme being",[9] and it would ultimately threaten to unravel the tapestry of time itself.[11]

However, through the combined efforts of Nahfahlaar, the reformed Dragonguard, and Queen Khamira's forces, Kaalgrontiid was slain, his rage of dragons were defeated, and the New Moon Cult were ultimately defeated. [4]


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