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Aeonstone is green stone with an appearance comparable to Malachite, and is only found in southern Elsweyr. Aeonstone can absorb a person's vitality in order to become empowered, and empowered Aeonstone can enhance magical energy.[1] While empowered, it glows with a bright green bioluminescence. It was used by the New Moon Cult in an attempt to bring about the Prophecy of the Dark Aeon; the Cult also used Aeonstone in their armor.[2] Aeonstone-enhanced sorcery allowed a Necromancer bringing back a Dragon from the dead.[3] The power of Aeonstone was not meant to be wielded by mortals, and usage can leave one feeling drained.[1] Only beings such as Dragons may wield its power without suffering serious drawbacks.[1]

After the failure to capture the full power of Jode's Core, the dragon Kaalgrontiid enlisted the help of Laatvulon and the New Moon cult, and gathered Aeonstone in hopes of ascending into godhood in order to rival Akatosh.[4] Aeonstone was also used to create a giant defensive aegis around the island of Dragonhold in order to prevent interference from his plans.[5] The Dragonguard and Nahfahlaar defeated the empowered Kaalgrontiid, but the empowered Aeonstone had the potential to destroy the entire continent once overloaded.[citation needed] The island of Dragonhold along with its giant deposit of collected Aeonstone was destroyed.[6]



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