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Lore:Flinthild Demon-Hunter

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Flinthild Demon-Hunter
Race Unknown Gender Female
Born Merethic Era
Resided in Skyrim

Flinthild Demon-Hunter was a warrior of renown in the Merethic Era. She was a member of Khunzar-ri's kra'jun, a group of heroes in Elsweyr that strove to drive out the so-called demons that plagued the land. She was second recruited by Khunzar-ri, following Nurarion the Perfect.


In order to combat the most terrible of the demons, Khunzar-ri ventured north of Elsweyr to Skyrim, having heard of Flinthild's strength. He eventually found her at a great feast in Eastmarch, where they engaged in a drunken brawl for three days straight. Seeing the Khajiit's grace and form, Flinthild became enamored with, and subsequently kidnapped, him. Though she planned to wed Khunzar-ri, she thought differently after sobering up and released him.[1]

At some point after meeting, Khunzar-ri rescued Flinthild from an Ayleid ruin in Valenwood.[2][3][4] After saving her, Flinthild joined Khunzar-ri in the fight against the demons, followed by Anequina Sharp-Tongue and Sir Cadwell. The demons were overwhelmingly powerful and when fighting them proved to be futile, Cadwell suggested that it may be best to convince the demons that they were now a willing part of their plans. In preparation, Anequina attuned to Shadow Dance Temple and incited the moons to align to form an eclipse, allowing the Moon Gate to open a portal to the Plane of Jode, where the object the demons desired, Jode's Core, rested. The demons' ambitions would be their undoing, as the demons accessed the Plane of Jode, but Khunzar-ri convinced them to not simply absorb the power of the core like they originally intended, but instead store their energy within it in the guise that they would combine the lunar power with their own.[5][6]

The demons fell for the trick and were weakened, fleeing to the wilderness. As suggested by Nurarion the Perfect, Khunzar-ri lured them to the Halls of Colossus, an ancient set of ruins. Flinthild placed a shard of the demons' essence interred within an urn of moonlight in the halls, while Khunzar-ri convinced the demons to enter. Once they did, the kra'jun locked them within the halls, where they would remain for millennia.[7][8]