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Nurarion the Perfect
Race Altmer Gender Male
Died Merethic Era
Wormroot Depths, Grahtwood
Resided in Sunhold, Summerset Isle

Nurarion the Perfect, also known as the Voiceless[1] was an Altmer legendary hero and a member of the Sunhold royal family and of Khunzar-ri's Kra'jun, who made a deal with Clavicus Vile for great powers to fight off Maormer invasion led by King Orgnum.[1]


Sunhold in the Summerset Isles, the homeland of Nurarion


Nurarion was born in the ancient times during Merethic Era as a brother to the king of Sunhold. In his times shores of the Summerset Isle were subjected to annual terrible storms conjured by the King of the Maormer, Orgnum. During one of the attacks, Nurarion decided to lead the mages of Sunhold against the Maormer and prepared a counter-spell. They succeeded but at a great cost. For Nurarion to be able to stop Orgnum, he had to turn to the Clavicus Vile, the Daedric Prince of Bargains. He asked for a voice that could call forth a doom greater than any called by Orgnum and his wish was granted. Clavicus granted him the new and mighty voice that calmed the seas and banished Orgnum's storms "to the ends of the earth". It was the first of the two times he ever screamed with his newfound powers. Ever since then he could speak normally no longer as even his normal speech caused destruction and was dangerous to everyone who could hear it. According to legends Nurarion's voice could cut lightning bolts in half and turn mountains to rubble. Only his foes heard him speak, and even then, only in whispers. He could no longer live at the court of Sunhold and risk the lives of others and soon after he saved Sunhold he was forced into exile. He earned his moniker the Voiceless due to his reluctance to speak due to the dangers his voice could cause.[1]

Khunzar-ri's Kra'junEdit

Khunzar-ri's spirt

Following his, exile Nurarion became known as a renowned and great hero, one of the greatest champions of the age, known both for his voice and his Subtle Blade.[2] Nurarion met Khunzar-ri much later, under much different circumstances.[1] When Elsweyr was composed of sixteen kingdoms, dragons came to dominate the land and above all, consume the Moon's lunar power. Kaalgrontiid in particular hoped that with the Moon's power, he would become Akatosh's equal.[3] To stop them, The Khajiit hero Khunzar-ri sought to assembly a Kra'jun - an elite company of adventurers. He managed to recruit four companions, a group of the most elite heroes of the age, and to convince them to work together.[4] Nurarion the Perfect, Flinthild Demon-Hunter, Anequina Sharp-Tongue, and Cadwell the Betrayer were the four chosen heroes of the Khunzar-ri. Nurarion joined the group before the Anequina Sharp-Tongue.[1] The group of adventurers visited the realm of Jonelight Path during their adventures.[5]

One of the Moon-Singers

The dragons were overwhelmingly powerful and when fighting them proved to be futile, Cadwell suggested that it may be best to convince the dragons that they were now a willing part of their plans. In preparation, Anequina attuned to Shadow Dance Temple, incited the moons to align to form an eclipse, allowing the Moon Gate of Anequina to open a portal to the Plane of Jode, where the object the dragons desired, Jode's Core, rested. The dragons' ambitions would be their undoing, as the dragons accessed the Plane of Jode, but Khunzar-ri convinced them to not simply absorb the power of the core like they originally intended, but instead store their energy within it in the guise that they would combine the lunar power with their own.[6][7]

Secret chamber in Wormroot Depths

The gamble worked, and the dragons were weakened enough for them to retreat back into the wilderness.[4] To finish the job, Khunzar-ri once again convinced the dragons to play a part in his scheme. He managed to lure them into the Halls of Colossus, where he managed to seal them away. The Dragons would be obscured as "demons" in legends, and become the fabled "Demon Weapon". Their power would be coveted by many people.[4]

At some point in history, near the end of his life, he traveled to the underground complex. In the chamber located deep in the caverns under the earth's surface, he screamed once again, for the second and last time. He aimed into a mysterious crystal, pouring years of rage and sorrow into the gem. This very act brought the cave down on top of him, crushing and killing him.[1] Moon-Singers refer to him as an Elf "who communes among the buried roots of the Ayleid worms."[8][2] According to Abnur Tharn this passage referred to Wormroot Depths in the Grahtwood region of Valenwood. It was an ancient Ayleid site where Khajiit hid the secret chamber.[9]


The last words of Nurarion the Perfect were considered the greatest treasure in all of Elsweyr by some of the Moon-Singers. They were believed to be "a treasure, a weapon, and much more". According to legends the crystal remained buried under the collapsed ceiling of the chamber together with the echoes of his power. The echoes of his power were believed to be nearly immeasurable. Some claim the words had enough power to sunder Anequina from Pellitine, while others believe that they could level Rimmen in the blink of an eye. The exact location of the gem is unknown.

His deeds were remembered among the Khajiit and spread by Moon-Singers[1][8] and commemorated on ancient tablets in Moonlit Cove in Khunzar-ri's tomb.[10]


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