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Lore:Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition/Invocation

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Scion of Emperors, King of Earth and Sky,
Lord of Shining Hosts,
Protector of Oathman, Feeman and Yeoman,
Guarantor of Right and Justice,
Broad Blessing of Thrones and Powers,
Cynosure of Celestial Glory,
The Most High Tiber Septim

The 8 Invocations and 16 acceptable Blasphemes.

To AKATOSH whose Perch from Eternity allowed the Day.

To KYNARETH who returns the Masculine Breath.

To DIBELLA who pays Men in Moans.

To ARKAY who braves the Diminuendo.

To JULIANOS who incants the Damned Equation

To MARA who fills the Empty and drains the Stones.

To ZENITHAR the Provider of our Ease.

To STENDARR who suffers Men to read.

.noitaripsnI fo tnuoF eht AIHTEOB oT [nb 1]

.neM fo ecneicsnoC eht flaH si ohw ENICRIH oT [nb 2]

.syawediS egaugnaL lla skaeps ohw HTACALAM oT [nb 3]

.nuS gnizalB eht si ssertsiM esohw NOGAD SENURHEM oT [nb 4]

.neM fo retrofmoC eht HTAROGOEHS oT [nb 5]

.luoF tsoM si htaerB esohw LAB GALOM oT [nb 6]

.reverof erudne skroW esohw ARIMAN oT [nb 7]

.seviw fo riaH eht htiw eldeeN eht sdaerht ohw ALAHPEM oT [nb 8]

.srewsna syawla ohw ELIV SUCIVALC oT [nb 9]

.kniM si hcuoT esohw LANRUTCON oT [nb 10]

.kcoR gnillaF si noitadnuoF esohw ETIYREP oT [nb 11]

.seloH lla fo miR eht ARUZA oT [nb 12]

.munelP eht sniatnoc ohw AIDIREM oT [nb 13]

.thgiL eht ot repaP eht sdloh ohw AROM SUEAMREH oT [nb 14]

.tiurF nevahS eht setsat ohw ENIUGNAS oT [nb 15]

.ylponaP eht fo revaeW AMINREAV oT [nb 16]

These are the 16 acceptable Blasphemes written forward.
  • 1.^  To BOETHIA the Fount of Inspiration.
  • 2.^  To HIRCINE who is Half the Conscience of Men.
  • 3.^  To MALACATH who speaks all Language Sideways.
  • 4.^  To MEHRUNES DAGON whose Mistress is the Blazing Sun.
  • 5.^  To SHEOGORATH the Comforter of Men.
  • 6.^  To MOLAG BAL whose Breath is Most Foul.
  • 7.^  To NAMIRA whose Works endure forever.
  • 8.^  To MEPHALA who threads the Needle with the Hair of wives.
  • 9.^  To CLAVICUS VILE who always answers.
  • 10.^  To NOCTURNAL whose Touch is Mink.
  • 11.^  To PERYITE whose Foundation is Falling Rock.
  • 12.^  To AZURA the Rim of all Holes.
  • 13.^  To MERIDIA who contains the Plenum.
  • 14.^  To HERMAEUS MORA who holds the Paper to the Light.
  • 15.^  To SANGUINE who tastes the Shaven Fruit.
  • 16.^  To VAERNIMA Weaver of the Panoply.