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Lore:Green Emperor Way

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Green Emperor Way
Type District
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Heartlands
(City Isle)
Settlement Imperial City
Appears in Oblivion, ESO
The White-Gold Tower in Green Emperor Way of the Imperial City
Map of Green Emperor Way

Green Emperor Way (also called Green Emperor Road[1], the Imperial Gardens[2] or the Palace District)[UOL 1] is the inner section of the Imperial City, which surrounds the White-Gold Tower. It contains a large open street patrolled by the Imperial Palace Guard and parks with visages of past Emperors' heads created by topiary-mages. They can speak freely via magic and whenever an Emperor requires counsel, birds are drawn into these topiaries and control their branches to have them express.[1]

Various people of importance to the Empire have been buried in the park's mausoleums and cemeteries, including Imperial counts, saints, battlemages, and even emperors.[3] Some notable figures include Prince Camarril[4] and the Trentius family.[5] The northern gardens are the coolest acreage during the summertide. The historical fiction, 2920, The Last Year of the First Era describes it as austeric, with tiered flowerbeds of blue-gray and green flowers.[2]


Green Emperor Way in the Planemeld

Green Emperor Way is built on top of the Barathrum Centrata, the centremost chamber of the Imperial City Sewers and the foundation of the White-Gold Tower.[6]

When the Planemeld occurred in 2E 582, the Imperial City became tainted with the essence of Coldharbour and the former capital of the Empire became a wasteland of ruins and monsters. Green Emperor Way, in particular, was left a shadow of its former self. Great stone shards jutted out of the ground and large pools of Azure Plasm laden the streets, while catacombs were rooted from the ground and left sundered. Molag Kena claimed the White-Gold Tower and her minions swarmed the entire citadel. Her Xivkyn and their thralls patrolled Green Emperor Way, or at least what was left of it. A Flesh Colossus stood guard at the door.[7]

In an attempt to reclaim the White-Gold Tower, Empress-Regent Clivia Tharn and a Moth Priestess enlisted the assistance of the Undaunted and entered Green Emperor Way through a manhole from the Imperial City Sewers.[7] In time, the Daedra were expelled from the Imperial City and Green Emperor Way was restored.

After Tiber Septim was named the Emperor in 2E 854, he tasked the topiary mages to create the visage of his former mentor, Cuhlecain. So that he can be remembered and even provide insight to him like all of his other predecessors.[1] In 3E 433, Emperor Uriel Septim VII was assassinated by the Mythic Dawn. His tomb was placed in Green Emperor Way, near a statue of Tiber Septim.[UOL 1]

Some time before the assassination, the Mythic Dawn had placed runes on the tomb of Prince Camarril, which showed the location of their shrine in Lake Arrius, but only during midday. The Blades agent, Baurus and the Hero of Kvatch used these runes to track the shrine and infiltrate the cult at their base.[8] At around the same time, the merchant, Thoronir hired gravedigger to steal from the catacombs in Green Emperor Way, so that he may sell those items and have a large stock. But when he was caught for his misdeeds, he decided to help apprehend the gravedigger as he stole in the Trentius Family Mausoleum. After the situation was dealt with, Thoronir joined the Society of Concerned Merchants.[5]



  • According to the 1st Edition of the Pocket Guide to the Empire, Green Emperor Road was one of several garden paths that surrounded the Imperial Palace. What these other paths were called is currently unknown.[1]

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