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"The River Odai flows through the center of Balmora to the coast near Hla Oad."
"Ogrim are massive, powerful, dimly intelligent servants of the Daedra Lord Malacath. Daedra hearts have modest magical properties, but you have to dig through a lot of Daedra to get at an ogrim's heart."
"The greatest opportunities of Vvardenfell lie in its untapped wealth, its rich mines and ancient treasures, its unexplored and unclaimed lands. And even its threats represent limitless opportunity to any bold adventurer determined enough to fight and scheme his way to distinction, earning the attention of the great lords and wizards of Morrowind"
Optio Bologra
"Optio Bologra is the Camp Prefect of the Deathshead Legion garrison at Fort Darius. He's a tough and violent orc, not clever or polished, but nonetheless an effective and respected officer."
"Here's here somewhere, check around."
"They call us barbarians because we are brave in war and we laugh at hardship. But we have earned our citizenship by service in the legions, and we are as civilized as any race. We make the finest weapons and armor in the world, and our warriors are the bravest and toughest in Tamriel."
"The Orcs are savage half-men that the Westerners call 'human'. They should go back to their mountains in the West and leave us alone. The Emperor uses them as his soldiers, and they are indeed fierce warriors, cunning with leather and steel."
"Orcs are the beast barbarians of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail Mountains. They are wonderful warriors and armorers, but they are not civilized beings, and they worship the Bad Daedra. They have come as legion veterans to settle in Morrowind, and by law, they have rights as citizens. Many serve us as reliable mercenaries and hireings, and as a people, they may someday come to be civilized. But many Orcs are savages and outlaws, and as a race they cannot be trusted."
"The Orc people of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail Mountains are brave and hardy barbarians. Once they were feared and hated by everyone else in Tamriel. Now many have gained an education and Imperial citizenship through service in the legions. Their armorers are the finest in the world, and Orc warriors in heavy armor are the best front-line troops in all Tamriel. Detractors say that Orcs are rough and cruel, but Orcs say they are hard, and fair, and stern, but just."
"The Order of the Inquisition identifies and suppresses heresy among priests and laymen."
"The Order of Doctrine and Ordination are militant scholars."
"The Order of War fights the enemies of the Temple; most War Ordinators are stationed near Red Mountain."
"The Order of the Watch provides guards for temples and shrines."
"Grandmaster Berel Sala is the chief Ordinator on Vvardenfell."
"The four orders of Ordinators answer to the Alma Rula in Almalexia."
"The Ordinators are the holy guards and soldiers of the Temple."
Orvas Dren
"Orvas Dren is the real power behind the Camonna Tong."
"He’s the brother of Duke Vedam Dren and a very wealthy and influential man. He has a netch ranch in the Ascadian Isles."
other cults
"The Ashlanders have a primitive cult that worships the Daedra and tribal ancestors; this is the faith of our ancient forefathers, and not evil, but their worship is ignorant and unenlightened."
"The Daedric cult worship the bad Daedra; these cults and their worshippers are evil."
"The Imperial cult are the official religion of the Empire. Their worship is false and unworthy, but their worshippers are no more good or evil than any superstitious savage."
our dark powers
"As an Aundae, you will find your mind even more powerful than vampires of other clans, and your spellcasting unparalleled. We have achieved perfection of the mind and the body. We are sublime."
"The Berne vampire travels as the shadows do. Silent, unnoticed. We are more agile than the other clans, and even on crowded streets, we pass unnoticed. Our victims never suspect our presence...until their blood is on our lips."
"An outlander is anyone born and raised outside of Morrrowind. Most Dunmer think anyone who isn't a native-born Dunmer is an outlander. Dunmer with Western words and ways are also immediately identified as outlanders -- we're very sensitive to accents, clothes, and manners in Morrowind. Outlanders are foreigners, and Morrowind doesn't like foreigners. It's not bad here in Hlaalu territory, but on the rest of Vvardenfell, folk are very cool to outlanders. Be patient, and pleasant, you'll do all right."