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Lore:Urzoga gra-Batul

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Queen Urzoga gra-Batul
BL-npc-Urzoga gra-Batul.jpg
Queen Urzoga gra-Batul
Race Orc Gender Female
Reign 4E 176-
Previous Ruler Durak gro-Batul
Resided in Bloodfall
Appears in Blades

Urzoga gra-Batul also known as the Bloodfall Queen, is the Imperial Vassal who rules over the Bloodfall kingdom, she inherited the throne from her grandfather Durak gro-Batul.[1]


Urzoga inherited the throne after her grandfather disinherited her father, Bazul gro-Batul, when he proved to be a bad ruler during his regency. Her grandfather would die soon after the Great War ended, leaving her with the throne, and not enough soldiers to defend the kingdom, as many of them died alongside her grandfather during the Great War. During her rule she also had to deal with the threat of her father undermining her rule on numerous occasions, including an assassination attempt where her father attempted a coup to try and take back what he thought rightfully belonged to him.[1][2] The lack of soldiers forced her to hire mercenaries for a mere pittance, and to pay for expenses she would overtax the towns in her kingdom, when the town of Rivercrest refused to pay, she sent mercenaries to collect. Against her wishes they would burn down the town, destroying the Elder Statue and releasing an ancient evil from its imprisonment.[2][3]

Investigating the Rivercrest attack, the Warrior confronted the Bloodfall Queen, and the Warrior agreed to help the Queen after she explained the dire situation the Kingdom was in. She would send her right hand man as her emissary to accompany the Warrior back to their town.[4] The Warrior would later return to the Urzoga's Castle to inquire about an Elder Scroll while dealing with the undead on the way there, only to find that the scroll was stolen from the Castle.[5] Later the Queen would personally assign the Warrior to investigate an alliance between the Greencap Bandits, and a nearby tribe of Goblins.[6] Afterwards, the Queen would assign the Warrior to slay the leader of the Bandit group, in gratitude for the Warriors service in dealing with the threat, she would give Rivercrest a two-year tax relief so the town could rebuild.[7]

Later, the Warrior would return to the Queen in regards to a murder, which she then asked the Warrior to personally investigate, granting them a royal warrant to look into it. The Warrior would find out the killer went by the alias River Snake. The Warrior eventually discovered the identity of the River Snake as being none other then Bazul gro-Batul, the Queen's father.[8] The Queen would later spar with the Warrior in the Dragonwood Arena.[9]

Uzorga was still ruling Bloodfall by 4E 201, when remnants of the Greencap Bandits, led by Uzorga's son Urzog, stole the Headman's Cleaver, a family heirloom of great value to the kingdom.[10][11] Urzog had plans to murder his younger brother Shogarz, who had been named the heir to the Bloodfall throne.[12] The Bloodfall Queen, angry at the theft, would send another member of her family, Shogarz gra-Batul to get revenge on the bandits.[10] Shogarz would also come to Skyrim to confront his older brother, who he had long suspected was the Darkwater Snake.[13] Shogarz would send out a letter to capable warriors in case she didn't make it. The Last Dragonborn received the letter and would go to Lost Knife Hideout, and was successful in confronting the Greencap Bandits and Urzog, and retrieving the Headsman's Cleaver as a reward.[14]