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Chillrend is an artifact of unknown origins. It takes the form of a glass shortsword, although, unlike regular malachite, it is blue instead of green. Like other glass weapons, its hilt was fashioned from rare metals and moonstone. Its enchantment varies in strength and properties, but it always causes magical frost damage to the opponent. Other known effects include causing a weakness to frost, or temporary paralysis. It also repairs itself when the wielder takes frost damage.

The sword's first known owner was Valus Odiil, an Imperial adventurer who wandered Tamriel (or at least Hammerfell).[1] Valus eventually settled down in Cyrodiil, and bought a farm outside the walls of Chorrol. However, his farm was continuously raided by goblins from the Great Forest, and the town guard refused to help. In 3E 433, unable to fight in his old age, he asked the Hero of Kvatch to aid his two sons in killing the goblins. After the battle, Valus passed on Chillrend to the Hero for keeping his sons safe, saying that he was going to spend the rest of his days in peace.[2]

Sometime after the end of the Great War, circa 4E 180, the Warrior came across Chillrend in their journey. The weapon is thought to have been looted from an extravagant chest.[3]

The sword later came into the possession of Mercer Frey, the Guildmaster of the Skyrim branch of the Thieves Guild. Mercer was a renowned thief who secretly possessed the Skeleton Key, which gifted him with great luck. By 4E 201, Mercer had stowed the sword in the secret basement of his Riften home. The sword was taken by the Last Dragonborn after it was discovered that Mercer had betrayed the Guild.[4]

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  • Chillrend was mentioned in ESO as the name of a PvP campaign.
  • A "chillrender" is another name for an ice mage.[5]

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