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Eye of Argonia was a designed sequel to The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard to be optionally produced depending on the success of that game.[1]

With Cyrus being a popular character with the development team, "many stories were written about his adventures", and these were said to inspire concepts for Redguard sequels.[2] Basic designs for Eye of Argonia had been devised before Redguard's release.[1][3] Like its predecessor, Eye of Argonia was conceived as an action-adventure game.[3]Todd Howard noted that "if Redguard was Raiders of the Lost Ark, then Eye of Argonia would be Temple of Doom. Scary jungle stuff in the land of lizards."[3] He further stated that the "seeds are planted" in Redguard,[3] in which the Eye of Argonia is discussed by Tobias and Dreekius and presented as a treasure sought by both Tobias and Cyrus.[4] The mock Q&A section of The Origin of Cyrus! refers to a future adventure involving the gem: "Cyrus has been searching for the Eye all over Tamriel. All we can say is that it's a priceless gem that also serves as a key to the Lost City of Black Marsh. Stay tuned!"[5]

Due to Redguard's poor sales, the sequel did not enter development.[3] In 2000, Howard noted that action-adventure games did not sell well in the PC market, and that if Eye of Argonia were to be produced, it would be for the console market where the genre was better suited.[3][6]

The titular jewel would later be referenced in Morrowind—in the book Ruins of Kemel-Ze[7] and dialogue with Trels Varis[8]—and is the subject of a quest in the mod Tamriel Rebuilt[9] and a book in Douglas Goodall's plugin AFFresh.[10] Cyrus' quest for the Eye is alluded to in Tiber Septim's Sword-Meeting with Cyrus the Restless.[11]

Redguard writer Michael Kirkbride stated that, additional to Eye of Argonia, plans existed for a further sequel set in Elsweyr titled Paradise Sugar.[12]


The font glyph mistakenly believed to be a logo for Eye of Argonia

The Daedric alphabet font packaged on the Morrowind disc and in the Oblivion fansite kit included logos for Elder Scrolls games as dingbats (in place of numerals).[13] One of the logos, reading "Argonia: And a hero from Haerot will save them", was not associated with any known title, and consequently thought to belong to an unreleased game or Eye of Argonia specifically.[14][13] When asked about it in 2018, neither Michael Kirkbride nor Pete Hines were aware of the logo.[13][15]

In actuality, the logo was for "The Argonia Project", a Morrowind mod by "Scribe of Black Marsh" (also known as "Argonian"), a fan who created the Daedric font in 2001[16] before it was then used by Bethesda for in-game textures and packaged into official releases.[17] In 2022, id Software developer Adam Pyle confirmed he was Scribe of Black Marsh and the creator of the logo.[18]

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