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This list contains all 60 individual NPCs, including the late kings of Daggerfall and Sentinel, who have political influence in the Iliac Bay region.

Important PeopleEdit

Name Status
Akorithi Queen of Sentinel
The Acolyte Companion of the Oracle
The Archmagister Head of the Mages Guild
Aubk-i Queen of Daggerfall
Baltham Greyman Former member of the Mages Guild
Barenziah Queen of Wayrest
Baron Shrike Ruler of Lainlyn
Baroness Dh'emka Wife of Baron Shrike
Br'itsa Healer at the Court of Lainlyn
Camaron Late King of Sentinel
Charvek-si Healer of Castle Sentinel
Chulmore Quill Ringmaster of The Quill Circus
The Crow Member of the Thieves Guild
Cyndassa Maid at Castle Daggerfall
Eadwyre King of Wayrest
Elysana Princess of Wayrest
Farrington Courtier of Anticlere
The Fey Supernatural Being
Gortwog Orc-lord of Orsinium
Gothryd King of Daggerfall
The Great Knight Mysterious leader of the Blades
Greklith Prince of Sentinel
Helseth Prince of Wayrest
Karethys Court Sorceress of Wayrest
Lady Bridwell Wife of Lord Bridwell
Lady Brisienna Agent of Emperor Uriel Septim VII
Lady Flyte Wife of Lord Flyte
Lady Northbridge Noble of Daggerfall
Lhotun Prince of Sentinel
Lord Bertram Spode Noble of Glenpoint
Lord Bridwell Noble of Daggerfall
Lord Castellian Noble of Wayrest
Lord Coulder Noble of Daggerfall
Lord Darkworth Noble of Wayrest
Lord Flyte Ruler of Anticlere
Lord Harth Noble of the Dragontail Mountains
Lord K'avar Noble of Sentinel
Lord Kain Brother of Baron Shrike
Lord Kilbar Breton Noble
Lord Perwright Noble of Anticlere
Lord Plessington Noble of Ykalon
Lord Provlith Noble of Sentinel
Lord Quistley Noble of Anticlere
Lord Vhosek Noble of Sentinel
Lord Woodborne Noble of Wayrest
Lysandus Late King of Daggerfall
Mannimarco Head of the Necromancers
Medora Direnni Mistress of the Direnni Tower
Mobar Courtier of Daggerfall
Morgiah Princess of Wayrest
Mynisera Dowager Queen of Lysandus
The Night Mother Head of the Dark Brotherhood
Nulfaga Mother of Lysandus
The Oracle Seer from the Dragontail Mountains
Popudax Court Sorcerer of Daggerfall
Skakmat A huge Dragon
The Squid Member of the Thieves Guild
Sylch Greenwood From Glenpoint
Thaik Member of the Thieves Guild
Thyr Topfield Henchman of the Thieves Guild
The Underking Mysterious figure of Tamrielian History
Whitka Henchman of the Thieves Guild