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Skakmat the Dragon

Skakmat is Nulfaga's dragon familiar. It reported to her on the happenings in Daggerfall when she retired to Castle Shedungent during the War of Betony. Under Nulfaga's orders, it created a sudden unnatural fog at the Battle of Cryngaine Field which blinded the combatants, providing the cover necessary to allow Gothryd to kill Lysandus' impersonator in a successful attempt to feign the king's death. It is often misconceived that the fog was created by daedric magic, or that it was Nulfaga's attempt to halt the battle.


  • Skakmat does not actually appear in the game, existing only as one of its numerous political factions.
  • Skakmat's 3D model, textures, and animations were completed by Mark Jones.[1] There are some unused textures for a green dragon left in the game files.
  • The dragon is in some way associated with the Wrothgarian Mountains.
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