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Healer at the Court of Lainlyn

Br'itsa is a Wood Elf and the healer at the court of Lainlyn. Because she disapproves of Baron Shrike's style of ruling, she has privately contacted Lord Harth, the commander of the Host of the True Horn, a Knight Order founded by Shrike's brother Lord Kain. She is also an associate of the School of Julianos.


The Br'itsa who appears in gem stores
  • Because of a bug in the BLOCKS.BSA file, the serving girl who appears in any gem store has the name and portrait of Br'itsa, although the flats for these NPCs are always the same. If you examine one of these NPCs in info mode ("F3" key), it will confirm that she is Br'itsa. It would be very illogical for Br'itsa to be in every single gem store in the Iliac Bay. Nevertheless, this is effectively the case; interactions with a gem store Br'itsa are equivalent to the same as the actual Br'itsa. Performing a quest for one of these NPCs will add or remove reputation with Br'itsa and the School of Julianos' factions. In addition, the quest will affect your reputation with Lord Harth, since he is her ally.
    • This bug is corrected by the third-party patch HackFall. It can be found here.
  • If you are offered a quest from one of these Br'itsas, it will be one of the Merchant and Innkeeper quests.
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