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Lord Kain of Lainlyn
Lord Kain (Khane) at home in Phrygias

Lord Kain (sometimes Lord Khane) is the younger brother of Baron Shrike, the current ruler of Lainlyn. He is determined to end his brother's authoritarian rule over the region, by force if necessary. For this purpose, he founded a knightly order he calls The Host of the True Horn (a subtle dig at the name of Lainlyn's knightly order, The Host of the Horn), which is commanded by Lord Harth. Whether the Order is a match for the Baron's devoted forces remains to be seen.


  • Because of a bug in the BLOCKS.BSA file, a beggar who appears in some houses and taverns bears the name and portrait of Lord Kain. Some of these locations include:
    • The Black Chasm Pub, Phrygias: in the square house immediately southeast of The Feather and Goat Tavern.
    • Gysotuara, Lainlyn : in a tiny L-shaped residence in the middle of a circle of residences.
  • Lord Kain's original name was Lord Khane, which is still evident in the game's Reputation Database. But some in-game text styles his name Lord Kain. Whether this was intentional or an error made by Bethesda is unknown.
  • As Lord Khane, he is one of the many political factions that exist.
  • Lord Kain appears in Battlehorn Castle, a quest of the official Oblivion plug-in, Fighter's Stronghold.
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