Daggerfall: People
The Squid
Original or Fake?

The Squid is a high ranking member of the Thieves Guild, and one of its associated factions. He is in some way associated with the Gen Tem village in High Rock. Since this village apparently does not exist in the game, nothing more is known of him.


  • The Squid does not actually appear in the game, existing only as one of its numerous political factions.
  • In Castle Daggerfall there is an NPC with the flat of the Squid. But since this NPC has a different name, does not have the portrait of the Squid in his dialog menu, nor does he offer any unique dialog topics or services, this NPC is certainly not the Squid of the Thieves Guild.
  • The Squid can sometimes be the conjectural master of your employer in the quest An Unexpected Journey, but it is not known whether this character is the real Squid, or whether this is only the camouflage of the mage who wants you dead.
  • In rare instances, the Squid's flat will be used for random NPCs during quests.