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Elder Scrolls Online: Ambient Dialogue

Overheard dialogue occurs when you are within hearing range of an NPC (usually groups of NPCs), but the NPC in question has not seen you. Usually it is said by generic soldiers from hostile factions. Some lines are uttered by beast races, such as goblins or giants, and is often listed incoherent gibberish.

This page serves as a hub for the many subpages that list overheard dialogue. There are over 50 groups that have their own unique overheard dialogue.

Alliance SoldiersEdit

Generic soldiers from the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact may occasionally cheer for their Alliance. This dialogue is heard most often from hostile generic NPCs when they engage in combat or use certain abilities, such as Warhorn.

Dominion Soldiers Aldmeri DominionEdit

  • "The Thalmor commands!"
  • "Aldmeri grandeur!"
  • "Eagle's triumph!"
  • "Aldmeri Dominion!"

The Dominion soldiers at Salas En have their own unique ambient dialogue.

  • "To think I once enjoyed the feel of the sun on my skin. Not anymore."
  • "We must move with haste to ensure this foothold is secured."
  • "Who knew the desert would be so … empty!"
  • "I respect the radiance of Magnus, I simply wish it was not so fiercely upon me."
  • "If I must fight with the rank and file, at the least, I expect adequate accomodations."
  • "The Aldmer had tremendous foresight to have placed the portal here."
  • "You missed quite a sight. When I laughed at him, the beast actually growled!"
  • "How much siege equipment do we need? The element of surprise already assures our victory."
  • "Salas En would make a curious subject of study…. Once this war is won."
  • "Did you see that Orc? I wonder how long he has been imprisoned there."
  • "Healing sunburns and scorpion bites … my talents are wasted here!"
  • "If only we could cure thirst."
  • "I find it inconceivable that any Aldmer could have called this blight their home."
  • "I fear I will never be able to get all this sand out of my ears …."
  • "King Fahara'jad will never see us coming."
  • "The battlereeves inform me that we will be ready to march on Sentinel within a few weeks."

Covenant Soldiers Daggerfall CovenantEdit

  • "Pride of the Lion!"
  • "For the Covenant!"
  • "High Rock and Hammerfell!"
  • "For Daggerfall!"

Pact Soldiers Ebonheart PactEdit

  • "The Pact, and glory!"
  • "Ebonheart honor!"
  • "Oath of Ebonheart!"
  • "Blood for the Pact!"


Bandit dialogue is unisex. You'll occasionally hear it from ordinary citizens in populated settlements.

Sneaky Dealings
Casual Conversation
  • "Our next job better bring a lot of gold."
  • "I drew a map in the dirt. Not my fault someone trod on it."
  • "Hey, what's a little extortion among friends?"
  • "He should have died when I killed him."
  • "Only this one needs to know the whole plan."
  • "There's a way in through the sewers. He drew me a map."
  • "We should throw dice for gold. Interested?"
  • "Stretch your tail. This watch is mine."
  • "We do not have to kill him after we rob him. He could have an accident."
  • "We'll meet here after the job to split up the gold."
  • "If I die, I'm taking those scaleless milk-suckers with me!"
  • "I say hang him. Let him twist in the wind."
  • "My bowstring snapped. Bad luck."
  • "Ha! That's not a stew pot, it's my laundry!"
  • "I can't remember her name. The pretty one."
  • "I can't remember her name. The pretty one with the beard."
  • "What is her name? The sun-blessed one with small scales."
  • "I tried to read that book. The covers were too far apart."
  • "I don't have to explain something I never said!"
  • "That was an unwelcome surprise."
  • "This one could use a strong drink."
  • "I cannot complain, but that does not seem to stop me."
  • "I mostly kill people who kill people, cause killing is wrong."
  • "I'm a criminal. Criminals don't ask questions."
  • "I don't like change, especially without my consent."
  • "Khajiit does not like growing old, but the alternative is worse."
  • "Did you hear something?"
  • "Keep it down. You'll wake the dead!"
  • "Never trust an elf. Pointy-eared back stabbers!"
  • "I like crime. The hours are good and you get to travel."
  • "What is that terrible smell? It's making me hungry."
  • "Xuth! What is that terrible smell?"
  • "What is that terrible smell?"
  • "You do not want to get on my bad side, trust me."
  • "Do not test me, unclawed fool!"
  • "Keep it down. You'll wake the dead!"
  • "Who's got a whetstone?"
  • "Did she fall asleep on watch again?"
Talking about Themselves and Others
Bandit Wisdom
  • "That one has voices in his head."
  • "He hears voices in his head. Don't worry, they're good people."
  • "Mara's bosom, he's a dull one."
  • "Did you see his new bow? That must have cost him."
  • "Did you see that one's new bow? It is most fragrent [sic]!"
  • "When the new Mane rises, the Khajiit will leave the Dominion."
  • "I never tell the truth to those unworthy of it."
  • "Where is that half-witted horker? He's trying to skeeve out of the deal!"
  • "Where is that half-witted reject of Sithis?"
  • "Tell that stupid s'wit to watch his back."
  • "She's crazier than a cat on skooma."
  • "He's not the sharpest arrow in the quiver."
  • "Did you meet the new commander?"
  • "He goes to the city just for the pickpockets. Says it's the only love he ever gets."
  • "I try not to be superstitous. That brings bad luck."
  • "This one is not superstitous [sic]. That brings bad luck."
  • "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."
  • "Only the dead will see an end to this war."
  • "This one prefers a life of crime to a life of boredom."
  • "I prefer a life of crime to a life of boredom."
  • "Sometimes a little lie saves a ton of explanation."
  • "You have to be quick, and you have to be able, or you'll be dead."
  • "Do not let yesterday take up too much of today."
  • "You can't be too careful when you're picking your enemies."
  • "If we do not end this war, it will end us."
  • "Nothing is certain until it happens."
  • "Cities are like cats. They reveal themselves at night."
  • "Keep an eye out for Hackwings, or you won't have any."
  • "Keep your weapons sharp and close."
  • "Nine times out of ten, the cynics are right."
  • "Gold may be the root of evil, but we all need roots."
  • "Bah. Morality is a fool's game."
  • "Wasting time is an important part of life!"
  • "One weapon is never enough in this line of work."
  • "The only fish that go with the river's flow are the dead ones."
  • "Failure is success if you learn from it."
  • "Isn't the best defense always a good attack?"
  • "Of course crime pays. Otherwise there'd be no crime."
  • "The real bandits around here are the tax collectors."
  • "Rule number one: Nothing is too small to steal."
Story Time
  • "The dryskin fool saw me taking daril, so I gave him some. It's poison to their kind! Ha!"
  • "We were about to call it a night, when that idiot drove his horse off a bridge."
  • "I killed him. Got tired of hearing him sob like a baby."
  • "We found three bodies in the river. They might have drowned after they were stabbed."
  • "I covered the body with a rug. I'm not an idiot."
  • "I broke six lock picks opening an empty chest."
  • "You can't swing a dead cat around here. I got in trouble for that."
  • "Khajiit's family died when the plague spread through Senchal."
  • "He sang like a bird after I put one through his knee."
  • "They are traitors to the memory of Aldmeris."
  • "I love the smell of pipe grubs."

Duneripper DownsEdit

The people watching the lizard races at Duneripper Downs have unique ambient dialogue.

These lines are spoken by Nilu al-Rihad, Adara and Sahima.

"Don't bet on the skinny ones."
"Luck be mine!"
"We have the fastest lizards, here in Alik'r!"

These lines are shared by Imre al-Rihad, Phazor, Zahezub, and Tamandar.

"If you're lucky, then sit by me."
"Fortune favor us!"
"Lizard run, under the sun! Fortune favored, victories savored! Lizard run, lizard run!"
"Luck shall be ours, friend!"
"Bet on the restless ones!"
"Next time, next time."

Fort Sphinxmoth BanditsEdit

  • "I've heard the Chalice of Mara has mystical properties. Maybe that's why the Stonefire Cult wants it."
  • "Do you think it's going to bring us bad luck, stealing from a chapel?"
  • "Accalia gave the other relics to his lieutenants. Lucky bastards!"
  • "I wonder how long that poor bastard is going to last down in the Croc Pit."
  • "Aren't those cultists supposed to be here by now?"
  • "I know we made a lot of coin from this, but I'd rather rob merchant caravans than chapels."
  • "If any more of those chapel guardians show up, we'll be ready for them!"
  • "I wonder what the Stonefire Cult is going to do with that chalice?"
  • "I'd avoid Captain Accalia if I were you. He's not happy about meeting with the Stonefire Cult."
  • "Those Stonefire Cultists are creepy. They must be paying the captain some serious coin to persuade him to work for them."
  • "I'm sure they'll let us take a piece of the temple. I want to show it to the folks back home."

Dark SeducersEdit

This dialogue is said by Dark Seducers in Coldharbour when they are engaged in combat.

  • "You look like a sturdy one! Should I treat you to my whip or my riding crop?"
  • "Molag Bal will reward me when I add you to his army."
  • "Put down your weapons. We can think of better things to do than fight, can't we?"
  • "Look at you! So brave, so determined! I'm going to enjoy making you cry."
  • "When I'm finished with you, Molag Bal will be most pleased."
  • "Look! Intruders! I want that one over there! That one belongs to me!"
  • "Don't hurt that one too badly. I could use a new pet."

The OrchardEdit

The vampires in the Orchard have ambient dialogue.

"New orders. No one gets through the Orchard. No one."
"We must protect our lands."
"We must stop the invaders here."
"We won't be made fools of in front of Molag Bal!"
"Molag Bal will turn us into slugs if we let these invaders reach the Endless Stair."
"Lamae will be disappointed if we cannot control the new vampires."

The Lost FleetEdit

The skeletons of the Lost Fleet also have their own ambient dialogue.

"Gold and rum! That is all I ever wanted. Now, look at me. Cursed!"
"Lost at sea in the service of the Emperor. I wonder what my family must think."
"That pea-brained navigator! Look where we wound up!"


Spindleclutch IEdit

The possessed Fighters Guild members will fight in the Whisperer's name.

"By the Whisperer's command, we shall obey."
"For the Whisperer!"
"Let them see her wisdom."
"Welcome to our parlor!"
"Bring them before her!"
"By her command!"
"By the Whisperer's command!"
"They mean to take her from us! Stop them!"

Spindleclutch IIEdit

The vampires that have taken over Spindleclutch will occasionally yell when they enter combat.

"Spindleclutch is ours, now!"
"Spindleclutch belongs to the dead!"
"The Whisperer's secrets will be ours!"
"Now you die!"
"More blood for me!"
"Die, mortal!"
"Don't let them reach Lord Winterbourne!"
"Death to the living!"

Their thralls also have dialogue.

"For the masters!"
"Nobody disturbs the masters!"

Wayrest Sewers IEdit

The Pellingare mercenaries will shout when they see you.

"Looks like we're digging some more shallow graves, lads."
"The Skeevers are going to make a nice meal out of you."
"You're either brave, or stupid."
"You don't belong down here."
"Take one of 'em alive so we can have some fun later."
"You're dead!"
"You're not leaving here alive."
"Come here and let me show you the pointy end of my sword."
"You can't take us all!"
"Looks like you made a wrong turn."

The Vermin Feeders will shout to their rats when engaged in combat:

"You food is here, my little ones. Feast!"
"Get them, my pretties!"
"All hail the vermin lord!"

Wayrest Sewers IIEdit

The necromancers may say:

"You're not gonna leave here alive."

Crypt of Hearts IIEdit

The Daedra at the Crypt of Hearts can sometimes be overheard:

  • "The souls here are lost. So shall yours be."

City of Ash IIEdit

While idle, the Xivilai and Dremora may say one of the following:

When you engage any Xivilai or Dremora in combat:

"You know not what you challenge!"
"Prepare to greet the new day—and burn in it."
"So many mortals this day. More to feed the flames!"
"Even the air here burns your puny lungs. Enjoy!"
"There will be no trace of you when I'm finished!"

Blackheart Haven PiratesEdit

"Time to cut you up and feed you to the sharks!"

Volenfell MercenariesEdit

"Keep one of them alive, maybe they know the way in."
"We'll bury you in the sands!"
"More fodder for the lions."
"You're not gonna leave here alive."

Worm CultistsEdit

Worm Cultists say these lines. Bandits sometimes say these lines as well.

Ritual Components and Instruction
Prayers and Summons
Cultish Musings
  • "I will perform the Daedric summoning."
  • "This one will perform the Daedric summoning."
  • "I will recite the invocation."
  • "This one will recite the invocation."
  • "A sacrifice must be made at midnight."
  • "The ritual has begun. Prepare the sacrifice."
  • "The ritual needs fresh blood!"
  • "Summon the Dremora, and scamps will follow."
  • "Once the unbound Daedra is summoned, he must be forced to submit."
  • "When summoning Daedra, remember that little is known and nothing is to be trusted."
  • "Recite the incantation thrice, then kneel."
  • "The altar must be cleansed before the Daedra can be summoned."
  • "Dremora can only be controlled through complex oaths and contracts."
  • "Bring me a hollowed-out skull."
  • "Take the goblet of blood, and drink deep."
  • "We summon and control you, Daedra. Obey us."
  • "By the Master's Mace, bring us life in Undeath!"
  • "Through this ritual, we bind you to us, Daedric servant."
  • "Molag Bal, master of domination, spread the seeds of strife and discord in these mortal realms."
  • "Harvest our unworthy souls, God of Schemes."
  • "I invite the forces of darkness to bestow their power upon me!"
  • "God of Schemes, Lord of Brutality, Father of Vampires, hear us!"
  • "We honor the name of Coldharbour, the realm of our master."
  • "Daedric masters who speak in riddles, preserve your dominion over us."
  • "We serve the master, Molag Bal."
  • "I submit to your will, Daedric masters."
  • "Coldharbour beckons, Nirn obeys."
  • "In the name of Molag Bal, we serve."
  • "Molag Bal, God of Schemes, we come to do your bidding."
  • "By the powers of darkness, I invoke thee."
  • "Molag Bal, Lord of brutality, we praise your name." (Dunmer)
  • "Who knows the invocation?"
  • "Only death will appease the dark ones."
  • "What Daedra serves this Prince? Reveal yourself!"
  • "All mortals will come to our lord and master. He is the Harvester of Souls."
  • "Do we control the Daedra, or do they control us?"

Worm Cultists in the Imperial City have their own dialogue. Unlike the lines above, these are not shared with bandits.

  • "Nobles Plaza, a filthy sewer ... doesn't matter. Guard duty is guard duty."
  • "I am but a tool for the kyn."
  • "Magicka has great power over flesh."
  • "A Dremora called me "worm-slave." Is that really how they see us?"
  • "I would prefer to be posted to the Arboretum."
  • "There have to be more bodies in the water."
  • "This city will be raised from the dead!"
  • "The Xivkyn can't admit our importance in causing the Planemeld."
  • "I don't question Legion Zero's capability. Just their loyalty."
  • "I have been in the White-Gold Tower before. It's not that impressive."
  • "Any word on the Magisterium? I long for its secrets."
  • "Always take their fingers before you pluck out their eyes."
  • "The key is to pose the bones properly, so they accept the animus."
  • "So hungry. The flesh colossus won't mind if I take a slice. Will it?" ON-icon-race-Bosmer.png
  • "The White-Gold Tower? Not that impressive."
  • "The great chains must hold."
  • "The city belongs to the Cult of the Black Worm, above and below."
  • "That Xivkyn just keeps looking at me. I feel like a mouse under the gaze of a housecat."
  • "Kill them all, I say. Let the necromancers have the bodies."
  • "We're not keeping the Legion after it's done, are we? Maybe as slaves."
  • "Mournhold's sewers are far more sanitary."
  • "The fools think we don't know about their sewer base. They'll learn soon enough."
  • "Preserve the corpse, but not too much. A little rot goes a long way."
  • "Raising a dog from the dead? Is she a savage?"
  • "I sliced him in half. He stood there and blinked twice before he fell."
  • "The city reeks like a rotten wamasu."
  • "Someone bring me a legionnaire. I want to set it on fire."
  • "Fear kills, much to my amusement."
  • "I'll have them soiling themselves before you rub the sleep from your eyes."
  • "That atronach's flesh was sewn poorly. A master's touch is needed."
  • "Food is not my concern. I expect you to provide it."
  • "If I see her again, I'll freeze her solid."
  • "He ascended into Coldharbour via a Dark Anchor. Lucky bastard."
  • "None think they'll break. Not at first."
  • "One day I'll make it to Coldharbour."
  • "Priests die the same as any other. Where are the Eight now, eh?"

The Worm Cultists at the Unfinished Dolmen in Wrothgar also speak.

  • "Molag Bal cannot be stopped!"
  • "Molag Bal will reward me for this. More bones! We attack tomorrow morning!"
  • "Molag Bal will be pleased that we continue his work!"
  • "He shall be reborn. We dedicate this anchor to him!"
  • "Spill the blood of the innocent! Desecrate the stones!"
  • "He shall burn this land with a cold flame! None shall survive!"
  • "Finish the anchor! All others in this land were destroyed."
  • "How long have we been working on this dolmen?"
  • "None will stop us from building the dolmen!"
  • "Don't interfere! This is mine and mine alone!"
  • "Molag Bal will send a champion, I'm sure of it."


This dialogue is said by Dremora soldiers stationed in the Imperial City. They'll occasionally talk about the different districts.

Arena District Temple District Other Districts
  • "Dig in the ground, and you'll find even more of these vermin."
  • "Where did that little, green one go?"
  • "We should just flay their skin off and be done with it."
  • "We should throw the Worm Cultists into the arena."
  • "Even the game master joins the fight sometimes."
  • "Round up the mortals! The games must continue."
  • "Why don't they put any kyn in the Arena? I could spend all day slaughtering mortals."
  • "Come, mortals! The Devourer needs fresh meat!"
  • "The arena provokes such eloquent screams."
  • "They'll give them cast-off weapons, and make them kill each other."
  • "Imperial City is ours. The mortal fools just don't know it yet."
  • "There is no greater pleasure than corrupting an Aedric shrine."
  • "I do not know which is more foul, the sewers or the altar to the Aedra."

The Dremora will sometimes talk about their mortal "allies".

Legion Zero and the Worm Cult
  • "Not enough burning. Fetch me a Worm Cultist."
  • "Legion Zero belongs to us. We should kill them and raise them."

Their commentary sometimes turns to talking about Molag Bal's campaign in the Imperial City.

On the Campaign
  • "Molag Bal does not wish the entire city destroyed. Just this district."
  • "Scouts warned of mortal soldiers approaching. Be wary."
  • "What happened in the Magisterium cannot be repeated."
  • "Praise be our master. This campaign is a success."
  • "The White Gold Tower will be swallowed into the sky."
  • "Why do these fools resist? The Planemeld is inevitable!"
  • "The sooner these fools realize the Divines are finished, the better."
  • "This city will be a fine addition to Coldharbour."
  • "The city is ours. At this point, who can stand against us?"
  • "I wonder if we have secured the Nobles District yet."
  • "The Planemeld must continue!"
  • "Keep watch. The mortals seek to break the chain."
  • "Look behind that building. There may be more."
  • "Nothing gets by, on this side or the other."
  • "Hold fast, kyn. The mortals approach."
  • "The insects live under rocks and plot our doom. Find them."
  • "City walls are no barrier to the kyn."
  • "To arms! I sense mortals near."

They'll also make commentary on mortals and the world they live in.

Mortals and Mundus
  • "This city should burn. Burn it all, I say!"
  • "Look at how they squander their souls. Why shouldn't we take them?"
  • "I despise these mortals. Their cities are weak, their lives short."
  • "These mortals, endlessly scampering. Such unpredictable targets."
  • "I would suffer no mortal to live!"
  • "They hide in sewers, closets, and basements. We've not found them all."
  • "The seat of the mortal empire is a hamlet compared to the glory of Oblivion."
  • "These mortals are naught but disposable playthings."
  • "An Ayleid summoner once thought he could control me. I gutted him."
  • "No Khajiits. Cat-flesh is too gamey."
  • "The little ones from the forest make the most amusing servants."
  • "Sloads? I've not dealt with one for a thousand years."
  • "The vermin in the slums are easy pickings."

The kyn will often complain about their assignments, or talk about what they'd rather be doing.

  • "Fools! Attack the ones with swords, not hooves!"
  • "Need more corpses to burn!"
  • "Where are my fresh corpses?"
  • "Enough of this. Wake me when the Planemeld happens."
  • "I thought this would be far more exciting than Coldharbour."
  • "These insects hardly merit our attention."
  • "I don't want parts. I need whole bodies!"
  • "These thralls would be more useful digging ditches."
  • "I have guard duty when I could be studying under Gati."
  • "The sewers are beneath me. I did not come here to swim."
  • "Why must we wait? I haven't killed something in hours."
  • "I miss hunting mortals. Perhaps we killed too many of them."
  • "This place is unworthy. Why do we waste our time?"
  • "Why the Dark Lord wants this pitiful city is beyond me."
  • "I miss Coldharbour. When do we go back?"
  • "If there is more work, then we need more thralls."
  • "The kyn does not deserve such treatment."

Sometimes, they talk about other Daedra. The Dremora seem especially concerned by the Xivkyn. Some Dremora see them as a threat, others quietly resent them.

Regarding Other Daedra
  • "The Xivkyn trained a Daedroth to do amusing things to banekin, and then called him general! How quaint."
  • "The Xivkyn trained a daedroth to do amusing things to banekin, and then called him "General." How droll."
  • "Ebral learned a new technique to apply magicka to skeletons."
  • "General Kryozote refuses to eat mortals. He consumes only scamps."
  • "We should destroy the Xivkyn now, before they replace us."
  • "Young clannfear need food to grow. Luckily, there are plenty of mortals around."
  • "The simple depravity of the Daedrat is admirable, in its own way."
  • "The master favors his Xivkyn. Can't you see that?"
  • "How can we command the Daedroth when they are ignorant of our orders?"
  • "Scamps! I need more scamps!"

You'll often hear the kyn kissing Molag Bal's rear-end.

Praising Molag Bal
  • "Molag Bal is the greatest prince I've ever served."
  • "I would rather clothe an ogrim's nethers than serve another Prince."
  • "Molag Bal rules here, as in Coldharbour."
  • "Our Dark Lord demands a sacrifice!"
  • "Thought is weakness. Obedience is the true power."
  • "Duty to the kyn. Duty to the Dark Lord."
  • "Sacrifices must be made in the name of Molag Bal."
  • "The kyn will burn this city for Molag Bal!"
  • "I have died a thousand deaths in service to Molag Bal."
  • "The Dark Lord's might encompasses all in this city."
  • "I've been to the Endless Stair and back in service of the Prince of Domination."

The Dremora often blurt out lines that paint a picture of how fitting their service to the Lord of Brutality is.

General Depravity
  • "Bits of the bureaucrat's flesh still decorate my shield."
  • "Bring death upon the mortals!"
  • "The spirits of the mortals are easily manipulated."
  • "Crush their lungs before their eyes. Then, crush their eyes."
  • "Scourge the mortal until it comes apart."
  • "Round up any mortals you can find. I would choose a pet."
  • "We will make a carpet of our victims' bodies."
  • "Mortals burn so quickly—too quickly. They should suffer much longer!"
  • "Paint the ground with the blood of mortals!"
  • "May the flesh peel from any mortal who dares come near."
  • "Have fun with the mortals. Send them to the Market when they are spent."
  • "I will unleash a storm upon the next worm that tries to get through."
  • "If it were up to me we would destroy every structure in this city."
  • "Bring me a prisoner. I want to see how much a mortal bleeds."
  • "When do we feast upon mortal flesh once more?"
  • "Mortal flesh is so easy to manipulate."
  • "Elven wine tastes best in the blood of an Elf."

Occasionally, you'll hear fragments of conversations between the kyn, their peers, or their mortal subordinates.

Points of Conversation
  • "I sense a powerful mortal near. Be cautious."
  • "The Lord of Domination leads the kyn. For now."
  • "I prefer disemboweling my foes. Shocking them is too subtle."
  • "I will not tolerate these Mundus-dwellers for long."
  • "It is often difficult to discern which mortals serve us and which we destroy."
  • "I smell man-flesh. There is prey nearby."
  • "Shields are meant for bashing faces!"
  • "Quiet, you fool! You'll end up in the sewers for that!"
  • "Killing mortals is an art that sometimes calls for patience."
  • "That Worm Cultist spoke as though we were equals. The nerve!"
  • "Has Molag Bal forgotten us? I refuse to believe it."
  • "Quiet, churls. I heard something."
  • "I am not so crude as to need a blade."
  • "This mortal land is too colorful for my taste."
  • "Were you spawned from the waste in the sewers?"
  • "Fool. You'll find yourself in the sewers for that."
  • "Skewering mortals never gets old, does it?"
  • "I will be at the right hand of a Daedric Prince one day, either Molag Bal or someone else."

Some of these lines are oddly specific.

The following lines can be said by both Xivkyn and Dremora:

  • "Lormantia Molag Bal."


Xivkyn in the Imperial City and the Sewers can be overheard saying numerous things:

  • "The Dremora could learn from their betters."
  • "The largest of those winged beasts brought his harem with him."
  • "There will be none left to mourn this city."
  • "This city is ours. Now we must keep it."
  • "Our Dark Lord wastes us, leading such weak kyn."
  • "We must engineer a cleaner method of piercing the veil."
  • "If you fill the building with enough fire, it suffocates the mortals."
  • "Not all Xivkyn force the kyn to lick our boots, but I do."
  • "Mortals fail because they are weak. Taking this city was too easy."
  • "I'd prefer to impale the mortals myself, but our orders are clear."
  • "Something watches us. Can you sense it?"
  • "No opponent has ever truly challenged me. It's shameful."
  • "I pity the Dremora. They can't comprehend the majesty of the Xivkyn."
  • "Not all Xivkyn abuse their Dremora subjects!"
  • "I don't want one part! I need whole bodies!"
  • "Few of the bodies are useful after the kyn are done playing."
  • "I sense your presence, mortal. Engage me if you wish, but know this — I've never been defeated."
  • "Rip the hope from their bosom!"
  • "This mortal legion serves well. Better, even, than some of the Dremora."
  • "They cannot elude us for long!"
  • "Have fun with the mortals. Send them to the market when they're spent!"
  • "Magicka has great power over flesh!"
  • "The little ones from the forest make the most amusing servants."
  • "Elven wine tastes best with the blood of an Elf."
  • "The Harvesters make a lot of noise, but they fall short when it comes to cunning."
  • "A feast of hearts would not sate me!"
  • "Demonstrate what happens when one challenges the Xivkyn."
  • "Flense the mortal cage around their souls."
  • "Peel away their hope, layer by layer."
  • "The worms offend me with their weakness."
  • "Despair is their only truth."
  • "Mortal flesh shall serve as decoration."
  • "This place is unsanitary. I cannot work in these conditions."
  • "The Dark Lord has sent word. Burn it. Burn it all."
  • "I care not for the concerns of a lowly Dremora."
  • "It's an insult—the filth, and these petty mortals scurrying at my feet."
  • "We crack the center of the Mundus, split the veil wide, and Coldharbour will swallow it whole."
  • "They shall find absolution in suffering."
  • "They will come to see death as a mercy. Deny it to them."
  • "Bring me their fears, and I will exploit them."
  • "Anguish is the only reward for weakness."
  • "Bring it to me. Let me look into its eyes."
  • "Bested in combat by a mortal? Surely you are making a joke."
  • "There is power in places mortals find unsavory."
  • "Our Dark Master should cut his ties with the kyn. We are all he needs."
  • "Those who fail to do my bidding lose their rights to exist."
  • "No one shall approach me without my leave."
  • "In our victory, the mortals shall proclaim a third era. The era of the Daedra."
  • "Complain again, and you'll be a pile of ashes."
  • "Take your groveling elsewhere. Obey quietly."
  • "Fool. Eyes ahead."
  • "Exalt in their agony."
  • "Consecrate the soil with mortal agony."
  • "I taught Hzu-Hakan how to enchant his fire arrows."
  • "The sewer portals are almost complete."
  • "I know how the portal works, fool. I was one of its creators."

White-Gold Tower DaedraEdit

  • "I tire of this. When can the slaying begin?"
  • ""

Legion ZeroEdit

This dialogue is spoken by soldiers in Legion Zero.

  • "Next one who touches my stash will draw back a stub!"
  • "I want to get into the White-Gold Tower. Imagine the loot!"
  • "We should joined with the Worm Cult long ago."
  • "Now we're the ones with the gold. We should have done this long ago."
  • "Filthy daedrats. They're everywhere."
  • "Don't you love what we've done to this city?"
  • "I think something's wrong with my eyes. Everything's so... blue."
  • "Say what you want about Dremora. At least they pay on time."
  • "Please, do me a favor. Kill them before they wound you."
  • "It was comical; she poked her head out, and I put an arrow in her eye."
  • "I do miss the sun. It's hard to tell when I should sleep."
  • "Once it's over, the Daedra will leave, and the city will be ours."
  • "I hear they're swimming in gold over in the Noble's District."
  • "Every notch in the shield is a story. The last story has no notch."
  • "Whatever became of that General?"
  • "When I find who's fouled my canteen, they're getting an arrow in the neck."
  • "What do you mean? I'm the best soldier in the squad."
  • "Do you think they'll make us go to Coldharbour? I hate those portals."
  • "A provincial soldier heard me, but she's dead now, so no worries."
  • "Something is wrong with my eyes. Everything seems so blue."
  • "Worm Cultists sure love to hear themselves talk."
  • "I spoke with Mannimarco, once. It was … unsettling."
  • "I used to enjoy a good storm. Now I despise them."
  • "I examined a Skyshard, once. My teeth … I thought they were melting."
  • "He was an embarrassment. I sent him to the Arena."
  • "Knitting a wound is hard, but it's better than animating dead flesh."
  • "I held off at least six of the bannermen while the others retreated."
  • "The Nord helmet has a spot, right under the chin, where you can slip the blade through."
  • "Did they take any of the Imperial Army to the Arena?"
  • "Put my blade right through his belly. Served him right!"
  • "We should have allied with the Worm Cult ages ago."
  • "I hear they're swimming in gold over in the Nobles District."

Imperial Sewer VampiresEdit

This dialogue can be heard from vampires in the Imperial Sewers:

"The Bloodworks Drainage. That's where we should be."
"My thirst cannot be slaked on daedrats alone."
"I may serve Molag Bal now, but I will always honor Malacath."
"How long must we hunt? Are we not to be rewarded for our service?"
"I would reign supreme in the arena."
"Master Otholug is our chieftain."
"Molag Bal recognizes our strength. We no longer need Malacath."
"We are no longer pariahs, but the blessed children of Molag Bal."
"Deep in the Alessian Catacombs. Whatever it is, it's ugly."
"I swear, fool--I will slice your hand right off."
"These Covenant Orcs are cowards and fools."
"I follow the Bloodmist Master. I do not question his choices."
"I will not go hungry."
"There may still be good prey up in the city."
"The blood of the Daedra is foul, and they can return for revenge."
"Mmm. Cat-flesh. Khajiit blood is so sweet."
"Once my training is complete, the ways of the Blood Mist are mine."
"I swear myself to no husband. I serve the Bloodmist Master."

Vosh RakhEdit

The Vosh Rakh have ambient dialogue which they may utter during combat.

"Fall before Trinimac's truth!"


The dro-m'Athra in the Maw of Lorkhaj have ambient dialogue.

  • "Moon-swine! Crush them!"
  • "Namiira speaks and we obey."
  • "Your suffering will be exquisite."
  • "Our quarry approaches …."
  • "Your souls are Namiira's, but your skins are mine!"
  • "Khashool! Dro-sha zargo!"
  • "We will kill you. Lorkhaj will consume you."
  • "Bloodshed is an art. Let us instruct you."
  • "Souls for the darkness! Meat for the beasts!"
  • "Vazh. Hissirna kassaad."

The dro-m'Athra in Southern Elsweyr have ambient dialogue of their own.

"Death to Azurah's litter."
"Khajiit did not dance before the Lorkhaj showed him the steps."
"Khajiit craves the taste of misery."
"Fill their veins with bile and True Cats go astray."
"No need to huddle in the Darkness any longer."
"She bites her tail, bites her tail in time."
"Poach the blind, the sickly, and the lame. They belong with us."
"The Great Darkness has come to swallow Nirni up!"
"We hide Khajiit from the false light of the Moons."
"Namiira will devour the Lost Cat's suffering."
"Put fire in their veins and Khajiit will beg for cool shadows."
"We are outcast no longer!"
"Listen to the truth of the beating heart!"
"We dance, dance, dance. Dance, dance, dance, down in the Darks!"
"Let the beat fill their ears and our venom fill their hearts."


Skaafin also have ambient dialogue. Skaafin that stand tall are usually more intelligent. The smaller ones that are hunched over, less so. The smaller, less intelligent Skaafin are referred to as "wretches" by their superiors.

Tall Skaafin
"Such work is below my station."
"The Master promised treasures, but all I see is dust."
"Fetch me that thing's heart."
"I don't remember groveling that much when I was a wretch."
"Has anyone fed that thing lately?"
"I tricked that Armiger! You saw that, right?"
"The Master personally selected me for this mission."
"We're definitely going to need some more wretches."
"To me, wretch."
"Keep away from the urns, wretch!"
"Dead mortals disgust me almost as much as live ones."
"Little one, you thought to best me in a bargain?"
"These pitiful creatures should know their place."
"Trick me? Never going to happen."
"Which one of you wretches stole my treasures?"
"I stepped on more than a few heads to get this job."
"Did you see the way those priests ran?"
"When will dead mortals reform?"
"Trick worked!"
"Claw out eyes! Claw out eyes!"
"Urn broke! He did it!"
"Many us, few them."
"Stupid big ones and their stupid orders."
"Did me hear that?"
"They promised riches."
"Hungry One powerful creature, powerful!"
"You distract. Me take."
"Me hear something."
"Quiet! It can hear us."
"Me think that one's alive."
"You took it, you eat it."
"Me hate spirits."
"Hungry One looked at me!"
"Hurt it, hurt it!"
"I smell a mortal."
"Me no wretch."
"You take. You take."
"No, no, No! Legs? No!"
"Your kill? No, my kill!"


The Factotums in the Clockwork City have lines they say when thinking or processing information. Some of these lines are ambient.

  • "Dreaming …. Glowing embers. Wool blanket."
  • "Dreaming …. Storm clouds. Wind."
  • "Dreaming …. Familiar smell. Wrinkled hands."
  • "Dreaming …. Burning tapestry. Screaming."
  • "Dreaming …. Soiled tablecloth. Washboard."
  • "Dreaming …. Pottery wheel. Laughter."
  • "Dreaming …. Flower garden. Bird songs."
  • "Dreaming …. Fish pond. Skipping stone."
  • "Dreaming …. Familiar embrace. Moonlight."
  • "Dreaming … Torchbugs. Overturned jar."
  • "Dreaming … knee abrasion. Lullaby."
  • "Dreaming … open window. Sunlight through glass."
  • "Dreaming …. Scrib jelly. A rainy day."
  • "Dreaming …. Discarded Flowers. Empty Cylinder."
  • "Dreaming …. One netch. Two netch …."
  • "Dreaming … Deceased bird. Handkerchief."
  • "Dreaming … raindrops on glass. Wood smoke."
  • "By His word, I am bound."

When you pass by a Factotum in the Brass Fortress, they may greet you.

  • "Welcome to Lord Seht's gleaming city."
  • "Farewell res—. Greeting error, eight two seven."
  • "Apologies. This partition is not designed for conversation."
  • "Accessing general greeting array. Hello, resident."
  • "Greetings, resident. Please obey all Clockwork City laws."
  • "The Clockwork City welcomes you."
  • "May Lord Seht bless your labors."
  • "Greeting array corrupted. Please try again."
  • "All functions are working as intended."
  • "By His will, we are sustained."

Hostile Factotums have idle dialogue.

  • "Core rotation initialized."
  • "To every machine, a purpose."
  • "Searching area for hostile entities."
  • "We must all serve our purpose."
  • "Temperature variance detected. Documenting."
  • "Wonder. Labor. Create."
  • "Excess corrosion detected. Maintenance required."
  • "Sweep detects zero intruders. Restart initialized."
  • "Detection array calibrating. Awareness rating: sixty two percent."
  • "Transitioning to detection state seven."
  • "Routine diagnostics complete. Resuming threat awareness."
  • "Increasing visual clarity by fifteen percent."
  • "Detection array fully calibrated. Awareness rating: ninety four percent."
  • "Combat permissions registered and logged."

If you are caught committing a crime inside the Brass Fortress, the Factotum will report you. For trespassing:

  • "Unlawful behavior recorded. Category: trespassing."
  • "Trespassing observed. Reporting actions to authorities."
  • "Exit this area at once, resident."
  • "Trespassing observed. Please vacate the premises."
  • "You are not permitted in this current area, resident."
  • "Your presence is unauthorized. Please depart."

When caught stealing:

  • "Cease your actions and present yourself to the nearest guard."
  • "Discontinue your unlawful behavior, resident."
  • "It is not advised to take items without permission."
  • "Unlawful actions will not be tolerated in the Fortress."
  • "Your actions are not allowed within the Fortress."
  • "Please return all illicitly obtained items, resident."
  • "Your behavior is not permitted in the Brass Fortress."
  • "Your unlawful behavior has been reported."
  • "Larceny recorded. Notifying local authorities."
  • "Thievery is not allowed within the Brass Fortress."
  • "Your actions are not permissible, resident."
  • "Your actions have been recorded and reported."
  • "Criminal acts will lead to arrest and containment."
  • "All misconduct will be reported to the authorities, resident."
  • "Thievery is not authorized in Clockwork City."
  • "Theft observed. Reporting to local authorities."

If you pick their pockets clean or they catch you picking their pockets:

  • "Personal items detected missing. Cause: minor larceny."
  • "Minor criminal activity detected."
  • "Minor larceny committed on storage compartment."
  • "Breach of storage compartment detected."
  • "Criminal: category pick-pocket detected."
  • "Items stored have been unwillingly taken."

If you attack them or another NPC:

  • "Do not assault me, resident."
  • "The Brass Fortress does not allow unsolicited assault."
  • "Structural integrity compromised."
  • "Unauthorized combat is not permitted."
  • "Discontinue your attack, resident."
  • "Abstain from violent actions, citizen."
  • "Physical aggression observed."
  • "Damage sustained. Defense protocol initiated."
  • "Assault in progress. Initiating defense."
  • "Alert! Physical assault occurring!"
  • "Impact detected. Please discontinue this assault, resident."
  • "Warning: personal misconduct will result in fines or execution."
  • "Resident, please cease all violent activity."

If you're seen murdering another NPC:

  • "Please present yourself for arrest, murderer."
  • "Murder observed and reported."
  • "Unapproved execution is not allowed within the Fortress."
  • "Discontinue all homicidal actions, resident."
  • "Alert! Homicidal resident observed."
  • "Resident deceased. Cause: homicide."

If they see you sneaking:

  • "Inhibiting factotum operations is prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation."


  • "We just want to be close. We just want to hold you tight, and never let go."
  • "Gather shadows, snuff out the light. Gather shadows, snuff out a life."
  • "I offer everything to my mistress and yet it's never enough."
  • "The tears have bled my heart raw."
  • "Pull the shadows to your ear and listen to the whispers of the night."
  • "Why do you struggle? Slip away with us forever."
  • "How my mistress mingles with the night …."
  • "The shadows cling like cobwebs. Loose threads waiting for a weaver."
  • "Let it out. Your last breath. Your quiet sigh of resignation."
  • "I envy your fear. We can never know a mortal's loss."
  • "Shadow, come out from your abyss and seize the day!"
  • "I want to feel the touch of Magnus burn me away."
  • "I feel its desire to smother the light."
  • "Sleep now."
  • "Why must light chase away the shadows?"
  • "You call us breathtaking. We find that fitting."
  • "Our lady of the night, whisper us your darkest desires!"
  • "What does she think of me? Does she think of me at all?"
  • "How the shadows always dance with mortals, and so often go unnoticed."
  • "The blackness of Oblivion calls to me."
  • "We will weep when no other mourns your loss, but the tears will be of joy."


Spiderkith soldiers in Summerset can be overheard saying various lines:

  • "This would make a fine place to begin a new brood."
  • "It's like they want to be caught in our web."
  • "To feed us is an honor. Why do the mortals flee?"
  • "A mortal heart beats nearby. Keep wary."
  • "How dare you weave a plot against me?"
  • "Little friends? It's time to crawl out from the dark."
  • "My brood hungers. Let us seek fresh blood."
  • "Such an abundance of prey. We shall feast tonight."
  • "The plot we've weaved is catching prey."
  • "Do not flee. I shall cover you in the finest silks."
  • "My brood shall pick your bones clean!"
  • "The poor little morsels are afraid of the dark."
  • "You shall feel the embrace of my web. Binding. Choking."
  • "The smell of mortal blood is intoxicating."
  • "Warm blood approaches."
  • "Let's give them reason to be afraid of the dark."
  • "I smell something delicious. Something awfully close."
  • "Those who we consume shall nourish greatness."
  • "These mortals shall feed our brood for weeks to come."
  • "I sense movement. What guests have arrived?"
  • "No! This one is not for eating!"
  • "Why won't they listen?"
  • "You dare stand against my mistress?"
  • "Yours shall be the first of many deaths!"
  • "Are you all so eager for death?"
  • "Keep to the shadows."
  • "Embrace your prey, broodlings. Feed on their misery."
  • "This will be a fine place to begin a new brood."
  • "Can you smell that? Sweat. Fear. A mortal is among us."
  • "Warm flesh nears. Ripe. Delicious."
  • "Our mistress demands we feed. And so we shall."
  • "Don't kill them too quick. Keep them alive. Warm."
  • "I must check my webs. Perhaps some prey has been caught."
  • "Keep all of your eyes open. And be still."
  • "Why do they fight us? They cannot hope to win."
  • "A mortal lurks nearby. I can smell their panic."
  • "We follow the will of our mistress."
  • "Come closer, my siblings. A meal approaches."
  • "Should we kill them quickly, or do we have time to play?"
  • "They shall die within my silken web. Slowly. Painfully."


The Xit-Xaht tribesmen will occasionally say something when you engage them in combat.

  • "Muck-dwellers! Kill them!"
  • "The Hist demands blood!"
  • "We will bury you!"
  • "Your bones will make fine mortar!"
  • "You have no power here. No one escapes Mazzatun!"
  • "Invaders! Put them in shackles!"
  • "Claim their skins for Na-Kesh!"
  • "More blood for the roots!"
  • "Invaders! Bare your fangs, Xit-Xaht!"
  • "Rise up, lighting! Rise!"
  • "Build or die!"
  • "This city will be your grave!"
  • "Protect the stones! Kill the invaders!"

Storm SharksEdit

Storm Shark soldiers in Summerset can be heard saying the following:

  • "Did you truly think you could stop the mighty Maormer?"
  • "Sunhold is ours! There's no taking it back!"
  • "Take that back to the ship. Quickly."
  • "The wind blows and the sea provides."
  • "And then I skewered him with his own sword!"
  • "It's a simple spell. Even an Altmer could cast it."
  • "These spoils are much better than the last raid."
  • "Stand back! This spell tends to make everything explode."
  • "Make them grovel. That's my philosophy."
  • "The Dominion Navy! Like plucking fish from a pond!"
  • "Get close before you strike."
  • "All this work will be worth it someday… I hope."
  • "Quickly. Grab what you can before we sail."
  • "Who's responsible for this weather?"
  • "Quiet! I heard someone nearby."
  • "Altmer magic, bah! Nothing but spittle compared to my storm!"
  • "Altmer, bah! A pox on their ears!"
  • "Remember, if it glows or it's gold, it's mine."
  • "Valuables in that pile, throw the rest in the fire."
  • "Why did the winds and waves bring us to these shores?"
  • "Bring glory to Orgnum!"
  • "I only cast spells when it's absolutely necessary."
  • "I'll make captain one day, mark my words!"
  • "I leave nothing but ash and blood in my wake."
  • "This is the calm before the storm."
  • "By sea and spell, by wind and magic!"
  • "I've been land-bound too long."
  • "Get one of the marines to do it."
  • "Touch my plunder, you lose your hand."
  • "For the Sorcerer-King!"
  • "The fool wouldn't know his stern from a seashell."
  • "And then he sailed into the shallows and sank on a coral reef!"
  • "We should take captives. We could use a good cook."
  • "I get a cut of the booty, right?"
  • "I prefer to cast spells from the back of the line."
  • "Altmer blood on my tunic! I'll never get that out!"
  • "If we empty the sea, what will we eat?"
  • "Meet at the ship and we'll divide the plunder."
  • "All this dry land is unsettling. When do we sail?"
  • "Stupid captain. Made me scrub the deck for a week!"
  • "What did I say? Don't burn the expensive houses until all the plunder has been removed!"
  • "Fight on! The ghost fleet gets no conscripts today!"
  • "Should I call down another storm? That should knock the fight out of them."
  • "I find that a quick slash across the throat quiets the noisy ones."
  • "Stop worrying. The scouts will signal if they see an Altmer ship."
  • "Falling overboard would be better than this."
  • "If we burn all their cities, where would we raid?"
  • "I love it when the High Elves scream and run away!"
  • "Keep the gold. I found something better."
  • "Anyone seen the rest of my landing party?"
  • "Can't believe I let that Altmer stick me!"
  • "I'm getting a little bored with the whole pillage and plunder thing."
  • "Steady. Wait for them to get closer before we strike."
  • "The captain said not to come back unless I had plunder and a prisoner."
  • "Why do they have to lock everything? It just slows down our progress."
  • "The plan is simple. Take everything and kill them all."
  • "Not now. Can't you see I'm busy torturing this High Elf?"
  • "I love sailing, don't get me wrong. But dry land? It's kind of nice."
  • "Keep your blade secure. Your life depends on it."

Royal MenagerieEdit

The following can be heard from Conservator Vinelore's minions in Sil-Var-Woad:

  • "If I infused their bile with imp stool then—no, that would never work."
  • "If any of those creatures interfere with my experiments ..."
  • "Another fine addition to the Royal Menagerie."
  • "Gryphons would make better neighbors than Wood Elves. Let's consider this spot."

Moon Hunter PackEdit

The man-beasts of the Moon Hunter Pack have ambient dialogue.

  • "Moon-Caller didn't look pleased today. Did … did I do something?"
  • "The Silver Dawn are dead. The Silver Dawn are dead."
  • "How in Oblivion did hunters get in the keep?"
  • "The pack is all I have! I won't let you take them from me!"
  • "Trying to escape? You'll have to get through me first."
  • "I hope you put up a better fight than the Silver Dawn did!"
  • "No! I won't be hunted! Not again!"
  • "Of all the cursed luck! How did hunters get in the keep?"
  • "The hunters are gone, right? They're dead? Of course they are!"
  • "Am I worthy yet? I don't want to go back to the hedge maze."
  • "Oh! These intruders smell divine!"
  • "<Aggressive howling.>"
  • "Tender flesh. Warm, delicious flesh. Oh, yes."
  • "The Silver Dawn were fools to try to fight us!"
  • "<High pitched whining.>"
  • "How dare you go against the Moon Hunter Pack?"
  • "Our prey has finally arrived!"
  • "I don't want to go back to the library. They can't—they can't make me!"
  • "Vykosa said we'll be safe. She'll keep us safe."
  • "Hunters? In the keep? Just my luck!"
  • "Get away from my pack! They're all I have!"
  • "What this pack needs is a good hunt!"
  • "Dinnertime already? Lucky us!"
  • "<Low growling.>"
  • "When's the next hunt? Soon? Oh, I hope it's soon."
  • "You're nothing against the Moon Hunter Pack!"
  • "<Aggresive snarling.>"
  • "I must protect the pack! It's all I have left!"
  • "Now I have to deal with intruders? Just great!"
  • "They wouldn't kick me out, would they? I'd be hunted. Killed!"
  • "They sent her to the hedge maze yesterday. She … didn't make it."
  • "Let the hunters come! I'll claw them to pieces!"
  • "<Low, quiet snarling.>"
  • "Oh, I can't wait for the next hunt."
  • "<Aggressive barking.>"
  • "Looks like dinner's arrived early!"
  • "You made a mistake coming here!"
  • "The Archivist wants to see me tomorrow. I … I don't want to go."
  • "The pack needs me. The pack needs me."
  • "Hunters? Curses! Vykosa will not be pleased!"
  • "No! I won't be hunted again!"
  • "We should crush those Silver Dawn pests, once and for all!"
  • "I'm so hungry! When's the next hunt?"
  • "<Wolfish heavy breathing.>"
  • "You dare threaten my pack? I'll strike you down!"
  • "What a delicious scent!"


Like bandit dialogue, Blackguard dialogue is unisex. Nagas:

  • "Gear up! We head out when the marsh owl hoots thrice!"
  • "I won't let that damn Famia get the better of us again."
  • "I have no time for your foolishness, dryskin."
  • "I will not share my portion of the loot with those dryskin laze-abouts!"
  • "More guards? How are we supposed to make a dishonest living?"
  • "If pillaging isn't profitable, I bet I could sell this extract to the merchants in Lilmoth."
  • "You play fibber's dice like my egg-mother—and she died three seasons ago!"
  • "A grim wind blows through the swamp today."
  • "The tribes owe us yet they refuse to pay!"
  • "Famia and her sister, they vex me!"
  • "That cargo is just begging for us to steal it!"
  • "Those Bright-Throats crumble like dry leaves!"
  • "We ransacked a merchant caravan and all I got was a vossa-satl."
  • "Give me your share, or I'll hold back my support the next time you need it."
  • "You! Drink this, so I can see what happens..."
  • "Why did I use the same bottles? Was this the poison or the curative?"
  • "Yes, yes. It's perfectly safe. Now drink it."
  • "I need more vials! Get me more vials!"
  • "That cargo needs to be in our hands by nightfall or they'll be Oblivion to pay!"
  • "Who do those Cyrodilic Collections kuudas think they are?"
  • "My share of the take was moist!"
  • "Did the dryskin break a nail?"
  • "The swamp isn't so bad ... except for the bugs and the mud."
  • "I took down three guards while you were hiding behind that tree."
  • "Who's been in my jars and bottles again?"
  • "I find that hunting prey to be extremely therapeutic."
  • "My magick [sic] is more powerful than you're [sic] swords and arrows."
  • "That's mine. I won't tell you again."
  • "We wallow when we should be raiding."
  • "The next arrow goes right in your knee."
  • "I appreciate that we share the spoils of our raids equally."
  • "A dull blade will get you killed, novice."
  • "You, there. Yes, you!"
  • "I'll never understand why the Blackguards allow dryskins to weaken our ranks."
  • "Send more supply caches to the Echoing Hollow."
  • "You play hip-and-tail ball like a one-legged guar!"
  • "The merchants have doubled the Lilmoth guards again."
  • "I erect the spine of I don't give a damn."
  • "So many outsiders ... what's the marsh coming to?"
  • "Not now. I'm counting the loot from our last haul."
  • "Touch my stuff, I break your hand."
  • "The necromancer of the fen ... I wonder if he needs an apprentice?"
  • "Famia and her people will never expect a thing."
  • "We must not show weakness to those interlopers from Cyrodilic Collections."
  • "You hit like a swamp jelly, mammal licker!"
  • "Whose turn was it to cook? This nalduku tastes like ... well, nalduku!"


  • "Everything is going according to plan."
  • "A new xanmeer was discovered? Where?"
  • "Does this look like a rash to you?"
  • "Sometimes a day in the swamp just goes on and on."
  • "Stay clear of Bok-Xul. I hear the dead don't lie still in that part of the fen."
  • "I may not have scales and claws, but you don't want to mess with me."
  • "You know what makes up for the disgusting living conditions? The equally disgusting food."
  • "Another of Famia's crew? They're everywhere these days."
  • "I heard that the Dead-Water lost another batch of hatchlings. It would be sad if I didn't find it so funny."
  • "Have you read Investigator Vale? I'd let her catch me any time."
  • "When do I get to hit something?"
  • "I wonder how much gold we can get for that haul?"
  • "What if Famia's people are planting fake relics just to confuse us?"
  • "You know, if we keep a little extra, no one will notice."
  • "Another relic lost? This situation is becoming intolerable!"
  • "Who do we get to murder today?"
  • "I don't know ... I kind of admire Famia."
  • "I need a long vacation."
  • "I'm honored to be a part of this plan!"
  • "I win again! Pay up, you losers!"
  • "Which merchant wagon are we targeting this time?"
  • "Cyrodilic Collections! I hate those guys!"
  • "A new shipment, you say? Just tell me where and when!"
  • "Those Cyrodilic do-gooders got to the relics before us."
  • "I don't know ... smells like a trap to me."
  • "The ship will be easy pickings, I guarantee it!"
  • "What's going on at the prison?"
  • "Clean up this mess! This isn't Elsweyr, you know."
  • "Why are profits so low? Do we need to shake some trees again?"
  • "Where did you say you got this tip again?"
  • "Who wants to go to Lilmoth and cause a ruckus?"
  • "We need a big score. It's been too long."
  • "I appreciate the effort, but you're really terrible at this."
  • "When do we get to fight something?"
  • "Who let mud seep into the drinking water?"


The following dialogue can be overheard from the Veeskhleel Argonians found in Blight Bog Sump.

"Soon Veeskhleel will outnumber any tribe. All the tribes."
"I blame the Bright-Throat eggs. They are plentiful, but weak... just like their tribe."
"What do you think the Hollow are drawn to? I tire of tracking them down."
"It still reeks of the bright-one's poison."
"I'm almost afraid to see what Ree-Nakal gives birth to next."
"Our roots will span all of Murkmire when Ree-Nakal's work is done."
"I miss the shade of the Deepmire. I suffocate in this cave."
"The only thing the Hollow are good for is mulch! They rot too quickly, for dead-walkers."
"they also say something about the Dead-Water hatchlings dying
"These Hollow wither too quickly. At least their rot is of use to the sharith."
"These are not our egg-brothers and sisters... not yet."


This dialogue may be said by Purified legionaries in the Depths of Malatar:

"Lady of Light, keep us from darkness."
"The sun sets, but her light is forever."
"I am eternally hers."
"She is our light."
"We obey, Lady of Light."
"When the world serves her, our existence will be perfect."
"Life is hers to take!"
"Her light drew you here. Submit to it."
"Purity is made from many colors."
"Obey and she is pleased."
"She is our light."
"Her light blinds the unworthy."
"No-one defies her!"
"She'll scour the impure from you. Like she did for us."
"You do not belong here!"
"Begone from Her domain!"

Tomb of the Serpents SpiritEdit

While inside the Tomb of the Serpents, you may overhear a female voice whispering to both you and the Akaviri tomb guardians.

"Kill the intruder. Only the strong can carry our message."
"Wake from your sleep. Preserve our legacy. Destroy the outsider."
"You know the messenger. If you survive, you will know the message."
"Lay down your sword, outsider. You already belong to the Akaviri."
"You are different, outsider. Perhaps you are the one to deliver our message. Perhaps you will die like the rest."
"Live, and you will share our story. Die, and you will share our tomb."


The Blighted of Cicatrice have dialogue.

"We hurt her... defiled her. Why did we defile her?"
"She wants to be left alone!"
"She doesn't want us here!"
"The lizard said she would make a cure! Please! We need a cure!"
"The oasis will heal us... yes! The oasis will heal us!"
"Why is she doing this? Why won't she let us rest?"
"It's just a rash! She swears, it's just a rash."
"Where is our cure, lizard? Where?"
"The oasis … what did we do to the oasis?"
"She just wanted us to leave. Why, why didn't we leave?"
"It's just a cough. This one is fine! She's fine!"
"Where is that cure? The lizard promised!"
"Please, let us rest. We just want to rest."
"Why did we come here?"
"They burned it all. Everything in flames."
"The lizard tricked us! Lies! All lies!"

Tenarr ZalviitEdit

The Tenarr Zalviit vampires can be overheard talking to each other:

"I never want to see that tomb again. Not even to hide from the sun."
"Don't kill everyone. Herd some to the ossuary."
"Finally we feast on rich blood!"
"The taste of hot blood. How'd we go so long without it?"
"This one used to like fowl, but after he turned, their blood seemed thin as gruel."
"We should leave the Weeping Scar. Take over somewhere worth living."
"It's been too long since we tasted life."

Sunspire SlavesEdit

The servants of Nahviintaas will shout at you.

"Now you'll learn the Way of Jone!"
"We are the Great Cat's chosen!"
"Die! Die! Die!"
"Die for Alkosh!"
"The Way of Jode will lay you low!"
"Your time is at an end. Don't fight it."
"What Alkosh wills must be done!"
"Bow before the Dragon King of Cats!"
"Alkosh has already decided the outcome."
"Time conquers all!"
"Khajiit will cast you from this mountain!"
"Find solace in a predestined outcome."
"Jode! Fan our flames!"

Ruddy FangsEdit

The Ruddy Fang bandits have their own things to say:

"You'd think that Azurah would have warned the old loony to stay away from bandit dens."
"What kind of fool walks into a bandit den? He's loony all right."
"If we're planning on raiding Hakoshae, I'm staying behind. Nearly got my tail chopped off last time!"
"Had another run in with Sugar-Slinger the other day. Nothing I hate more than a stuck up smuggler."

The Fangs in Southern Elsweyr also have their own dialogue apart from the ones in Northern Elsweyr.

"If that Orc tries to pick a fight with me one more time, I'm going to cut his throat and stuff his body in a barrel."
"I wish those smoke addled wastrels would keep it down for once."
"At least we don't see many Sea Elves this far east."
"Stay out of the stock, unless you want to wind up like those other sap lickers."
"I want to catch some jellies for dinner. I rarely have them outside Black Marsh."
"All this salt in the air gives me itchy scales."
"Thought smuggling skooma was supposed to be safer than slaving."
"I think the lizards are plotting something. Sleep light."
"No respectable Dunmer would take orders from an overgrown cat. Good thing we're not respectable."
"Guess the skeevers aren't scared of Khajiit. They keep getting into the sugar sacks."
"Whenever the shaveskins get too full of themselves, this one conjures a great tailwind to deflate them a bit."
"This one already tried flushing the waste out to sea. The tide's too strong."
"Khajiit heard one of the lunatics tried to eat another's face the other day. Stay clear of them."
"Khajiit say it's trapped moonlight in the waters. This one says it's gold."
"Khajiit should be riding the wind at full sail, not clearing cave air of skooma fumes."
"This one would break your twiggy little bones without even trying."
"This one won't hesitate to crack your skull if you can't handle your skooma."
"Bet that swill tastes like sea water. Khajiit won't touch it."
"It stinks of fish, skooma, and spew. This one would rather be out to sea."
"Filthy shaveskins. Water all around and still they do not bathe."
"You'll not smoke that stuff around this one, if you know what's good for you."
"This one has sailed with the Tigershark for years. He knows what he's doing."
"She knows sugar-tooths are mad, but she has never seen anything like this."
"Khajiit does not like the Elves. He sees how they look down their noses at us."
"What is it that makes this Moon Sugar so potent?"
"The water was so sweet at first. Now Khajiit will stick to rum."
"The Tigershark is like a mountain of sweetmeats, is he not?"
"This one thinks the skooma is cursed. We never should have defiled this place."
"This one only drinks from the shrine fonts. You should too."
"Think this stuff is sweeter than mead?"
"What do you say we strip down and take a dip?"
"I could take one of those tusking Pahmar-raht, easy."
"Who here thinks they can drink me under the table?"
"How is it cats covered in fur can come from somewhere so hot? At least it's cool in this cove."
"How about we beat up a few of the crazies?"
"If the Tigershark wants to test his recipe, he can drink it himself."
"The Khajiit plan to double cross us, I'm sure of it."
"Keep slacking off and you'll get tossed to those wild sugar-tooths."
"Most of these Khajiit would make better rugs than crew."
"I say we train those drug-addled lunatics like hounds. They already go for the throat."
"Don't drink the water. Too much runoff sullying it now."
"Boss wants more volunteers. Get moving."
"Anybody tried pickling one of those jellies in the stock? Bet they'd soak it up good."
"Tried a nip of the last batch. It'll take the wind out of your sails."
"If I wanted to brew skooma, I'd have become a barman."

The skooma-crazed members of the Fangs also have unique dialogue.

"Show me your guts! Show 'em to me!"
"You won't take me!"
"Knew you were coming! Knew you were all coming for me!"
"Skooma Cat! Skooma Cat is speaking to me!"
"Stay away, stay away, stay away, stay away!"
"Who's—stop! Noise. Kill you!"
"Make it stop! Make it stop!"
"Gonna maroon me? Gonna leave me behind!"
"Come here, skeever! This one's hungry!"
"Need the sap. Split the bark and lick it up!"
"Ha! Hee! Hee! Hahaha!"
"Rah! Grr!"
"Wah! Ahh! Ahh!"
"Ahroo! Ah! Rrah!"
"Hsst! Kaoc!"
"<Hissing, croaking, lizard noises.>"
"<Nauseated murmuring and retching.>"
"<Howling like a wolf, chuffing and raving gibberish.>"
"<Painful, miserable moaning.>"
"<Paranoid muttering, whispering to self.>"
"<Grunting, angry yelled gibberish, exertions as if smashing something.>"
"<Raving slurred gibberish.>"
"<Hysteric giggling and gibberish muttering.>"
"<Roaring, hissing, growling.>"
"<Inconsolable crying and wailing.>"
"<Violently ill, moaning, heaving.>"
"<Giddy drunk, singing slurred gibberish.>"
"<Ravenously eating something, like a wild dog.>"
"<Terrorized screaming, panic.>"

Hollowfang VampiresEdit

The Hollowfang Vampires have their own dialogue.

"This one's fur rises at the thought of what blood-mixtures can be made from a Dragon."
"Khajiit dabbles in the blood of many creatures, but never has she experimented on a Dragon."
"Save one for Nisaazda's studies!"
"Nisaazda will show us how to tame the Dragon's blood. Have faith."
"This blood-brew is potent. Trolls taste vile, but you will never feel more alive."
"Do not tell the Clan Mother, but this mixture of swamp toad and skooma will give you sugar-dreams."
"Once the Devourer has consumed its power, he will harvest Dragons enough for us all."
"The blood-mixtures made from the swamp creatures make me want to spit fur."
"Leave their bones for my pets!"
"Drink from my pet again and we'll have words."
"Khajiit kept pets in life, but this bond is stronger."
"Feast, my pets!"
"The Clan Mother gives the first bite to a shave-skin. Are there not Khajiit more deserving?"
"I have the fangs of a viper!"
"Finally, something to do!"
"There should be an etiquette. This one is tired of felling prey only to be the last to feed."
"I have a claw for your heart!"
"Took this poison from a Baandari fresh out of Murkmire. Very effective, but spoils the blood."
"Get them, darlings!"
"This one prefers her thralls to dull-clawed bloodfiends. Too feral."
"These bugs are so eager to drink and be made slaves."
"Obey, blood-thralls!"
"You dare to face me, morsel?"
"My claws will strip the flesh from your bones!"
"We smell your fear!"
"The intruders are close."
"Could a Dragon be made blood-thrall, you think?"
"Such eager prey!"
"Did you see the Devourer's fight with the Dragon? To think our blood could give us such power!"
"Khajiit has venom for your veins!"
"This place is full of moon-riddles and strange Ta'agra. Khajiit does not like it."
"The first taste is mine!"
"This one's pets are stirring. There's prey about."
"Sometimes this one thinks she should have been born a senche."
"Death by a thousand fangs!"
"Dro'zakar is on the prowl. Woe unto the prey he stalks."
"Worse than a Kotu Gava bite, yes?"
"It's the sugar that this one misses most."
"Fighting only makes the poison flow faster!"

Black GullsEdit

The Black Gull slavers of South Guard Ruins have their own dialogue as well.

"Hey, I'll tell you when I've had enough to drink!"
"Damn this humidity! Mauloch's jawbone, I miss Wrothgar."
"Calling me fat? Hrmph. I'll make him a head's weight lighter …."
"Baan Dar's arse, it's quiet. This one needs a good fight!"
"Just one more job, then it's back to the Alik'r. Just one more …."
"Laugh if you want, but I swear that catfish was as big as a senche-raht!"
"Sure, I skim a little off the top. But you'd better keep that to yourself!"
"If that slave mouths off one more time, I'm fetching my shears and cutting his tongue out."
"I don't know what to tell you. If you don't want rats in your pockets, don't keep hunks of cheese in there."
"Could have sworn I heard something. Just the damn rats again."
"This one would kill for a sweetroll. Seriously—who should I kill?"
"Got to watch your step in the shallows nowadays. One of those salamanders almost got me!"
"Wharf rat? Fetching nchow. Nobody calls me a wharf rat. Nobody!"
"Oblivion take that son of a guar. I'll point a knife at whoever I damn well please!"
"Just let those slaves try to escape. This one could use the target practice."
"Shields of Senchal? Heh. Just let them try to block us."
"Where are all the would-be heroes? We need some excitement around here!"
"Where's the damn grog? You better not have drunk it all!"
"Salted pork, salted pork, always salted pork! Can we get some greens around here?"
"Scrawny jekosiits …. Eat a steak for Mara's sake."
"Guard duty. Hmph. What a waste of time."
"Cats and their sugar. Where can a man find a decent kabob around here?"
"Dragons … feh. I dare one of those lizards to come tangle with us."
"Ugh. I don't even want to know what the cook put in that stew."
"More moldy bread? That does it. I'm on the next ship to Summerset."
"Rats aren't so bad. Sure, they carry diseases, but who here doesn't?"
"Keep a sharp eye, mate. Too many newcomers prowling about."
"Who's got the water skin? It's too damned hot down here …."
"Never seen a dragon before. Way I hear it, they could swallow a whale in one gulp!"
"Ugh. One more hour till my shift's over. One more hour …."
"Heard there's a hurricane bearing down on us. Make sure everything's tied down, eh?"
"Fifteen gold says this one can strike a frog's eye at fifty paces. Any takers?"
"Bastard wants to eyeball me? This one's got two arrows to fix that problem."
"Slaves, mudcrabs, lazy hackwings …. I need a real challenge!"
"Anybody up for a game of dice? I'm falling asleep here …."

New Moon CultistsEdit

"Ra'khajin revealed the path. Now we must walk it."
"The New Moon rises … as do we."
"Blessed New Moon, speak the word, and this one shall drown Elsweyr in blood."
"We shall tear the old Pellitine apart, stone by stone."
"The old gods will disappear in ash and blood. Hail the New Moon!"
"To doubt is a sin! The New Moon's power is absolute!"
"I fear no Dragons, for the Dragons are my allies …."
"Fools! Unbelievers! We shall show them the New Moon's strength soon enough."
"The old gods will disappear in ash and blood. Hail the New Moon!"
"This one shall know the New Moons' secrets! He must know!"
"The old order will burn, and we shall usher in the new."
"The rule of Dragons will save us all."
"Patience …. Elsweyr will burn. Very soon."
"Curse the old moons, Jone and Jode! The New Moon shall rule the sky soon enough"


"Yes! Yes! This one hears your commands, Ra'khajin!"
"We must prepare our flesh for the fires to come! Join me, brothers and sisters!"
"Elsweyr's rebirth is upon us! Repent and serve!"
"This one will serve. This one must serve!"
"Wield my strength, New Moon. Make me a vessel for your wrath!"
"A new era approaches, born in flame and death!"
"We shall tear the old Pellitine apart, stone by stone."
"Tell this one to pray, and he shall pray. Tell this one to kill, and he shall kill."
"This one shall prove himself! Look upon my works, New Moon!"
"The New Moon shall rise in glory! Listen! Listen to me!"
"My strength is yours to command, Ra'khajin!"
"Ra'khajin speaks the New Moon's truth, and this one obeys."
"Senchal shall burn in the Dragons' fire!"
"Why must we wait? Our moment of glory is at hand!"
"The people will join us eventually … or they will burn."
"If blood must be shed, then this one shall wield the knife."

Icereach CovenEdit

The Reachmen on Icereach can be heard talking.

"Let the Nords come, I say. More blood for the Coven."
"Keep an eye out for the bear-woman. Big as an ox, she is!"
"They'll never take this island away from us. Never."
"That storm … I've never seen anything like it."
"A nice warm goat shank. That's what I need."
"Mother Ciannait would never join forces with an outsider. You must be mistaken."
"The Reach belongs to us. Never forget it."
"Summoning a storm like this? That's true power."
"I don't care if you're cold. Quit your bellyaching."
"Eyes sharp. Some of those Nords could still be skulking around."
"The Glenmoril Coven? Nothing but tree-worshippers. The Icereach are true witches!"
"Touch me again, and I'll cut off your hand."
"I don't know what Bani's working on, but you'd best give it a wide berth."
"You better not have stolen my blanket. I already warned you once."
"Cold, eh? Good. I like it cold."
"She's still around here somewhere. A Nord that big can't hide forever."
"Keep your voice down. Who Mother Ciannait allies with is none of your concern."

Engaging them in combat:

"Slaughter them!"
"Cut their heads off!"
"This island will be your grave!"
"Cut their tongues out!"
"Drive them back to the sea!"
"You've made a huge mistake."
"Send their souls to Hircine!"
"Gut those intruders!"
"Knives out, Reachmen!"
"Rip them apart!"
"Icereach for the Reachmen!"
"For the Reach!"
"You're done for!"
"To battle, Reachmen!"
"Trespassers! After them!"
"Nord scum? Kill them!"
"Time to die!"


The graverobbing Draugrkin can be overheard in the Unhallowed Grave.

"Ugh. This ash … my boots are full of it!"
"Oh, you got one of those new grapple bows? Lucky bastard."
"The one who hired us? I hear even Kjalnar's scared of him!"
"If you die down here, I'll raise you as a thrall!"
"Ugh, this place is too damned hot."
"Way I hear it, they buried something else down here. Something big."
"Gray Host? More like Gray Toast! Am I right? Am I …? Ah, never mind."
"What's Kjalnar doing, anyway? He should be shoveling ash like the rest of us."
"This place is too damned hot."
"Did you see the teeth on that skull? It was a vampire all right."
"What're you looking at? Get back to work."
"We almost done here? Got a bad feeling about this place."
"Fjarold fell down the crevasse. You believe that? What an idiot."
"How many of these things do we have to fill?"
"Bah! To Oblivion with these ashes! Let's grab a few of those statues instead!"
"We'd better be well-paid for this."
"Yeah, I saw a vampire once. Burned him alive, I did!"
"Another day, another robbery."

Engaging them in combat:

"Cut them off! Don't let them escape!"
"Meddling bastards! Put a knife in them!"
"On your feet, Draugrkin! Get them!"
"Bones, bones … it's like a damned kennel in here."
"You think you can steal from us?"
"Intruders! Bury them like the others!"
"Look lively, now! Intruders!"
"Look! More corpses!"
"Are you ready to die?"
"Finally! Been itching for a good scrap!"
"Knives out, Draugrkin!"
"We'll take your bones too!"
"What do you think you're doing here?"
"You looking to get buried too? Fine!"
"Bring them down!"
"Snuff them out, lads!"
"Prepare to die!"
"You're in for it now!"
"No survivors!"

In Midnight Barrow:

"Idiot. The dead are the treasure here."
"I'm keeping that one. It's got good teeth."
"This might be a better haul than the one in Bangkorai."
"Who's afraid of some ghosts?"
"You seen one barrow, you seen'em all."
"Hoo, don't take a whiff out of one of those jars."

Riften RatwayEdit

The vampires in the Riften Ratway can be overheard.

"I'm bored. I need a throat to rip out."
"I am meant for more important tasks than these."
"I thirst."
"Soon everything will be in place."
"The next prey is mine."
"Find your own shadow. This spot is mine."
"My fangs for a decent meal!"
"That witch gave me a look."
"Too many ceremonies for my taste."
"Tell me the word has been sent."
"I smell fresh blood!"
"All this waiting gets on my nerves."
"My thirst must be sated!"
"I crave blood!"

Greymoor VampiresEdit

Greymoor Prologue Witches and VampiresEdit

Icereach Coven
"Sister Balra is a taskmaster."
"The land of the Nords will soon be ours."
"We still have much work to do."
"Every day brings us closer to our goal."
"By blood and ice!"
"The ice in my veins burns cold!"
"I miss our frozen shores."
"We have nothing to fear from the Skald-King's agents."
"Bone and ash, unleash your fury!"
"I'll cleave your bones in twain!"
"Someone take this cadaver to storage!"
"Did you hear what happened at the other camp?"
"Working with those not of the coven … it disgusts me."
"Neither the matron nor Sister Balra tolerate failure."
"Isn't the new ritual exhilarating?"
"Stay alert. The plan has reached a crucial stage."
"Has Sister Balra perfected the ritual yet?"
"I need something to kill."
"May the matron guide you."
"All shall bow before our coven!"
"I serve the Icereach Coven."
"Aren't the new bloodfiends adorable?"
"The ritual grows more perfect every day."
"Remain vigilant. We are close to our goal."
"This land is full of fat, sluggish prey."
"Where are the witches when you need one?"
"May the night hide you, my brethren."
"They call that a storm?"
"I grow tired of this place."
"Why am I being punished with such menial tasks?"
"I deserve better than this."
"Why do they keep sending me to places such as this?"
"The coven serves a purpose, yes?"
"I crave blood!"
"My thirst must be sated!"
"I smell fresh blood!"
"Tell me the word has been sent."
"Too many ceremonies for my taste."
"That witch gave me a look."
"My fangs for a decent meal!"
"Find your own shadow. This spot is mine."
"The next prey is mine."
"I thirst."

Western Skyrim ReachmenEdit

"Let us give the mountain a taste for Nord blood!"
"Og il dunna travern. Shal shug oh pater noch."
"Drown the Nord-swine in the hot blood of the mountain!"
"The vines whisper of intruders in our midst. Be wary."
"Call upon the blessed warmth of light for us, and the wrath of flame and stone for the Nord."
"Feed the mountain to bursting!"
"Fir co non madoora. Fir na nog camare!"
"Mind what you grab for kindling. The spriggans loathe those Nords as we do."
"The sun will soon set on the kingdoms of Nords."
Dragon Bridge Smuggler Caves
"One of these days Vund will blow himself up, and us with him."
"Vund's methods are foreign, but there's no questioning their effectiveness."
"I can't wait to see that bridge turned to rubble."
"The bridge is just the start."
"The smugglers were resourceful, at least."
"The smugglers had to die, they'd outlived their usefulness."
"These fools have no idea what's coming."
"I feel our power grow."
"Vund can dissolve stone, he is capable of anything."
"The Reach shall be victorious!"
"Once the bridge falls, we will make our move."
"The Reach will weaken this land."
"We will make them fear the Reach."
"Has Vund completed the reagent yet?"
"Vund has true vision. The Reach will triumph under his leadership."
"With fire and stone we will turn this place to rubble!"
"Those fools underestimated the Reach."
"What did Vund do with the big one? I saw them dragging him off."
"The alchemical solution should be ready by now."
"The garrison was weak before we arrived. They will fall easily."
"No longer will we hide."
"Vund may be crazy, but his power is incredible."
"Solitude will mourn its precious bridge."
"The bridge will fall like a wounded animal."

Stone GardenEdit


"I don't care if they are our guests. The werewolves need to stop shedding in the lab."
"Hear about that explosion yesterday? No, another one."
"I've been itching for a fight! Least I hope that's what it was."
"Hey! Keep out of the laboratory!"
"Arkasis is going to change the world. Into what, I don't know."
"They say the first step to learning alchemy is to start putting things in your mouth."
"Careful taking kit from potion storage. I don't see'em washing those bottles."
"Might want to wait a moment between drinking those. They react poorly."
"I don't know. Arkasis doesn't seem that crazy."
"Would it kill them to label what could kill us?"
"I didn't come here to pick mushrooms. I want to work in the laboratory!"
"Feels good to be part of something. Besides a cult, I mean."
"Don't tell the boss, but a little mead helps his potions go down."
"Standing guard is the least dangerous job here."
"Ho ho! That second dose was a good idea!"
"I did poison tasting yesterday. Can't feel my tongue, but I'm getting good at it."
"Sure the pay's not great, but free health potions."
"You feel that shaking? Cave in? Yes there's coffee in this potion. Why?"
"I'm just here to stand watch and get paid. I'm not helping with your study."

Entering combat:

"I'm off testing duty tonight!"
"Time to earn my keep. I guess."
"You can't stop progress!"
"I've been meaning to try this poison!"
"Durzog's are getting dinner tonight!"
"Found some spies!"
"You picked the wrong place to explore!"
"Spare a few for the laboratory!"
"Found some fungus feed!"
"I'll finally get promoted to the laboratory!"
"Nobody disturbs the great Arkasis!"
"Hey! You're not volunteers!"
"I found trespassers! It was me!"

Castle ThornEdit


"The blood tastes fresher when they are scared."
"Something about Argonian blood tastes off to me."
"The wood from Skyrim makes the strongest bows."
"The Lady deserves our trust and our blades."
"Even I get lost when walking around this castle."
"Our blessing will kill them all. Slowly."
"Even hunting rats would be more fun than this."
"Her blood holds power to shape as we wish."
"The fiends smell a bit ripe after a while."
"Let us hope that our control runes for Vaduroth stay in place."
"Those new vampires shouldn't be possible. And yet, they exist."
"The Lady wishes to explore more avenues of power."
"I'll be honest, I don't understand a word Vaduroth says."
"I look forward to our final march on Skyrim."
"Savor these calms, because the bloodshed soon begins."
"Does it ever feel like the gargoyles are watching you?"
"We hunt them, we find them. They never see us."
"Ahahaha! Haha! Hahahahahahaha!"
"I had a perfect shot, right between the eyes."
"They mock us. Despise us."
"When does the supposed conquering begin?"
"Who picks up after the death hounds?"
"No one gets past me with their limbs intact."
"Have you ever used a bloodfiend to practice your aim?"
"Lady Thorn demands perfection from all her clan."
"The Lady's time grows nearer!"
"That was definitely a rumble! Let's go check the castle."
"Our research is going too slowly."

Entering combat:

"We shall bleed you dry!"
"Our Lady demands a feast!"
"Interlopers? In our Lady's home?"
"Your death shall not be quiet!"
"A meal for the pets!"
"You cannot interrupt Vaduroth's harvest!"
"Hearty stock for Vaduroth!"
"You were not invited!"
"These souls are weak!"
"Now I can try my new spells!"
"Chop them into pieces!"
"How dare you breach the Lady's home?"
"Hang them to bleed!"
"Drag them to the pens below!"
"Save a few for the cages!"
"We shall make you into a fiend!"
"Ha! More training practice!"
"Our home is breached! Kill them!"
"Finally, some action!"
"I prefer my meals on skewers!"

Reach Gray Host SoldiersEdit

"Everything is going according to the Ashen Lord's plan."
"The Gray Host. I love the sound of that."
"Reach blood! Tastes as bad as I expected."
"For blood and glory!"
"Let the mortals tremble in our wake!"
"Some of the vampires treat us like dogs. I hate that."
"And that's when I ate him."
"I'll tear out their hearts! See if I don't!"
"I prefer my meals … raw."
"Stay focused. We have a job to do."
"Work hard and we'll make an exarch out of you yet."
"Gray Host over all!"
"I'll test my claws against their steel any day!"
"I can smell their fear in the air."
"The Reachfolk thought they had me surrounded. Stupid mortals."
"By claw and fang, as the Ashen Lord commands, we obey!"
"I do enjoy a good amount of clawing and slashing."
"The Heart must be fed. I have no wish to crawl again."
"Whose support can I count on?"
"I hate it when the food fights back!"
"Can you believe it? We're part of an ancient army!"
"This land … I can't believe we need something in this place."
"Stay focused or you'll answer to the Ashen Lord!"
"For the Ashen Lord!"
"These Reachfolk are no match for my claws."
"Ripped the arm right off! You should have been there."
"I'll tear out their hearts and swallow them whole!"
"You say the enemy, I say dinner."

Story-Related Gray Host DialogueEdit

"Remain vigilant. Those who trespassed in the Keep may still be around."
"It seems to me this may actually represent an opportunity of sorts. Belain is out of the way."
"You call it a battle, I call it a meal!"
"I've heard the Ashen Lord has been planning this conquest for thousands of years. It'll be magnificent."
"I was with Varen's legion before Bal's invasion. Got bitten at one of the Dark Anchors. Heh, now look at me."
"Let the mortals struggle, our conquest is close to complete."
"I was born near Verkarth, or what remains. A shame I never visited."
"I used to be part of the Bangkorai Garrison when I was alive. Ironic, eh?"
"I hate the taste of these Reachfolk. Gamey."
"I don't get why we don't slaughter those Ravenwatch sympathizers. No, no, I'm not questioning our leader."
"I just love, love, love all this death! I've never felt so alive!"
"I had my fill of Reachman blood when we drove them out of the Empire."
"Let these idiots squabble over rocks and dirt. The Ashen Lord has grander plans."
"Have you seen the Ashen Lord do battle? We are mere shadows by comparison."
"I can still hardly believe the Ashen Lord is a sword-saint. I thought the Ansei were the fanciful legends of my ancestors."
"I don't pretend to understand the Ashen Lord's plans, I just trust he knows what he's doing."
"Do you ever miss being alive? Hah, me neither."
"The sun's not so bad. Reminds me of taking a really hot bath. I used to love those."
"Always terrorize your prey before you sink your fangs in, it gives the blood an exquisite taste."
"The Dark Heart's becoming a prize fought over by upstarts and outsiders. I do not like it."
"I have some ideas about how the Nighthollow can survive this setback. Thrive, even."
"Why are we attacking that location again?"
"I've never been more grateful to be numb to the cold."
"I was never partial to my old life anyway."
"I do miss the desert sands of home, but the sun was deadly there even before my tranformation."
"Remind me to tell you the legend of Leki's Blade sometime."
"Can't say I like working with the Nighthollow clan. Give me the creeps."
"My old clan would be considered positively wretched compared to the Gray Host. Joining was the best thing I've ever done."
"I guess I do feel a little bad for the mortals … but somebody's got to be the food."
"Ugh, I can't believe I used to be one of those cowering livestock, reeking of piss and fear."

Ghostsong ClansmenEdit

"I wanted to go first, but Nathari said the strong must help the weak see things through."
"The light … it pains me …"
"The price must be paid. Do they not see that?"
"Our work is only beginning. Do not forget why we are here!"
"I know Nathari's right. She's been right about everything. But this is harder than I thought it would be."
"I don't like these Gray Host cutters standing about and watching. They're not welcome here."
"Something stirs in the depths. I can hear it calling to me."
"I think it's going well. Don't you?"
"They seek to rouse the Heart, do they? I should like to see that …"
"Nathari had better be right about this. I thought we'd all hear Namira's voice by now."
"I know. We can't stop now. We have to see this through to the end."
"This is taking too long. The waiting isn't easy."
"The price must be paid. Do they not see that?"
"What will it be like, I wonder? To be raised up by the Spirit Queen?"
"It seems as though I have waited all my life for this day."
"I do not belong here anymore … let me rest …"
"How I longed for this day. Soon all that we have given up will be repaid twofold."
"The Spirit Queen is here. Can't you feel her presence in the shadows?"
"What do you think? Could we add some Gray Host to the ritual? They're here, aren't they?"
"I wish there was another way."
"Are the werewolves to be next? It might be best to see them off while we have the numbers to overpower them."
"This is our time, our day of victory. We will show them all!"
"This place … I know it now. Ah, they should not have brought me here."
"What have I been summoned for? What is this place?"
"Is it time yet? Is it time?"
"We should join the others below."
"These are dark days. No one argues that."

Nighthollow ClanEdit

The non-feral members of the Nighthollow Clan occasionally speak.

"Why have we been forsaken?"
"Blood, I miss its coppery taste."
"Must feed …."
"Lady Belain? Are you there?"
"The Void, it calls to me."
"I crave blood, yet it does not sate me."
"We have been weak for too long."
"Why do I feel so empty?"
"Once, the Reach feared the night."
"I long for the touch of the Void."
"Lady Belain says we will be restored."
"I don't want to become one of the crawlers."
"No living thing may pass."
"I just need one more drop …."

Thornroot ClansmenEdit

Members of the Thornroot Clan at Briar Rock Ruins will occasionally speak aloud.

"Aye, so far, so good. But what will the Hagravens do when there are no more Hillhunters to turn?"
"I say we've got all the Briarhearts we need. Where should we strike first?"
"This is taking too long. The days are growing shorter."
"I've heard that we sent runners to the Six-Fords and the Wildspears. Our cages won't be empty for long."
"We've more Briarheart seeds than subjects. We need to find more wilders."
"What sort of Briarhearts will these Hillhunters make? They didn't have much fight in them."
"I heard that the Hillhunter chief's daughter slipped away. She can't have gotten far."
"I'm coming to like it here in these old ruins. Stay here and reinforce the defenses, I say."
"This won't end well. Mark my words."
"I hear Ard Caddach's calling the clans to Markarth. Does that include the Thornroots?"
"Watch what you say around the Hagravens, or you'll wind up with a tree in your chest too."
"Ach! That last one was a screamer. No pride at all."
"I hear the Hagravens have something special planned for the Hillhunter chief."
"Would it be asking too much for the prisoners to meet their fate with some courage?"
"I don't care for being at a Hagraven's beck and call. Where's our chief in all this?"
"I don't see why we can't have a little sport before we plant them. Right?"
"Enough with the sacrifices and the mumbling over ritual fires. I'm ready for a fight."
"Keep out of the crypts. The Draugr are restless."
"I told the Hagravens these wanderers would make poor soil for their crop."
"Turning these Hillhunter cowards into Briarhearts is more than they deserve."
"I know there are more Hillhunters out there. We should run them to the ground."

Lothid ClanEdit

"Counting fleshflies on a bloodfiend … it soothes me."
"Guard duty. I hate guard duty."
"I heard the Ravenwatch is sniffing around."
"Do you think Kathad is right about Boss Trenlor?"
"Lothid used to be a more noble clan."
"I can't believe the boss banished Freyleth to the Deep Tombs."
"Boss Trenlor may have gone too far this time."
"I say it's time to hunt our enemies instead of the other way around."
"After he tossed Freyleth down here, I thought I was going to be next!"
"I suppose guarding the prisoners is better than being a prisoner."
"And then Boss Trenlor said, "Time to die, mortal!" It was hilarious!"
"If that prisoner says another word, I'm draining them dry!"
"I used to get to lounge around all day in Boss Trenlor's court. Not anymore."
"Boss Trenlor says I can terrorize the villagers next time!"
"Imprisoning our own clan members seems … wrong."
"I wonder if Boss Trenlor will share some of the good stuff tonight."
"A true vampire shouldn't have to patrol the Deep Tombs. It's degrading."
"Are we going on another raid? I like raids!"
"Sure the boss is powerful. But he's also a little touched in the head."
"What's tonight's entertainment? Have you heard?"
"Why do we have to patrol this level? The prisoners aren't going anywhere."
"Pick a bloodfiend for the celebration."

The CauldronEdit

The Waking Flame cultists in The Cauldron occasionally speak while idle.

"Never could I dream of such gifts as these!"
"Only the finest heartwood for my staves."
"Just don't make eye contact and they won't hurt you."
"Behold the majesty! Such an honor to be in this place!"
"All around us, his power grows."
"These potions take forever to blend, but they pack a punch."
"A delicate veil separates us, soon torn apart."
"I wish we could just get this over with already!"

When you engage them in combat, they might say:

"They found us!"
"Inconsequential bugs!"
"You shall not interrupt our work!"
"You think you can best us?"
"Taste our Lord's power!"
"More fiends?, coming for blood!"

Castle Giovesse GhostsEdit

"Protect the castle! Nobody gets through!"
"Damn it! Why can't I remember?"
"Hate them! I hate them!"
"Something's wrong. I shouldn't be here."
"Protect the castle! No one gets through!"
"Intruders …. Intruders everywhere!"
"I won't abandon ever my post, sire … ever."
"Why hasn't this day ended yet …? Why?"

Deadlands DremoraEdit


"These mortals keep approaching me and asking for armor. As if their fragile skeletons wouldn't crumble under the weight alone."

When you begin combat with the Havocrel Duke of Cataclysms, the summoned Daedra may say:

"You will not interfere with our lord's plan."
"My wrath will not end with you. You've doomed your family line by coming here."
"Your chances of survival are as small as you."
"How can you battle disaster, puny mortal?"
"Feast upon the weak."
"You can't stop the flood with a sword!"
"Destruction in Dagon's name!"
"Show me your blood, mortal."
"Fire and flood take you!"
"To battle! For Dagon!"
"I shall take your skull as a keepsake!"
"Fire consume you!"
"Mortals have a stench about them."
"Your frailty betrays you, mortal."
"All will fall before me!"
"The Lord of Devastation sends his regards."
"Come and find your end, mortal."
"Like fire from the sky!"

Rockgrove DaedraEdit

Dremora at the Tower of Five Crimes in Rockgrove will say one of the following while idle:

"If that Harvester takes any more time with those souls, I am going to start adding the scaled insects to the feast. Maybe that'll speed this up."
"I can't wait for my turn to tear the souls from those cowering clawed bodies."
"Once the Harvester is full, it'll be time to end this interminable break and strike the mortals down where they stand."
"Mortals think they know all about how to torture one another. Pssh. They're too focused on limbs to recognize it even if I boiled the bile in their stomachs."
"Guar dung! The best thing these mortals can do for our lord is give their souls to the Harvesters."
"Just a few more souls and then death and destruction will reign."
"These mortals better be right about feeding Xalvakka all those souls, otherwise I'm going to burn them all myself."

If you engage them in combat, they'll say:

"Attack me in my own homeland? Can you be less of an idiot?"
"Hope these mortals like the view of the Deadlands. It's the only view they'll ever see."
"Your journey ends here."
"Give up."
"I'll cut you to ribbons and feed you to the fire."
"You made a fatal error coming here."
"My lord Dagon doesn't want someone as puny as you."
"End this farce and I will take less pleasure in watching you burn."
"What makes you think you're worthy of my time?"
"Burn like the others."
"There are vermin everywhere, even here."
"You're out numbered here."
"You will die choking on the smoke of your own body."
"I'll grind you to a paste."

Havocrel may speak while idle:

"The others get to exalt Dagon in the Deadlands, why do I have to remain here?"

Havocrel may say the following when they are engaged in combat:

"Burn in my fires."
"Dagon notice my prowess."


While idle, the Sul-Xan in Rockgrove will say:

"Bahsei's plans have never let us down. She's the commander we never knew we were lacking for all those years."
"Bahsei is the one with plans. I just want to watch the fires."
"The sacrifices should save their sniveling for someone who cares, Lord Dagon shows no mercy and neither do we."
"Stay here. Wait. Wait for what? Scales to fall off?"
"Nothing is sure, which is why our lord will rise. He cannot be stopped and neither will my bloodlust. I just wish he would get on with it already. All this planning is making my scales chafe."
"Hope Xalvakka doesn't mind taking the crazy ones. I swear we've broken more minds then we started with."
"I like it when the sacrifices scream."
"Our work shouldn't take too much longer now."
"Look, all I'm saying is that the beast won't care if the sacrifices have all their toes attached to them."
"Another unprepared tribe attempted to overthrow our plans a few days ago, Prince of Disaster took them all in his glorious blaze."
"The next sacrifice I see will get descaled like a fish, always wanted to see what that'd look like."
"Muck and slate, ugh. My claws long to dig scratches into scorching rock."
"I've felt his might myself. When the earth shook and Dagon spoke to me … I'd never felt anything like it before. It was pure power. True power. The power of a Prince."[verification needed — see talk page]
"This place would be a lot more interesting if we all didn't have the same goal."[verification needed — see talk page]
"Hope someone has planned something else for us to eat. If it's overcooked meat again tonight I will not be responsible for my actions."[verification needed — see talk page]
"Planning to take over the world is hard work. Once this is over and Dagon rules everything, I'm going to sleep for a fortnight."[verification needed — see talk page]
"I'm not sure how large our lord is. He's said to be tall, but, the sky goes on forever in the Deadlands. He'd never have to stop growing."[verification needed — see talk page]
"The trick is to remember not to eat after handling poison. Or rub your scales."[verification needed — see talk page]
"Promised me a hunt. No hunt here."[verification needed — see talk page]
"Mark your fruitless eyes, when this ritual is done our lord will know what we've achieved and will praise us."[verification needed — see talk page]
"So many arsonists in one place, how are there still trees?"[verification needed — see talk page]
"I'm not saying we should kill them all and be done with it, but would gagging them hurt?"[verification needed — see talk page]
"That fool thinks I'll believe that was just a prank. A prank? My tail that was a prank. When I'm through with him …."
"You'd think the prisoners would give up on mercy already. We've slaughtered enough for that."
"Bahsei's plans draw us ever closer to the Lord of Blood and Flames."
"No complaints here. Waiting around gives me time to make sure my blades are sharpened."
"I wanted to be the one to deal with the sacrifices."
"Rocks. Stone. Molten rivers. No difference."[verification needed — see talk page]
"It's amazing how you make all those traps in such short time. Pssh. Stupid spineless hatchlings. I make them beforehand."[verification needed — see talk page]

When you engage them in combat, members of the Sul-Xan in Rockgrove may say:

"A hero? Here?"
"Come to provide some entertainment?"
"How many blows can you stand?"
"Die with dignity."
"A sacrifice with strength and will? Xalvakka will enjoy you."
"This is my kill."
"I don't know how you got passed [sic] everyone else, but you won't get passed me."[verification needed — see talk page]
"Been waiting for a good fight."[verification needed — see talk page]
"I'll tear you to pieces."[verification needed — see talk page]
"Weren't you taught not to meddle in the affairs of others?"[verification needed — see talk page]
"Ha. You think you can stop Dagon?"[verification needed — see talk page]
"Oh, did that hurt?"[verification needed — see talk page]
"I'll spare you the sight of what will come next."[verification needed — see talk page]
"Give your life for my cause."[verification needed — see talk page]
"You will feel my arrows in your back."
"Strike the newcomer down."[verification needed — see talk page]
"The beast will enjoy feasting on you."[verification needed — see talk page]
"I will cut you to ribbons."[verification needed — see talk page]
"Let me add a scar to your face."[verification needed — see talk page]
"I'll cut you down."
"My blade thirsts for your blood."[verification needed — see talk page]
"Foul stinking creatures, you cannot hide from me."[verification needed — see talk page]
"Give me your life or I'll take it."[verification needed — see talk page]
"I'm looking for a challenge, don't be disappointing."[verification needed — see talk page]
"Finally, something to burn."

Waking Flame CultistsEdit

Knights of the Silver RoseEdit

Discipline. Discipline is the key to becoming a bearer. We are beyond your reach, heathens. Can't look away … can't look away …. I heard Volendrung was found in Cyrodiil. Now that'd be a prize for one of Malacath's own. Have you ever held a Daedric artifact? Pure power. There is no feeling like it. Is it hubris to wield the Daedra's power against them? I say it is hubris to believe we can best them without it. Special training? I'll stick with my bow, thanks. The Prior should let me try taming an artifact of Malacath. It's only natural. The Divines give us power over Daedra. We must use it. Even bearers must observe protocol. So says the Prior. One day, the Silver Rose will possess the strength to claim the Battlespire for ourselves.

The Dread CellarEdit

The Crimson Oath warriors in The Dread Cellar occasionally speak while idle.

"For the glory of the clan!"
"Why does Lord Dagon entrust the construction to these fool mortals?"
"These Waking Flame have their uses. Submission, for one."
"We are the Crimson Oath. We are Dagon's most trusted. Not them."
"Take care handling the agonymium stones. They thirst for mortal suffering."
"Bored, bored, bored. Why couldn't I have been summoned somewhere more interesting?"

When you engage them in combat, they might say:

"Submit, creature."

The Waking Flame cultists in The Dread Cellar occasionally speak while idle.

"Cower before the Waking Flame!"
"Don't let the Crimson Oath act like our betters. They are brute killers, nothing more."

When you engage them in combat, they might say: