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Skyrim:Shaman's Hut

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Shaman's Hut
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
Skaal Village
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 1
# of Arcane Enchanters 1
Shaman's Hut

The Shaman's Hut is the home of shaman Storn Crag-Strider and his daughter Frea in Skaal Village.

It is on the southeast side of the village, south of the Greathall.

It contains only one zone, Shaman's Hut.




To the left of the entrance is a bench. The entrance is unlocked.

Shaman's HutEdit

Shaman's Hut interior

The entrance leads into a room with a well-dressed dinner table to the left and three respawning barrels and a non-respawning sack to the right, all of them with food. Next to the barrels are a set of shelves with two bottles of ale, an ash yam and one bottle of alto wine along with a respawning food sack. The dinner table holds three loaves of bread in a bowl, a salmon, two pieces of salmon meat, a salmon steak, a piece of bread, a green apple, and an eidar cheese wedge. On a shelf above are two salt piles on a plate and a flute.

Opposite the table is the entrance to the room with an arcane enchanter. A non-respawning dresser holds various clothing and a bowl with a gourd sits on top, next to a set of clothes. To the left of the enchanter is a copy of the book Children of the All-Maker and in a wooden bowl are a Nordic barnacle, a pearl, and a rare small pearl. Also on the table there's a filled lesser soul gem, a horker tusk, a salt pile, and a plate with another Nordic barnacle and a rock warbler egg. Above the enchanter are two non-respawning food sacks, some snowberries, and a bit of wheat on a shelf. On the floor to the left of the table is an open box containing a potato.

A huge fireplace covers most of the floor in the central room with two pieces of firewood and two ash yams on the side. On the roof supports above is a single bottle of ale. There is an alchemy lab in the southwestern corner, with a bulb of garlic in a bowl and a freshly caught rabbit and some dried frost mirriam hanging above. The non-respawning cupboard to the left contains clutter and the respawning barrel contains food. The shelves above the cupboard hold a head of cabbage, a fillet of horker meat, and another salt pile. A bottle of alto wine and a bottle of ale can be found on the top shelves along with a respawning apothecary's satchel containing uncommon ingredients.

Another respawning apothecary's satchel on a ledge, this time containing rare ingredients, can be found beneath the mudcrab trophy on the wall, along with some wheat and a bucket containing a sample of scathecraw, a sample of trama root, and a mudcrab chitin. Some shelves near the bedroom door hold a deer hide, a pair of boots, and two non-respawning food sacks. The bedroom contains two owned beds and a set of shelves with three pearls and a horker tusk.