Skyrim: Northshore Landing

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Northshore Landing
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Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 10
Old Salty, Mudcrabs
Ancarion, Thalmor Soldiers
Important Treasure
East Empire Pendant
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2NorthshoreLandingExterior01, DLC2NorthshoreLandingExterior02
West of Castle Karstaag Ruins
North-northeast of Bristleback Cave
Special Features
# of Tanning Racks 1
Northshore Landing

Northshore Landing is a small abandoned dock inhabited by mudcrabs.

Thalmor ship docked

It is located on the north coast of Solstheim, west of Castle Karstaag Ruins, north-northeast of Bristleback Cave.

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Northshore LandingEdit

The dock itself consists of a T-shaped jetty with the down leg pointing north in disrepair and falling apart at the end. There are several mudcrabs in and around the docks. On the jetties are five fish barrels, crates, and four sacks, along with a novice-locked chest. The docks are situated by the mouth of a stream that is the runoff from a waterfall from higher up in the mountains behind. Following the stream back to the base of the waterfall there is a nirnroot and behind the waterfall an unlocked wooden chest. Along the shore and under the docks are several pearl oysters, clams and stacks of crates, barrels and chests. There is a partially flooded rowboat pulled up on shore to the west of the docks. On the hull is a Nordic barnacle cluster. On a crate to the immediate right of the stairs up onto the docks is another. Opposite the stairs, to the south, is a novice-locked chest. Due north of the rowboat, under the water, is an apprentice-locked chest beside a sunken boat which has two Nordic barnacle clusters on the hull and a patch of slaughterfish eggs. Under the docks, level with the end of the damaged jetty, are a couple of crates with a silver ingot on the sea bed between them.

On the east shore of the stream is an empty chest with an ebony ore vein further east, against the cliffs, while north of this is a derelict shack with the doors and windows missing along with holes in the roof and walls. It is home to a large, unique mudcrab, named Old Salty. In front of the shack is an open crate containing two pieces of mudcrab chitin beside two fish barrels, a food sack, and a tanning rack. Inside, against the south wall, is a bookcase holding an expert-locked East Empire Company strongbox and many ruined books. To the right of this is a bucket containing a piece of mudcrab chitin. Against the north wall are two fish barrels, an unlocked chest, and a long wooden table with a map of Skyrim on top. There are three loose septims placed over the capitals of three of the holds with a further thirteen loose septims, a gold ring and an iron dagger to the right, and a piece of mudcrab chitin to the left. If you look through the window at the table, there is also a silver amethyst ring behind a crate that is difficult to see from inside.

If you come to Northshore Landing during A New Source of Stalhrim, a large ship will be present at the dock. There will be a few Thalmor soldiers standing guard or patrolling the area under the leadership of Ancarion.


  • A small unmarked island lies to the north, visible from Northshore Landing. There are two stalhrim deposits and a leveled enchanted battleaxe there guarded by two or three horkers. Once the stalhrim has been mined one of the sarcophagi contains a dead draugr that can be looted.
  • A novice-locked random chest surrounded by riekling spears can be found to the southwest against the cliff face, near two horkers.