Skyrim: Creatures: Animals
(lore page)
Location Coasts of the Sea of Ghosts
Species Horker Soul Petty
Level 3 Type Animals
BaseID 00023AB1
  • 15-22 pts, Melee
Horker Meat (1 × 100%); Horker Tusk (1 × 100%); Small Treasure (1 × 10%)
Other Information
Health 175 Magicka −25
Stamina 185
Faction(s) Creature Faction; HorkerFaction; HunterPreyFaction; PreyFaction
A Horker

Horkers are sea animals, similar in appearance to a walrus, that typically live in packs of three or four. They are usually found on ice at the sides of rivers in northern Skyrim. Occasionally one of these creatures can be seen crawling up a slope near the seaside. They will become hostile if approached too closely or provoked. Horkers are very slow and easy to avoid and outmaneuver, making them very easy targets. In water, however, they are much faster and harder to outrun. You may loot the corpses for their meat and tusks. With the installation of the Dragonborn add-on, a unique horker named Lord Tusk appears on Solstheim.

For more information on the dead horker in Skaal VillageDB, see this page.


With the installation of the Hearthfire add-on, you have the ability to create a horker statue on a large base in the trophy room addition of any homestead, should you choose to build it. The materials needed are:



  • Horker YounglingDB is a kind of unique horker with decreased size not found in-game. You can only encounter it in Editor Smoke Test Cell.