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Skyrim:Fortify Destruction

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SR-icon-spell-Magic Hat.png Fortify Destruction
School Restoration
Type Defensive
ID 0003eb26
Base Cost 0.5
Base Mag 5
Base Dur 60
ID 0007a0f6
Base Cost 26
Items Head, Neck, Chest, Finger
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Built-In Potions

Alchemy description: Destruction spells are <mag>% stronger for <dur> seconds.
Enchanting description: Destruction spells cost <mag>% less to cast.
There are two distinct Fortify Destruction effects: one from Alchemy-created potions and one granted by enchanting armor. Their effects are as follows.


In potions, Fortify Destruction increases the magnitude of Destruction magic.

The following alchemy ingredients can be used to create a potion of Fortify Destruction:


In enchantments, Fortify Destruction decreases the cost of Destruction spells and the use cost of Destruction-based enchantments.

The following items use this effect. You can learn how to enchant custom items with Fortify Destruction if you find one of the following items and disenchant it:

  • All varieties of Armor, Bracers, Circlets, Helmets, Rings, Necklaces, and Robes of Destruction
    • Includes the enchantments of Minor Destruction, of Major Destruction, of Extreme Destruction, of Eminent Destruction, and of Peerless Destruction.
  • Hooded Thalmor Robes
  • Thalmor Robes

Artifacts and unique items that use the effect but cannot be disenchanted include:


  • Fortify Destruction potions always have a duration of 60 seconds, no matter the amount of Fortify Alchemy apparel worn or Alchemy perks and skill level. The only thing that gets stronger is the boosted power of Destruction effect. With the Fortify Restoration glitch, it's possible to make Fortify Destruction potions that will turn even Novice level spells such as Frostbite into spells strong enough to even combat Dragons and other high health enemies.
  • Fortify Destruction enchantments not only decrease the cost of Destruction spells, but also the cost of each use of a Destruction-type enchanted weapon, such as one enchanted with fire or health absorption. This also works with staves, either greatly increasing the uses of the weapon, or even outright eliminating the need to recharge them with soul gems.