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Skyrim:Cragslane Cavern

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Cragslane Cavern
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 6
Bandits, Barkeep, Bouncer, Butcher, Gamblers, Pit Wolves
Important Treasure
The Wolf Queen, v1
Console Location Code(s)
CragslaneCavernExterior, CragslaneCavernExterior02, CragslaneCavern01
North of Shor's Stone
West of Ansilvund
Special Features
# of Tanning Racks 1
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
Cragslane Cavern

Cragslane Cavern is a small cave north of Shor's Stone containing bandits and pit wolves. It contains only one zone, Cragslane Cavern.

The Bouncer

The cave is being used for skooma operations and animal blood sports.

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The cave is just off the road between Riften and Windhelm. There is a single Bouncer on guard outside the entrance, with two pit wolves in cages with leveled locks nearby. There is a campfire in front with a cooking pot hanging over it, and two small tents containing unowned bed rolls beside the fire separated by a food barrel and a couple sacks. East of the fire is a tanning rack. The entrance to the cavern is southwest of the campfire, with a crate and a couple food sacks beside it.

Cragslane CavernEdit

The wolf pit and the two gamblers

The entrance leads into a tunnel descending to the south. The bottom is lit by a lantern on a barrel to the left, with a bandit standing guard opposite (see bugs). Beyond him, the tunnel narrows; a mead barrel is ahead where the tunnel turns to the west. After a few paces, the tunnel opens into a large cave, entering on a raised wooden structure with a ramp to the north leading down to the ground level. At ground level is a central pit containing two pit wolves, with one pit wolf standing over the corpse of another. There are two gamblers standing near the pit. There are chairs spaced around the pit for the patrons to sit and watch the fights, and a cart on the near side containing a couple pickaxes and shovels. In the northwest corner is the bar, with a couple stools in front. One bottle of alto wine, one bottle of wine, four bottles of ale, and two bottles of Nord mead are either on or under the counter, while two bottles of skooma, a bowl of moon sugar, and a copy of the Lockpicking skill book The Wolf Queen, v1 are under the counter. Behind the bar is an unarmed gambler and an armed barkeep. The Barkeep carries the Craglane Chest Key, which opens an apprentice-locked chest behind the bar. There are also a couple mead barrels in the corner, and to the east of the bar is an unowned single bed. To the south are two tunnels, one of which leads to and from the pit, while the other exits in front of it. Under the wooden structure near the chamber's entrance are several crates, barrels, and sacks.

The Butcher

The tunnel to the south leads to another chamber, where the leader of the bandits, the Butcher, stands facing away from you. In this cave there is an unowned bed roll against the east wall, while against the rear wall is a small raised area with a wooden ramp going up. There are a couple food barrels and a basket containing green apples here, beside which is a small set of shelves holding four bottles of skooma, a blue dartwing, and an expert-locked strongbox. To the right of the shelves is a long wooden table holding a small coin purse, three more bottles of skooma, two samples of fly amanita fungus, a bowl of moon sugar, a bottle of Nord mead, and an iron dagger, with a bunch of dried elves ear and a bunch of dried frost mirriam hanging over the table. To the right of the table are more crates, sacks, and barrels, with a pickaxe and a woodcutter's axe on top.

In front of the wooden ramp is an apprentice-locked chest with a bear trap in front of it. This chest is also opened with the Barkeep's key. Against the west wall are three cages, two of which are apprentice-locked and contain pit wolves, while the third is empty and open. The Butcher carries the Craglane Dog Cage Key that opens these cages. The second tunnel heading north-south leads into the pit, where there is the body of the dead wolf. Between the two tunnels are more barrels and sacks, with a set of clothes on top and a pair of boots on the ground beside them.


  • Reading the small note, which can be randomly found on a dead bandit surrounded by wolves, will mark this location on your map.
  • Be warned that the Butcher puts up a good fight and usually has an enchanted weapon, as well as a leveled set of unenchanted heavy armor (excluding the helmet). This could be a very long fight, so come prepared.


  • The first guard you meet inside Cragslane Cavern has no name, and cannot be pickpocketed or looted after he has been killed. This bug was introduced in Patch 1.9.