Skyrim: Convince Nikulas to stay in Skaal Village

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Counsel a young Skaal on the dangers of life as an adventurer.
Quest Giver: Edla
Location(s): Skaal Village
Reward: 5 Ashen Grass Pod, 5 Emperor Parasol Moss, 5 Scathecraw
ID: DLC2SkaalVillageFreeform2
The mother and her son
"I know it must be hard for an adventurer such as you to understand this, but we Skaal live very boring lives."

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Edla about her son.
  2. Convince Nikulas to stay in Skaal Village.
  3. Return to Edla.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Return to Skaal Village after the quest The Fate of the Skaal and you can find Edla wandering around the village. She may tell you "My son's heart is restless. He wants to see the world beyond our lands, and nothing I say will change his mind." If you ask her about her son, she will provide you with more detailed information. His name is Nikulas, and he is a good lad, a strong and loyal young man. However, Edla wishes her son wasn't so eager to leave the village. If you are willing to talk to him, she will be quite happy. "You would do that? I know he would listen to you. You've been out there in the wide world. You know its perils." She hopes you can convince him.

You can find Nikulas sitting on a bench outside their house. You may talk to him about his mother and his dream. He will admit "That's right. I want to go out into the world and earn great glory. I want to hunt the deadliest creatures and claim vast riches." He is weary of the life in Skaal Village and he wants to do something with his life other than farm, fish, and hunt deer. You may choose various ways to convince him to stay at home or remind him to think about his mother before making the final decision.

Option Dialogue Reaction
I do understand. In fact, I'm willing to help you get started.
  • Take this. Just give your mother some more time. (Bribe)
You are? I admit, I was not expecting to hear that.
  • Passed: Yes, you're right. She still mourns for my father, and having me near brings her comfort. You have my oath that I will not leave the village until my mother is ready to let me go.
  • Failed: I am grateful for your offer, outsider, but I am Skaal. All that I need, I was born with.
Passed: Return to Edla
Failed: Nothing
The world is dangerous, and you're not ready for it. (Intimidate) Passed: Well, I know there is some danger, of course, but I didn't think it would be that bad. If the risk is truly so great, I will train with Wulf Wild-Blood and hone my skills. Perhaps in three or four winters, I will truly be ready.
Failed: There is no fear in my heart. My father's blood flows in my veins, and he was a mighty warrior. I will face any danger.
Passed: Return to Edla
Failed: Nothing
You'd abandon your mother when she needs you most? (Persuade) Passed: There is truth in your words. She has not been herself since my father's death.
Failed: I know that it would be difficult for her, at least for a time, but I am a man now. I have the right to choose what life I will.
Passed: Return to Edla
Failed: Nothing

At last, he will see that in his eagerness for adventure, he has forgotten his duties as a son and as a Skaal. He will thank you for your wisdom.

Return to Edla and tell her that Nikulas has agreed to stay. "May the All-Maker bless you with many sons and daughters, outsider. Once again you have shown that you are a true friend of the Skaal." She will reward you with some herbs that are unique to the land, including five Ashen Grass Pod, five Emperor Parasol Moss, and five Scathecraw. She still thinks the reward can hardly be equal to the joy in her heart.

Quest StagesEdit

Convince Nikulas to stay in Skaal Village (DLC2SkaalVillageFreeform2)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Convince Nikulas to stay in Skaal Village
Objective 20: Speak to Edla
300 ☒Fails quest
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