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梦 - Meng
流 虹 抚 云
素 颜 回 梦 忆 千 寻
  • Dreamshadow lives in Jiangsu Province, China. If possible, you may use player.moveto to find his detailed location at any time.
  • Dreamshadow loves his country and feels proud of her glorious history and prosperous future.
  • Dreamshadow thinks he is more outgoing and imaginative than his classmates, but less modest and patient.
  • The time difference sometimes annoys Dreamshadow a lot.
  • Feel free to e-mail Dreamshadow, he will see them.
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Dreamshadow's beloved Chinese ID is "梦影风痕" (Meng Ying Feng Hen) and his friend often call him "梦影" for short. As you can see, the first character means "Dream", while the second one means "Shadow" in English.


影 - Ying
玉 露 沁 月
清 竹 弄 影 琼 宫 雪
Tel Mithryn Apothecary

Dreamshadow: "Do you need any help?"
Elynea: "Well, I could use a daedra heart. Can't grow that in my garden."
Dreamshadow: "Okay. Let me see..."
Dreamshadow: "What do you have for sale?"
Dreamshadow buys a daedra heart from Elynea and hands it to her.
Elynea: "It's a bit dried up, but it will do."


Guard: "Let me guess... Someone stole your sweetroll."
Dreamshadow: "Really? Ahhh..."
Dreamshadow enters sneak mode and checks the inventory of the Guard.
Dreamshadow: "Ha! My sweetroll! I'll take it~"
Guard: "Stop right there! You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people."
Dreamshadow: "NO!!!!!!"

Riverwood Trader

Camilla: "It means so much to us to have the claw back where it belongs."
Dreamshadow: ("Sorry, I do like that claw...")
Dreamshadow takes the gold claw away by stealth.
Lucan: "The Riverwood Trader is back to the way it used to be!"
Dreamshadow: "Yeah, that's true."
Lucan: "You and me, we're the only people around who aren't complete fools."

Palace of the Kings

Jarl Laila: "The people of Riften depended on me, and I failed them."
Jarl Skald: "Leave me alone. Can't an old man have some peace?"
Unmid: "I don't like talking to someone who holds their honor so cheaply."
Jod: "I should bash your face in after all you've done."
Brunwulf: "There's no glory in war."
Dreamshadow: "There's no glory after war."


  • Favourite Weapon - Ebony Bow, found in a chest in Rannveig's Fast.
  • Sneak Attacks - 6247, eyes open... walk with the shadows.
  • Backstabs - 1462, new combat style? Cool~
  • Quests - Dreamshadow loves quests!
  • Hours Slept - 1677 in 1200 days, Dreamshadow needs more slee... zzZZZ
  • Food Eaten - 228 in 1200 days? How possible? Lembas bread in Skyrim! Maybe...
  • Books Read - 520, yeah, Dreamshadow enjoys reading~
  • Gems - Dreamshadow keeps every gem he finds in a wardrobe.
  • Bunnies Slaughtered - 0, Rabbit Haunch? Don't try to tempt Dreamshadow!
  • Poisons Used - 0, Dreamshadow isn't poisonous.
  • Lifetime Bounty - 2540, 1500 for the emperor. 1000 for the Forsworn Conspiracy. 40? How? Dreamshadow is innocent!
  • Murders - 53, Dark Brotherhood, Thalmor, Skooma Dealer and no more explanations.
  This user is a member of the Bosmer race.
  This user is an archer.
  This user is an assassin.
  This user is a shadow master.


风 - Feng
烟 柳 映 水
幽 兰 拂 风 镜 湖 翠
  • UESP helped Dreamshadow a lot, so he decided to create this account and try his best to return the favor.
  • Dreamshadow is glad to be here and works together with so many excellent editors.

Work ListEdit

  • Detailed Quest Walkthrough (top)
  • Skyrim Houses Redesign Project (top)
  • Image Cleanup and Requests (any time)
  • Minor Edits (any time)

First TimeEdit

  • Edit a talk page - Ruunvald Excavation, forgot to sign my post successfully...
  • Edit a page - Wolfskull Cave, a minor note.
  • Undo my own edit - Wolfskull Cave, placed something in a wrong place.
  • Talk to another user - The Silencer, he believes silence is golden, but I broke the silence~
  • Upload a file - File:SR-creature-Vix.jpg, then every pet in Hearthfire. Didn't know how to add them into the right category...
  • Creat my own user page - Much simpler at first.
  • Creat a template - Skill Master, in fact, I only made the user boxes. Thanks, Daric and TheRealLurlock~
  • Use Chatroom - Just take a look and say hi......
  • Edit CP - Gemstone Geodes, a late reply.
  • Creat a sandbox - Dialogue, renamed to sandbox Jia now.
  • Purge a page - Really useful~
  • Write a new article - Adoption, amazing, right?
  • Join in a project - Skyrim Houses Redesign Project, thank you, Krusty~
  • Edit AN - I crashed UESP with an image successfully......
  • Creat a UESPWiki page - Creation Kit Information Requests
  • Move a page - Ouch... I forgot to change the name of that screenshot......
  • ............
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Here is the detailed list.




痕 - Hen
柔 波 浣 纱
纤 手 留 痕 润 百 花
Civil War

Imperial Legion: "May those above judge me, and those below take me, if I fail in my duty."
Stormcloak: "As Talos is my witness, may this oath bind me to death and beyond even to my lord as to my fellow brothers and sisters in arms."


Silvia: "Our sisterhood will be better off with you dead, brat."
Selveni: "I thought of my daughter every day. So I snuck off, hoping to find and steal away with her."


Bandit: "Die already so I can take your stuff!"
Mistwatch Bandit: "Need something?"


Justiciar: "Dreamshadow is an enemy, you are to destroy him with extreme hatred."
Ondolemar: "There are so few pleasures in life as fine as your company."

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甲 - Sandbox Jia Semi-active Dialogue collection Any unique dialogue
乙 - Sandbox Yi Semi-active Project Skyrim Quest Redesign Project
丙 - Sandbox Bing Inactive My first article Memory
丁 - Sandbox Ding Inactive Project Crops Statistics
戊 - Sandbox Wu Active Miscellaneous work Editor Smoke Test Cell
己 - Sandbox Ji Inactive Backup Empty