Skyrim:Bannermist Tower

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Nordic Tower:
Bannermist Tower
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Clearable Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 6
Important Treasure
Advances in Lockpicking
Console Location Code(s)
BannermistTowerExterior01, BannermistTowerExterior02
Falkreath Hold
South of Moss Mother Cavern and Hunter's Rest
East of Knifepoint Ridge
Special Features
# of Tanning Racks 1
Bannermist Tower

Bannermist Tower is a small ruined Nordic tower occupied by bandits, located south of Moss Mother Cavern and Hunter's Rest, and east of Knifepoint Ridge.



There is one bandit patrolling outside the tower. Off the path leading up to the tower, to the south, is a bird's nest containing a pine thrush egg, with a second nest with another egg at the western base of the tower. Also, a vacant beehive can be found hanging underneath the entrance ramp, while a blue mountain flower and thistle are by the foot of the tower to the south. The entrance ramp is located at the rear of the tower, lodged between the tower and the hill.

Bannermist TowerEdit

Bannermist tower

Just before the entrance ramp, at the base of the tower, is an apprentice-locked gate to the storage area. Inside are an unlocked chest and a table beside it holding a large coin purse, two garnets, an amethyst, and four loose septims. The stairs down end in a cave-in where there are two patches of imp stool fungus.

The first level at the top of the entrance ramp holds only sacks and barrels of foodstuffs and two bedrolls, one of which is often occupied by a sleeping bandit. On the second level of the tower, across a plank walkway, are a tanning rack, various crates, sacks, and barrels, and a small wooden table holding a copy of the Lockpicking skill book Advances in Lockpicking (see bugs). Also, there is a weapon rack holding an iron sword and warhammer (which may have fallen to the floor). An unlocked chest is tucked away beneath the stairs behind more barrels and sacks leading up to the top level. The top level is simply a lookout station, and usually contains a bandit, with a small table where a copy of a random common book has been left for some light reading while enjoying the scenery, and three loose iron arrows on the floor.


  • The skill book may have fallen through the table and floor and be found near the entrance by the top of the ramp. ?