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This article is about the Redguard raiders in Malabal Tor. For the historic Yokudan invaders, see Ra Gada.

Ra Gada is the name given to Redguard raiders who attack the coast of Malabal Tor. They have recently allied themselves with the Drublog, a tribe of Wood Orcs who have fallen under the influence of Ulthorn the Hound.

The Ra Gada found at Crimson Cove are actually Imperials, and it is revealed that they're agents of the Empire simply posing as pirates.


Named Members
Captain al-Hallen
Captain at-Mardeen
Captain Shammin
First Mate
Ilwan at-Nazim
Generic Members
Ra Gada Bowman
Ra Gada Bravo
Ra Gada Champion
Ra Gada Envoy
Ra Gada Mystic
Ra Gada Sharpshooter
Ra Gada Soldier
Ra Gada Warrior



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