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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Help Nahfahlaar find an old ally.
Zone: Southern Elsweyr
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Dragonguard
Quest Giver: Nahfahlaar, Sidura
Location(s): Dragonguard Sanctum, Khenarthi's Breath Temple, Moonlit Cove, Zazaradi's Quarry and Mine
Previous Quest: Reformation
Next Quest: Order of the New Moon
Reward: Restored Dragonguard Helm
Za'ji's Dragonguard Uniform
1 Skill Point
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6394
Petition the Clan Mother of Khenarthi's Breath Temple for aid
Nahfahlaar knows of a Dragon who may join our alliance, but has no idea where to find him. I need to find Yahgrondu and extend an offer to join us.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Za'ji.
  2. Meet Za'ji in front of Khenarthi's Breath Temple at Black Heights.
  3. Speak with Clan Mother Tadali.
  4. Find the missing Temple Bell in Moonlit Cove.
  5. Return the bell to Khenarthi's Breath Temple.
  6. Ring the bells in the proper order.
  7. Speak with Nahfahlaar.
  8. Enter Zazaradi's Quarry and Mine and find Yahgrondu.
  9. Defeat the cultists and speak with Nahfahlaar.
  10. Return to the Dragonguard Sanctum and speak with Sai Sahan.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

In Search of AidEdit

Speak with Nahfahlaar to begin the quest.

"You are wise to ally yourselves with me. Laatvulon will not stop until Tamriel is destroyed. He has raised an army and forced my brothers to join his crusade. Those who refuse, die.
He must be stopped, for the good of my kind as well as for yours."
Sai said you needed help with something.
"A Dragon's words have power few mortals understand. When we swear an oath, we are bound by it. That is our way.
The Dragon Yahgrondu vowed to aid me in a time of need. We must seek him out and remind him of his oath."
You want Yahgrondu to join us?
"I do. But I do not know where he hides. I leave that task to you, as the Dragonguard of old were known to be accomplished trackers.
Seek the aid of a companion who knows this land well and let them guide you. Now go, hunter. Find Yahgrondu."
I'll choose a companion who's familiar with Elsweyr and search for Yahgrondu.

You can ask Sai for more information. He tells you that Za'ji knows the area quite well, and may be able to tell you where to start. Za'ji knows some people who might be able to help you find Yahgrondu: the priests of Khenarthi's Breath Temple. The temple is located in Black Heights, Za'ji's home town in northwestern Pellitine. Meet him and Aeliah Renmus in front of the temple. When you arrive, Za'ji seems a bit nervous. Aeliah questions him on this, but he insists that it's nothing. Upon entering the temple, it becomes very apparent that Za'ji isn't welcome here.

Clan Mother Tadali kicks him out, but allows you to state your purpose.

"Za'ji claims you seek to save Elsweyr, yes? Tadali doesn't believe anything that comes out of that insolent cub's mouth, but you should not be judged for his failings.
Why have you come here?"
Elsweyr is in danger. We seek the Dragon Yahgrondu to help us save it.
"A noble quest. Unfortunately, this temple will be of little help. We lost one of our sacred temple bells many years ago. We have not been able to call upon Khenarthi's guidance ever since."
What happened to the temple bell?
"Tadali's jekosiit of a son stole it. That is why Za'ji is no longer welcome in this temple.
Still, Khenarthi shows grace in all things, even betrayal. If you find the bell and return it, this one will search for your Dragon."
All right, I'll see if I can return your bell.

She'd be happy to help you find Yahgrondu, but she can't on account of the fact that one of her sacred temple bells was stolen by none other than Za'ji when he left home. The bells allow the priests to find lost things, and she needs the missing bell to proceed. The Clan Mother agrees to help you find the Dragon on the condition that you return the temple bell to her.

Retrieving the BellEdit

Speak with Za'ji outside the temple while Aeliah stays behind to serve as damage control with the Clan Mother.

"You would think a life devoted to the Divines would make mother a bit more forgiving.
Well? What did she say? Za'ji had trouble hearing your conversation from the other side of the gate."
She'll help us, but we need to return a temple bell you stole.
"Stole? That is not the exact word Za'ji would use. Regardless, returning it will be … tricky.
To purchase the Perfect Pounce, Za'ji sold the bell to the skooma lord, Bahzahar the Bull. Said trade involved certain … promises."
What sort of promises?
"Za'ji happened to mention that the bell could be used to find things, which is entirely true! Of course, this one had no idea how to use the bell in that way.
Bahzahar was not pleased when he learned this."
So Bahzahar is also angry with you?
"Murderously so! Za'ji has made a point to keep track of Bahzahar's movements to avoid a confrontation. For example, he currently hides out in Moonlit Cove.
If we want the bell, we'll have to sneak in and steal it back."
All right. Let's go to Moonlit Cove and get that bell.

Za'ji reveals that he stole the bell when he left home and traded it to the infamous skooma lord, Bahzahar the Bull, in exchange for The Perfect Pounce. You'll need to find his hideout in Moonlit Cove if you want to retrieve the bell. Meet Za'ji in the delve. He tells you that he came here all the time as a cub, so he should be able to help you find where Bahzahar is hiding.

Za'ji used to come to Moonlit Cove before he left home to escape his mother's nagging and his chores at the temple. He stole a key to the back chambers from a sleeping Moon-Priest, and hid that key in an alcove in the caves before he set sail on The Perfect Pounce. Follow Za'ji to the location where he hid the key. The ladder he used to climb up to the alcove is gone, but Za'ji has another solution to the vertical challenge. He gives you a grappling bow, which he borrowed from the sanctum before he left for Black Heights. There's a grapple point on the platforms above you. Use the bow to cross the upper platforms and reach Za'ji's alcove.

After retrieving the Moonlit Cove Key, meet Za'ji by the door to Bahzahar's lair. Enter the hideout and find the bell. You may need to kill Bahzahar to grab it. Once you have the bell, leave the delve and return to Khenarthi's Breath Temple. Place the bell back on its hook and speak with the Clan Mother, who notices that the bell is tarnished. It needs to be cleansed, and she can guide you through the ritual to do so. Za'ji interrupts her, wondering if there's a faster way. His impatience offends his mother, and she leaves.

Cleansing the BellEdit

You must now cleanse the bell on your own. Speak with Za'ji and ask him what he thinks. Za'ji insists that he's seen his mother ring these bells a thousand times, so he rings them. He notes that there are colored lanterns on the bells, and speculates how they might be important. The colors flash in a specific order.

Ra'khajin raises Yahgrondu

The solution to the bell puzzle is simple. You must pay attention to which order the colors on the large bell flash in, and ring the four large Khenarthic bells placed throughout the temple in order. You must ring the yellow bell first, then blue, then green, then red.

When the bell is cleansed, the Clan Mother returns and performs her divination ritual. She tells you that Yahgrondu is located somewhere with an abundance of limestone, inside a coastal cave. When she's done, Nahfahlaar arrives.

"Laatvulon's followers swarm the skies. The longer I remain, the greater chance I will be discovered.
Tell me. Have you found Yahgrondu?"
Yahgrondu is in a mine on the southern coast. There's limestone nearby.
"A large limestone quarry lies to the south. Laatvulon and his followers have seized it, though I do not know why.
Strange that Yahgrondu should be there now."
Maybe Yahgrondu has joined with Laatvulon.
"Unlikely. Yahgrondu is still bound to me by his oath. He would not join with my greatest enemy.
Head to the limestone quarry and search for this mine. I will meet you there."
We'll meet you at the limestone quarry.

He tells you of a limestone quarry south of here, which has been overrun by the Order of the New Moon. He tells you to meet him at the quarry. Aeliah will accompany you there as Za'ji informs Sai Sahan of the situation.

Finding YahgronduEdit

When you get to the mine, you'll notice the distinct lack of Nahfahlaar's presence. Aeliah isn't quite sure what the cult would want with a bunch of limestone, so there must be another layer to this. Find the entrance of the mine and head on inside. You overhear a conversation between two Dragons. Laatvulon is here, and he's trying to convince Yahgrondu to join him. Yahgrondu refuses, and Laatvulon begins shouting. You need to reach the bottom of the mine and save him.

Unfortunately, Laatvulon kills Yahgrondu before you can reach him. When he notices your intrusion, Laatvulon commands someone named Ra'khajin to raise Yahgrondu's corpse as he flies away. You must kill Yahgrondu to progress. Two New Moon Pyromancers and a New Moon Dreadnaught will accompany Yahgrondu at the start of the fight. Once Yahgrondu is dead, Nahfahlaar arrives.

"That is what happens to those who defy Laatvulon. He kills them then forces their corpse to do his bidding.
Pahklok. What shameful arrogance."
Where have you been?
"Waiting for Laatvulon to leave. Had I faced him now, he would have overpowered me.
Do not think me proud of such actions, hunter. Laatvulon has somehow increased his power. We are not prepared to fight him just yet."
A necromancer named Ra'khajin used the green stone here to raise Yahgrondu.
"To raise one of my kind takes great skill and greater preparation. Ra'khajin used the green stone to amplify his necromantic abilities.
That stone. It must be why Laatvulon's cult has claimed this mine."
Without Yahgrondu, what do we do?
"When Laatvulon hears of your victory, he will return to secure this mine. We must return to the sanctum :"before that happens.
After that, we can decide our next course of action."

Nahfahlaar notes that the green stone gave Ra'khajin the power to raise a dead Dragon, a feat that is not easily accomplished by mortals. You should return to the Dragonguard Sanctum and let Sai Sahan know what happened.

Quest StagesEdit

Uneasy Alliances
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should find one of the newly appointed Dragonguard and see if one of them can help me track down Yahgrondu, the Dragon loyal to Nahfahlaar.
Objective: Talk to Your Companions
Objective: Talk to Za'ji
Za'ji showed up after I spoke with Nahfahlaar, curious about our next mission. I should let him know about our task.
Objective: Talk to Za'ji
Za'ji believes a temple in the village of Black Heights can help us find Yahgrondu. I should meet him there.
Objective: Meet Za'ji at Black Heights
I met up with Za'ji and Aeliah in Black Heights. I should head into the temple.
Objective: Enter Khenarthi's Breath Temple
Clan Mother Tadali is furous [sic] with Za'ji and has refused to hear his request. I should speak to her and see if I can convince her to help us find Yahgrondu.
Objective: Talk to Clan Mother Tadali
Clan Mother Tadali said she would help if we returned a temple bell that Za'ji stole. I should ask Za'ji what happened to it.
Objective: Talk to Za'ji
The infamous skooma lord, Bahzahar the Bull, has the temple bell. I should locate his hideout in Moonlit Cove and retrieve it.
Objective: Enter Moonlit Cove
Bahzahar's hideout is located somewhere in Moonlit Cove. I should search for the hideout's entrance.
Objective: Find Bahzahar's Hideout
Objective Hint: Talk to Za'ji
The hideout's entrance is locked tight. I should speak to Za'ji about this.
Objective: Talk to Za'ji
Za'ji knows of a key hidden nearby that should open the door to Bahzahar's hideout. I should follow him to the key's location.
Objective: Follow Za'ji
Za'ji paused his search for the key and mentioned a missing ladder. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Za'ji
Hidden Objective: Find a Way Up
The key is hidden in an alcove high above, but the ladder leading to the alcove is missing. Luckily, Za'ji has a grappling bow I can use. I should use the grappling bow to get to the key.
Objective: Find the Key
I acquired the key to Bahzahar's hideout. I should head inside and see if I can find the temple bell.
Objective: Enter Bahzahar's Hideout
Objective Hint: Kill Bahzahar
I made my way into Bahzahar's hideout. I should search for the temple bell.
Objective: Retrieve Temple Bell
Za'ji and I successfully retrieved the bell from Bahzahar's hideout. I should return it to Khenarthi's Breath Temple.
Objective: Return to Khenarthi's Breath Temple
Clan Mother Tadali asked me to return the temple bell to its hook so that it may ring with its counterparts. I should do so.
Objective: Place the Temple Bell
Something seems to be wrong with the temple bell. I should ask Clan Mother Tadali what the problem is.
Objective: Talk to Clan Mother Tadali
The temple bell must be magically cleansed to return it to its proper tune. I should listen to Clan Mother Tadali in order to learn how to cleanse it.
Objective: Listen to Clan Mother Tadali
Za'ji interrupted Clan Mother Tadali's explanation, causing her to storm off in a huff. I should talk to Za'ji to see if he knows how to cleanse the temple bell.
Objective: Talk to Za'ji
Za'ji admits he isn't sure how to cleanse the temple bell, but he's going to improvise. I should see what he does.
Objective: Wait for Za'ji
Za'ji pressed a pedestal and the small temple bells began to ring in a certain order, causing colorful symbols to light. Perhaps there's something nearby that can help cleanse the tarnished bell.
Hidden Objective: Play Bells Start
Objective: Cleanse the Temple Bell
By hitting the larger bells in the courtyard to match the smaller bells' song, I cleansed the tarnished bell. Clan Mother Tadali has returned. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Tadali
Clan Mother Tadali agreed to use the power of the temple bells to find the Dragon Yahgrondu. I should listen to what she says.
Objective: Wait for Tadali
Nahfahlaar has arrived at the temple. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Nahfalaar
Aeliah wants to help me find Yahgrondu. I should meet her at the quarry Nahfahlaar spoke of.
Objective: Meet Aeliah Renmus at the Quarry
I found Aeliah on the outskirts of the quarry. I should speak to her about our next step.
Objective: Talk to Aeliah Renmus
Clan Mother Tadali said that Yahgrondu is in a mine. I should search for it.
Objective: Find the Mine
The quarry is overrun by Dragon cultists. I should enter the mine beneath the cliffs and see if I can find Yahgrondu.
Objective: Enter the Mine
Laatvulon is in the mine, and he's arguing with another Dragon. Is that Yahgrondu? I should head deeper into the mine and see what's happening.
Objective: Find Yahgrondu
Laatvulon killed Yahgrondu and a mysterious Khajiiti necromancer raised him as an undead Dragon. I must defend myself and defeat the now undead Yahgrondu.
Objective: Defeat Yahgrondu
I defeated the undead Yahgrondu. Nahfahlaar has found his way to the mine. I should speak to him about what happened.
Objective: Talk to Nahfahlaar
Nahfahlaar can't think of any other Dragons that might be willing to ally with us, so we must fight Laatvulon with the forces we have. I should return to the Dragonguard Sanctum and let Sai Sahan know where we stand.
Objective: Return to the Dragonguard Sanctum
Finishes quest  I returned to the Dragonguard Sanctum. I should let Sai Sahan know what happened.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
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