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The Perfect Pounce
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Southern Elsweyr
The Perfect Pounce moored at South Guard Ruins

The Perfect Pounce is a ship captained by Za'ji. It can initially be found at the South Guard Ruins, having been stolen and sold to the slaver Admiral Irathi. After recovering it and finishing an expedition to Tideholm, it is moored in the Dragonguard Sanctum and can be used to travel to Senchal.

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Za'ji (Captain)
Caska (First Mate)
Chizbari the Chipper
Dirge Truptor
Nartise Merys
Sidura (Navigator)


  • Prior to The Perfect Pounce's docking in Senchal harbor, an unnamed ship of a similar design will be found in the berth. This ship, however, lacks Za'ji's flair for decorating.
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