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Species Crocodile
Health 31364
47046 (Craglorn)
62200 (Craglorn delves I, II
15,200 rounded (Old S'ren-ja Docks)
Normal117879Veteran(?)(Wayrest Sewers I)
Normal171907Veteran(?)(Blackrose Prison)Murkmire
Normal78586Veteran225562(Moongrave Fane)Scalebreaker
Reaction Hostile

Crocodiles are large, hostile reptiles that can be found near water.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

A series of two melee attacks that do minor physical damage.
Crushing Chomp
A melee attack that does moderate physical damage.
The crocodile swings its tail, doing moderate physical damage to all enemies in front of it as indicated by a red cone.

Unique CrocodilesEdit


Quests Involving CrocodilesEdit

Known LocationsEdit