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"Use a number of these merits, along with the Siegemaster items that can be purchased from Tel Var General Merchants, to create various Siegemaster Runeboxes. You may only earn one Siege of Cyrodiil Merit per day."

Siege of Cyrodiil Merits are special items that allow players to create the unique Siegemaster costume and hat as well as the Timbercrow Wanderer costume Collectibles.

Obtaining MeritsEdit

Siege of Cyrodiil Merits can be obtained once per day (per account) from a Siegemaster's Coffer by completing Imperial City daily quests in the Imperial City districts. This includes the following quests:

Using MeritsEdit

Merits can be converted into separate costume items to create the Siegemaster or Timbercrow Wanderer costumes or the Rage of the Reach emote. The cost of items varies, either 20, 30, or 50 merits. To convert merits a special parchment must first be bought from Tel Var General Merchants in the Imperial Sewers Alliance Bases. These parchments determine what the merits you hold in your inventory will be converted into. Reading the parchment will consume the required merits in your inventory and convert them into a runebox that can be either opened to unlock the Collectible, or sold to other players.

Collectible Item Required Merits Required Parchment

Runebox: Siegemaster's Close Helm (link)
The role of a siegemaster requires valor, quick thinking, and a supreme command of tactics. This helm is often worn by such leaders.

20 Siege of Cyrodiil Recognition (100  )

This time-honored Imperial recognition fully certifies you as a true Siegemaster.

Runebox: Siegemaster's Uniform (link)
An experienced siegemaster might wish to observe any unusual defenses by surveying them firsthand. This gear provides protection while doing so.

50 Siege of Cyrodiil Recommendation (1,000  )

This twice-verified Imperial recommendation permits you to wear a Siegemaster's Uniform.

Runebox: Timbercrow Wanderer Costume (link)
Known for striking quickly and quietly from stealth, Timbercrow wanderers serve as scouts and assassins for their clan. They prefer to keep their garb simple and light to remain unfettered by the chains of civilization.

50 Siege of Cyrodiil Distinction (1,000  )

This twice-verified Imperial distinction permits you to wear a Timbercrow Wanderer outfit [sic]

Runebox: Rage of the Reach Emote (link)
Sometimes you just need to let all the rage out. All of it.

30 Siege of Cyrodiil Commendation (1,000  )

This time-honored Imperial commendation proves you have the Rage of the Reach.

Runebound Tome: Gravegrasp Outfit Style (link)

20 Siege of Cyrodiil Honor (1,000  )

This twice-verified Imperial honor proves you have sent your enemies to the Grave.

Runebound Tome: Unkindness of Ravens (link, link)
"Let me straighten something out: I love ravens, and my tattoos reflect that. They do not mean I'm a cultist of Nocturnal. Would a cultist say this? Maybe. But I see envy in your eyes. You should get stunning body art like this, too!"—Ettiene Fronc

50 Siege of Cyrodiil Laureate (100,000  )

This twice-verified Imperial honor proves you have Unkindness towards your enemies.



  • You must wait approximately 20 hours before you can earn another daily merit from handing in an Imperial City repeatable quest.

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