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Online:Dousing the Fires of Industry

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Halt Legion Zero's production of siege weaponry.
Zone: Imperial City
Quest Giver: Quintia Rullus
Location(s): Elven Gardens District
Reward: Siegemaster's Coffer (see notes)
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 5500
Required Level: 10
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
A burning ballista
Quintia Rullus, a former Legionary engineer, wants to slow down the bombardment of Imperial City from the Elven Gardens District.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Quintia Rullus at the Alliance Rally Point in the Elven Gardens District.
  2. Burn four Legion Zero ballistae.
  3. Find a Barrel of Tar and use it to destroy the Great Forge.
  4. Return to the Alliance Base and speak to Quintia.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Siege EnginesEdit

The Great Forge

At your Alliance Rally Point in the Elven Gardens District, you will find an Legion deserter named Quintia Rullus. She will rather promptly enlist you in her efforts to halt the destruction of the Imperial City by Legion Zero's siege weaponry.

Firstly, she will charge you with burning down four of the newly-constructed ballistae, which display the face of "Boney-Bal" on the front. This objective will place you in direct competition with other players, including enemy alliances. The generic catapults will not work for this quest; only the weapons with map markers can be burned.

Destroy the Great ForgeEdit

After burning the required number of ballistae, you'll need to find a Barrel of Tar. These items can be found in a storage room marked on your map, and obtaining one will again put you at odds with other players. It would be wise to approach the building carefully if there are enemy players doing the quest. Once you've obtained a barrel, bring it to the Great Forge near the sewer grate. The area is heavily guarded by enemies, including the Xivkyn Kazarvel Scathe-Knight.

Once you've knocked the forge out of order, return to your Alliance base (either through the sewers or through respawning/teleporting) and locate Quintia in the crafting area. She will reward you with leveled gold and a Light Tel Var Satchel.


Quest StagesEdit

Dousing the Fires of Industry
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Legion Zero is producing more and more ballistae to continue the bombardment of Imperial City and lands beyond. Quintia Rullus asked if I could cut down on their numbers by setting the unused ones ablaze.
Objective: Destroy the Ballistae: 0/4
Quintia Rullus told me of a great forge being used to create more siege engines for Molag Bal. I should find some tar. I can use it to ruin the forge and slow down production.
Objective: Find a Barrel of Tar
Now that I have the tar Quintia Rullus spoke of, I should go to the great forge and dump it on their coals to ruin their engine-building operation.
Objective: Sabotage the Western Forge
Finishes quest  I've seriously disrupted Legion Zero's attempts to build a new fleet of siege engines. I should travel to my Alliance's base and let Quintia Rullus know what I've accomplished.
Objective: Talk to Quintia Rullus in the Alliance Base
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