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Home Settlement Everwound Wellspring
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 15000
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Clockwork Apostles

Sherizar is a Redguard Apostle who has been chosen by Lector Naril to be the newest apprentice of the Everwound Wellspring.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

You encounter her at the end of the bridge to the Wellspring:

"Welcome, friend! Come, join our celebration on this glorious and special day."
Why is today so special?
"Today is the day that Lector Naril declares a new apprentice. I've improved my botanical knowledge and skills considerably since the selection day last year. I hope he sees how much I can help him in his work."
Apprentice? What is this place?
"The Everwound Wellspring, a wondrous oasis in this mechanical desert! Sotha Sil created the place, but the lector made plants grow in the metallic soil. Once ever year, he distributes food and chooses an apprentice. You should come with me and see!"
I'll go with you to see the lector.

She'll give you a brief rundown as you walk towards the entrance:

Sherizar: "In the past, the Wellspring was accessible to everyone."
Sherizar: "Lector Naril sealed the place and started the tradition of the annual harvest and apprentice selection."
Sherizar: "Oh no. So many hopefuls. The gears just have to align in my favor. They have to!"
Lector Naril: "Faithful of Sotha Sil, you may enter to collect this year's harvest in a moment. But first, I shall name my new apprentice!"
Lector Naril: "Sherizar, the Everwound Wellspring welcomes you as its new apprentice! The rest of you? Come in and claim your portion of the harvest!"
Sherizar: "Thank the Great Gear! Let's go inside!"

She'll sneak away from the group, diving past the orchard walls from a ledge, and Lector Naril will ask you to look for her:

"This was supposed to be a special day, but it turned out all wrong. There's something not right with this oasis."
What makes you think there's something wrong with the oasis?
"Sometimes a gear slips or a cylinder throws a piston. This place reminds me of that.
Specifically, I saw my old friend, Chirrhari, down one of the corridors. When I tried to go talk to her, the factotums blocked my path. They drove me off."
Why would the factotums do that?
"That's the question, isn't it? And it's the reason I have a bad feeling all of a sudden.
Why restrict where an apprentice can go? And why refuse to let me talk to Chirrhari? It makes no sense!"
Lector Naril sent me to find you. Maybe he can explain things.
"No, I'd rather speak to Chirrhari. I know her. I trust her. Lector Naril? He's still a stranger to me.
Will you help me get past the factotums so I can talk to my old friend?"
I'll help you reach Chirrhari.

Speaking to her before reaching Charrhari, she'll say:

"Chirrhari taught me so much before she was selected to enter the Wellspring. If anyone can alleviate my concerns about this place, it's my old friend."

When you reach Chirrhari, they'll great each other:

Apprentice Chirrhari: "Sherizar? Oh, this one purrs at the sight of you!"
Sherizar: "It's so good to see you too, Chirrhari!"

After speaking to Chirrhari before gathering the mushrooms:

"Chirrari says there haven't been any other new apprentices in years. That can't be right! I saw Novice Marico enter the Wellspring last season.
Let's gather the safe mushrooms and go talk to Apprentice Idrono."

After gathering the safe mushrooms:

"Those mushrooms look plump and delicious! Let's go see Apprentice Idrono and find out if he knows anything about the apprentices that entered the Wellspring after Gathal's accident."

After speaking to Apprentice Idrono:

"This is becoming more and more vexing. Why doesn't anyone in the Wellspring know about the last few apprentices that Lector Naril selected?
Well, let's go see Apprentice Ohtowen."

Speaking to Apprentice Ohtowen will have her mention a workshop:

"I don't feel perfectly aligned with sneaking into Lector Naril's private workshop, but we need to determine the truth about the apprentices that entered the Wellspring after Gathal died."
"Lector Naril's a Clockwork Apostle. He must keep meticulous notes. We need to examine them."

Naril's Notes: Early Experiments:

"The early experiments failed, even though Lector Naril perfected his alchemical solution. I wonder how they solved the problem?"

Naril's Notes: Origins:

"That's the story of how the Everwound Wellspring was created. Lector Naril picked up where Sotha Sil left off."

Naril's Notes: Simulated Sunlight:

"I never knew what went into making the Wellspring work. I wonder how they finally got the simulated sunlight to nourish the plants."

Naril's Notes: Success Out of Tragedy:

"The source of the simulated sunlight is the life force of the missing apprentices? That's horrible! We need to see what's inside Naril's private workshop!"

Inside the Simulated Sunlight Atelier, you'll see the great machine:

Sherizar: "That machine! Is that the inductor? The apprentices … it sucked the life out of them!"
"This is the lector's simulated sunlight inductor. And just as we read in his notes, he's using the life force of the most recent apprentices to power the device.
Sotha Sil would never approve of this. Never in a million clicks of the Great Gear."
It's too late to help the apprentices, but we should get out of here.
"No. If we leave, Lector Naril will just use Chirrhari or one of the others. We have to do something. We have to stop this madness. People shouldn't be turned into plant food! At least, not while they're still healthy and vibrant.
It's not natural."
I'll put an end to Lector Naril.

If you speak to her before killing Lector Naril:

"He's mad And obviously dangerous. Please be careful!
In the meantime, I'll examine the inductor and see if I can determine how it actually works."

After Lector Nairl has been dispatched, return to Sherizar to make a choice:

"There's nothing to be done for these poor apprentices. The inductor has drained every drop of life from their bodies.
But what of Lector Naril? He cloaks his evil in good intentions."
I dealt with Lector Naril. But what to do about this machine?
"The lector lied. He tricked the apprentices and killed them. But the machine does allow the plants to grow and provides food for the Clockwork City.
I wonder... what if someone willingly sacrificed themselves to feed the people?"
Clockwork City needs the Wellspring. Put out a call for willing volunteers.
"Yes. One life a season in exchange for a bountiful harvest. What could be more noble than sacrificing your life to feed the hungry?
And I'll continue to work with the remaining apprentices. Maybe we can find another way … someday."
The cost to use the inductor is too great. We need to shut it down.
"You're right. The sacrifice is too great. Lector Naril turned Sotha Sil's dream into a nightmare.
I'll work with the remaining apprentices. Together, we'll find another way for the Everwound Wellspring to help the Clockwork City."

If you speak to her again before completing the quest:

"We'll start over. There has to be a way to acquire the power for the simulated sunlight without taking it from living beings."
No harvest is worth the life of healthy, vibrant individuals.

After finishing the quest, Sherizar, Apprentice Chirrhari, Apprentice Ohtowen and Apprentice Idrono gather and speak:

Apprentice Chirrhari: "How horrible! Those apostles … all dead!"
Sherizar: "Not just dead. Drained of life to create the simulated sunlight."
Apprentice Ohtowen: "Still, it's an amazing device. Lector Naril's a true genius."
Apprentice Idrono: "A genius? Look at this! Naril's insane!"

If you decided to continue with sacrifices, they continue to talk:

Sherizar: "Naril's dead, but the promise of the Wellspring lives on."
Apprentice Chirrhari: "You're not suggesting we continue to … to kill people?"
Sherizar: "We call for volunteers. Use their sacrifices while we continue to work on finding a different source of power."
Apprentice Ohtowen: "How noble. I assume we won't be the ones volunteering this time?"
Apprentice Idrono: "Sherizar has the right idea. And I offer myself as the first sacrifice."
Apprentice Ohtowen: "Idrono, no!"
Apprentice Idrono: "It's only logical. I'm an apprentice whose experiments never worked out. Allow me to contribute in another way."
Sherizar: "Very well. Let's go make the necessary preparations."
Apprentice Chirrhari: "One death … to avoid many. This one still doesn't like how this all turned out."

If you decide to stop the sacrifices, they continue to say:

Apprentice Chirrhari: "How horrible! Those apostles … all dead!"
Sherizar: "Not just dead. Drained of life to create the simulated sunlight."
Apprentice Ohtowen: "Still, it's an amazing device. Lector Naril's a true genius."
Apprentice Idrono: "A genius? Look at this! Naril's insane!"
Sherizar: "Naril's dead. And this work is an affront to Lord Seht and everything he's taught us."
Apprentice Ohtowen: "I won't argue that point, but you can't deny that Naril accomplished what the Clockwork Mage never quite got around to doing."
Apprentice Chirrhari: "This one rejects that path! A life is worth more than a harvest. More than a hundred harvests!"
Apprentice Ohtowen: "This isn't our decision to make. We should go before the council."
Sherizar: "No, there's no decision to make. I'm shutting this horrid contraption down right now."
Apprentice Ohtowen: "But the plants! They'll die without the simulated sunlight!"
Apprentice Idrono: "We're the apprentices of the Everwound Wellspring! We'll figure out a way to save the plants."
Apprentice Chirrhari: "You really think so? This one hopes that we are up to such a task."
Apprentice Idrono: "We're Clockwork Apostles! Of course we can do this. Now, let's get to work."