Temple Canton
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Vivec City
The Temple Canton

The Temple Canton is located north of Vivec's Palace in Vivec City. Prelate Sabinus is located next to the statue of Vivec and the Shalk.


Archcanon's OfficeEdit

The Archcanon's Office is located on the eastern side of the upper floor of the canton. It is divided into two floors. The first floor has a wardrobe, the Archcanon's desk, two bookcases, and a shrine. The upper floor contains the Archanon's bed, a bedside table, a lockbox, and a dresser[verification needed — maybe forgetting something?]. During Divine Blessings, a Strange Mirror will be on the dresser, the Archcanon's Signet will be in the lockbox, and the Archcanon's Journal will be on the bedside table.

Depending on which quest you are on, you may find Archcanon Tarvus, Canon Llevule, Seryn, or Barilzar here.

Hall of JusticeEdit

The Hall of Justice consists of three offices. Unel Darano, High Ordinator Vermethys, and Armiger Urnsi are in the largest office. Across the hall, Beleru Omoril and Traylan Omoril each have their own office. The Omorils are the questgivers for the daily Bounty and Exploratory quests.

Library of VivecEdit

The incomplete model of Vvardenfell

The Library of Vivec is one large two-level room. Bookcases line the walls of the upper level. On the lower level is a large model of Vvardenfell that is filled in as you find ancestral tombs across the island and collect rubbings for Librarian Bradyn.

Related QuestsEdit


Shrine of Father of Mysteries
Shrine of Father of Mysteries
Shrine of Mother Morrowind
Shrine of Mother Morrowind
Shrine of Warrior-Poet
Shrine of Warrior-Poet
Shrine of Daring
Shrine of Daring
Shrine of Generosity
Shrine of Generosity

In addition, you can find two shrines for The Pilgrim's Path achievement.

  • Shrine of Daring (map)
  • Shrine of Generosity (map)


Vivec Temple Wayshrine
  • ON-mapicon-Wayshrine.png Vivec Temple Wayshrine — Located on the southeast side of the Temple Canton of Vivec City. (map)


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