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Oblivion:Roland Jenseric's House

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Roland Jenseric's House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsHouse, ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsBasement, ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Temple District
Roland Jenseric's House

Roland Jenseric's House is located in the southern quadrant of the Temple District and sits between J'mhad's and Stantus Varrid's houses.


Roland Jenseric

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Roland Jenseric's HouseEdit

Roland Jenseric's House

The main level features a locked clutter chest in the east corner near the front door, and the table on the southeast wall holds a copy of Aevar Stone-Singer and a bottle of mead. During the associated quest, a love letter from Relfina can also be found on this table. On the table near the stairs leading to the second floor sits a shopping list and a handbill from The Best Defense. In the south corner, a cupboard and barrel both contain food, and a basket on top of the cupboard holds seven tomatoes. The table nearby has on it three pieces of boar meat. All of the containers here respawn.

Roland Jenseric's Private QuartersEdit

Roland Jenseric's Private Quarters

On the second floor, Roland's private quarters holds a non-respawning chest in the west corner, near the door, that can contain armor and weapons. The table in the south corner is set with a bowl of eleven blackberries, two apples, a loaf of bread, and a cheese wedge. The large shelves on the southeast wall hold a non-respawning jewelry chest and a pair of blue suede shoes sit on the floor nearby. A clutter sack sits on the shelves on the northeast wall, along with two mortar & pestles. A chest of drawers on the northwest wall holds only clutter. The alcove in the north of the room holds a clutter desk, a non-respawning chest that can contain gold and jewelry, and on the desk is a recipe for a potion of restore fatigue, a handbill from A Fighting Chance, and a damage agility scroll.

Roland Jenseric's BasementEdit

Roland Jenseric's Basement

On the first landing on the stairs into the basement sits a chest and a sack that both contain clutter. Two wine racks in the east corner of the basement hold between them eleven bottles of Surilie Brothers Vintage 415, ten bottles of cheap wine, a bottle of Surilie Brothers Vintage 399, and a bottle of Tamika Vintage 399. Another clutter sack sits nearby. In the south corner are another clutter sack and a clutter barrel, and a chest in the west corner also holds clutter. On the counter in the middle of the room are three bottles of Tamika Vintage 399, three bottles of ale, two bottles of skooma, a strong potion of might, and a strong potion of seastride. The counter also holds a handbill from Three Brothers Trade Goods, another one from The Best Defense, and a shopping list. None of the containers here are safe for long-term storage.