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Rona Benanius
(RefID: xx00D442)
Added by Fighter's Stronghold
Location Battlehorn Castle basement
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 4 Class Commoner
RefID xx00D442 BaseID xx00D441
Other Information
Health 57 Magicka 85
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Essential Always
Rona Benanius

Rona Benanius is a Nord maid who serves at Battlehorn Castle. She will provide you with any wine the cellar has in stock, plus cheese, grapes, strawberries, mutton, Shepherd's Pie, venison, and sweetrolls (the requisite castle upgrades need to have been purchased). She will also follow you around if you ask her to.

Rona wears a red velvet blouse, red velvet garment, and a pair of blue suede shoes. She also carries an apple, a bread loaf, and a small amount of gold.

Rona sleeps between midnight and 6am in the small bedroom close to the kitchen. When she wakes up, she eats breakfast with Plautis Rusonius in his room for two hours. Her evening meal is also taken in Plautis' bedroom, between 10pm and midnight. For the rest of the day she will walk around the castle's master bedroom. She will follow you if asked, returning to her normal schedule once released.


  • Despite her overtly Imperial name, Rona's race is actually set up as Nord. This is due to her dialogue almost exclusively being spliced lines that originally belonged to Eyja, the Nord maid for Rosethorn Hall.
  • Occasionally, Rona will follow you to areas far from Battlehorn, especially if you fast-travel immediately after exiting the castle. Odds are she will be unseen as you walk the streets of a city, but will appear with you in some buildings before immediately turning to walk back to Battlehorn.
  • There is a chance that Rona will pick up weapons you have displayed in your bedroom to defend herself if you attack her; you can get it back if you pickpocket her immediately, although this results in the weapon being considered stolen. She also has a tendency to "bump" into items you have on display, which may result in them falling behind furniture.