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Illustration of a typical Imperial male

Also known as Cyrodiils, Cyrodilics, Cyro-Nordics and Imperial Cyrods, the well-educated and well-spoken Imperials are the natives of the civilized, cosmopolitan province of Cyrodiil.

For more information, see the main lore article. A list of all the Imperials in Cyrodiil can be found here.






In-Game DescriptionEdit

Natives of the civilized, cosmopolitan province of Cyrodiil, they have proved to be shrewd diplomats and traders. They are skilled with heavy armor and in the social skills and tend to favor the warrior classes.


In terms of combat, Imperials are best equipped for the warrior type. Based on their bonuses, with +5 to Blade, Blunt and Hand to Hand, they can pretty much take their pick from weapons and craft a front-line warrior, and their +10 in heavy armor provides them with ample durability.

With their extremely high personality stat, as well as +10 to Mercantile and Speechcraft, Imperials are well suited to haggling and negotiating, and generally have no trouble getting others to like them. If you wish to explore a more roleplaying-oriented, less combat-focused character, an Imperial is a good choice, as their abilities can lend themselves well to a less violent lifestyle.

Imperials are one of the most un-directed races in the game classwise, although they have slight bonuses in their Heavy Armor, Blade, and Blunt skills, they really have no restrictions on being a stealthy or magical character, and can be considered the "Jack of All Trades"

Every nameless guard in Cyrodiil is an Imperial, clad in appropriate uniforms (either Imperial Legion or a variant of Steel Armor or Chainmail Armor). Among the vampires, the Healers (mislabeled as "Sorcerers") and Monks are Imperials. Marauder archers and warlords can be Imperials as well.

Imperials (if born under the Warrior-sign) are excellent Knights and Pilgrims

Race-specific DialogueEdit

"Greetings, Imperial. (if disposition is 30+)
"Speak, Imperial dog." (if disposition is under 30)
"Greetings, Imperial brother/sister." (if disposition is 30+ and the target is also an Imperial)
Friendly Greetings (disposition is 70+)
"Greetings to you."
"My pleasure, really."
"Please, go ahead."
"Well met."
"Please, by all means."
"It is a privilege."
"Good tidings, citizen."
"Fine greetings to you."
"A pleasure to see you."
Neutral Greetings (if disposition is between 30 and 70)
"Tidings, citizen."
"Go ahead."
"What's this about?"
"I'm listening."
"Let's hear it."
"Anytime now."
"How can I help you?"
Brusque Greetings (if disposition is below 30)
"Say it."
"So tiresome."
"Come on."
"Quickly now."
"Go away."
"Hurry up."
In combat
"Die, Imperial! Die!" (if the combatant is not an Imperial)
"You humans are all the same! Weak and worthless!" (if attacking NPC is an Orc)

NPC ReactionsEdit

Reactions affect the base disposition of NPCs towards you depending on your relative race. Imperials, however, have no modifiers.