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Hrisskar Flat-Foot (hrisskar flat-foot)
Home Town Seyda Neen
Location Arrille's Tradehouse
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 8 Class Rogue
Other Information
Health 81 Magicka 18
Alarm 40 Fight 40
Faction(s) Imperial Legion Trooper(Trooper)
Hrisskar Flat-Foot

Hrisskar Flat-Foot, a Nord rogue, is a Trooper of the Imperial Legion. Hrisskar Flat-Foot can be found at Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen. It seems that Hrisskar has had a little bit of bad luck at gambling, and needs your help finding some badly needed funds. He will ask you to locate and loot the location where Fargoth hides his gold to make up for his gambling losses.

Hrisskar is wearing an Imperial studded leather cuirass, both Imperial chain pauldrons with matching chain greaves, an Imperial shield, and Imperial steel boots. He is also carrying several weapons including an Imperial broadsword, a long bow, and 30 iron arrows. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit


  • Greetings:
  • "You look like you could use a friend, outlander. Perhaps I can be your friend. I'd like you to help me recover some gold."
  • "You were supposed to find Fargoth's hiding place. Were you able to?"

  • Fargoth's hiding place:
  • "I know the little fetcher's got one somewhere in town. Just not sure where yet. I've already gone through his whole house, so I know he's not hiding it there. I'd like you find out where he's stashing his gold. If you can, I'll give you a share of the wealth. Are you up for it?"
  • I'll do it.: "Excellent. Here's what I want you to do. I'm not sure where he goes, but I know he wanders around town at night. Watch his movements. The best vantage point is on top of the lighthouse south of town. That will give you a nice view of all of Seyda Neen. If you keep an eye on where he goes, I'm sure you'll be able to figure out where he's hiding that gold."
  • No thanks.: "No? Well, I'll find someone else to do it, then."
  • "I've just got to find where he's hiding his loot." (if you have not found Fargoth's hiding place)
  • "You've found his hiding place? That's great. Tell you what...I'll give you 100 gold, and you can keep anything else that you found in there. Thanks for your help." (if you have found Fargoth's hiding place and are holding 300 or more gold)
  • [Disposition -10] "You've found his hiding place? That's great, but where's the gold??? You trying to hold out on me, %PCRace?" (if you have found the hiding place, but have less than 300 Gold)
  • "Good that you found that for me, friend. I'll make that little fetcher pay for lying to me. Although, I've got to be honest, it is kind of fun messing with the little guy. I like to take something from his place and stick it in that old barrel in the Census and Excise courtyard. the new arrivals something to look forward to." (after completing the quest)
  • "You killed the little runt? I don't know what you were thinking. He was a source of good income for me. If anyone asks, I don't know you." (if Fargoth is dead)
  • recover some gold:
  • "That's right. See, I had a bad run of luck playing Nine-holes, and lost a bit of money. Normally, I'd be fine. We can usually keep some gold in our pockets just from the money the locals pay us But I know some of them are holding out on me, especially that little fetcher Fargoth. He's come up light the past couple of weeks when I've shaken him down. I know he's stashing it somewhere. I'd like you to find Fargoth's hiding place."


  • You may find a Note to Hrisskar with a dagger stabbed through the center in the Census and Excise Office of Seyda Neen. The short note mentions a wager and is signed by Ganciele, which is presumably Ganciele Douar, a guard at the Census and Excise Office. It is not possible to discuss the note with either of the two involved parties however.